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Memories of Butch
From the way he kept me warm in winter, his loving, gentle personality, the fact that he loved to be picked up and hugged and just the fact that he was so big and fluffy, Butch had more qualities and beauty than any other animal or person I've been blessed to have in my life. His passing creates something I haven't had for almost two decades: a cold vacuum that he lovingly filled. I desperately need for Heaven to be real. It wouldn't be Heaven without our animals. I want him happy, healthy, and young again. I want him waiting for me as I know he will be. Every day that goes by is one day closer to our glorious reunion.


First, thanks kindly to everyone for posting kind thoughts and wishes. I'd like to share more memories of Butch. I remember how regal and majestic he looked when he would cross his paws like a gentleman and just sit up straight. Hey was a true Lion King.

I remember how when he was happy he'd pur and he had this sweet sound of breathing that was really cute.

I remember when I'd him up he'd let out this little trill sound that is typical of Maine Coon or part Maine Coon cats. He was just so gentle and sweet in his ways.

Just the day before he got sick and we had to say goodbye I was holding him and he was happy in my arms. This was something that happened every day and we'd look out the window or look out the open door. Just nice quite, and calm.

So many times but especially during the winter he'd get into the bed and keep me warm by cuddling my legs when I lay on my side.

He was always such a big fluffy loving cat and I promise I will give more updates and memories as time goes on.


I can't believe it has been a year. One whole year without he who meant the world to me. In winter, I'd expect Butch to sleep next to me. To keep me warm and secure. Now he exists only in my dreams. This whole year has been depressing and the fact that Butch hasn't physically been here is about 99% of the reason why things are a bummer. I love him and miss him. I know he is in Heaven waiting for me. I'm anxious for our reunion. He lives now in my heart and memories. Long shall he live.

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