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Memories of Bwho
There is so much I can say about Bwho that has happened over the 11.6 years we were together. She has been through so much and was a real trooper about it. She went through relationships with me, added another dog Bea and then 4 years later adding another pup Mary lou who does nothing but terrorize everyone for the first few years.
Bwho was such a trooper she took it all in and never lashed out in anger except at the occasional Squirrel or bird.
You could never keep her out of the water. If a dog didn't want to get their ball she always volunteered to go out as far as possible to retrieve it for them.
She was very picky though in whom she liked and she would let you know it. She was a great judge of character.
There are so many stories and most of you know alot of them or are a part of them.
She was the Best and I will be lost without her!!!

Hi Bwho. My thoughts and heart are still with you. I miss you more every day. I know there will be a day that comes that all this will start to pass. I dread the day that happens because I still feel you close but I know it is time to start letting you go to the otherside.
Please find Mekko and give her my love also.


Hi My Bwho!!!
I was listening to the song I named you from the other day. Me and you and a dog named Boo!
The girls Bea and Marylou came in to the kitchen when i played it. We felt you there!!
I really miss you and I wanted you to know we are all okay and know you must move on!
We will always in our hearts miss you and we always look back on our hikes for you.
Please tell all we love them!


Hi My Bwho!!
Well you left almost 6 months now and we are trying to move forward also. Christmas is coming up and the thought of not seeing you power through the other two girls to open the presence and put your scent on all the toys first is going to be missed. It is hard with you gone but when we go hiking we all feel your presence with us. I still look back while hiking and hope to see your face back there at times.
Merry Christmas Bwho, I miss you very much!!


My Bwho!!
My eyes still well up with water when I write your name.
It has been a year and I still miss you. The girls still feel you i can tell. When i say your name they seem to still look for you.
We are trying to move along without you now. We know you are in a better place and looking down on us. I really miss you. Saturday we went to the park where we went the last time you were with us. It is still very sad when we go hiking and i turn and your face isn't behind me.
I will say though you taught Bea very well. From such a mush Lap Dog she has become a security guard in and around the house. I am so proud of her and I thank you for teaching her. I not only lost you though I also sort of lost Bea. Her puppy innocence is gone. She is the pack leader now and no more foolishness from her. But then there is Mary lou who is the same. Just as nuts as she was when you left us. Funny thing is she has taken over your water skills. Before she barely would swim now she does what you used to do by getting everyones ball out in the lake.
I see alittle of you in the girls now and they make me so proud.
Thank you Bwho for everything you have done. You really were my helper through the time we had. I was such a fool not to have realized you were here to help me. I should have listened more intently on the indications you gave me!!!
You will always be the Best Friend I ever Had!!!
Who is penny and why a Flat Coated Retriever? Are you sending her to me. I keep dreaming about her!
I love you Bwho!!!!
Don't want to see you soon but one day i will!


Hey Bwho
Another Birthday for you has come and gone! It seems like the years go by so quickly but your memories still stay with me as strong as if you were still here with me.
We all wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!!! You are still missed very much in our hearts and at home.
I wish you were here more then ever. I met a special person her name is Ann and I think you would have loved her!!! She is very special! She is taking really good care of Bea and Mary Lou when she comes over the house to the point I get Jealous. I never seen someone love them so much as I do... She is very special and I hope you can feel/see her! She has someone over there with you. His name is Tecumseh!!! Please look for him, Maybe he can tell you about Ann!
I love you Bwho and miss you very much!!
Happy Birthday!!!


My Darling Bwho
Wow 2 years since you have left us. I still miss you and we talk about you quite often with fond memories of you. It's funny friends that knew you still mention you! I pray you are okay over there!
I wish you were around to have met Ann. i think you guys would have bonded so well. I tell her all kinds of stories about you and the events that we tackled together. I tell her how much of a trooper you were and the games that you played with me.
Bwho I miss you and wish you were here!!!!
You would be so proud of Baby Bhea though! She has taken over security and has watched out over Mary Lou. She is even in your spot in the bathroom in the summer keeping cool.
I'm afraid though she is getting older and will be joining you soon. Hopefully not for a few years. She is doing well. Now for Mary Lou .... she is still the pain in the ass Knucklehead she was when we got her and as you would remember.... She is wonderful and so caring at times. She has grown up at times and you would also be proud of her.
i really hope all is well for you and you can see us here. I miss you really bad but i keep going everyday and tell all kinds of Bwho stories wherever i go...
I Love You Bwho!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Birthday My Bwho, I still miss you everyday! Things are pretty much the same but i am in the midst of saying goodbye to Ann. It is time for her and i to go different ways. We are way too different to stay together. Wish you were around to have met her! I think you would have warned me about things that i know only you could see! You warned me so many times in the past, imiss those days.
Well I hope things are going well for you on the otherside of this Rainbow! I hope you have now atleast met up with Mekko and maybe got to meet my mom! Life is pretty much the same here and we talk about you still!
I see you in my dreams again, I think you are telling me another Girl is coming into my life. I already warned Bea and mary Lou to expect a new puppy soon. I think we are ready again whenever you feel it is time for us. I love you Bwho and really still miss you terribly. Happy Birthday!!


Three years ago Bwho you left me, I rememnber sitting on the couch and the phone rang at 7 am and Dr Stephen called to tell me you craweled into his arms and died. I was so grateful that you beat me to it and beat me to the inevitable of putting you to sleep. Damn it Bwho you were always one step ahead of me our whole time together! It is three years and I miss you everyday. I say your name aloud sometimes and Bea and Mary Lou stop amd look around. They miss you also. The last day we were together we went to Lake Mohegan and you were a swimming machine! I am taking the girls in honor of you tomorrow. You will be with me all day tomorrow.
I am starting to be open for a new baby, Bea is getting older and she is starting to slow down very quickly now.I think this may be her last summer. I want to get another girl for Bea to [ass on eberything you taught her to the new girl. I dont know if you came to me in my dream but i think you told me to call her penny! Fall will be perfect timing Bwho, If you are sending a girly to me please send this fall. I am ready for it now!.
Bwho my heart hurts when i see your picture and my eyes are filling with tears right now. I hope you are happy therr and Mekko, Grandma and my Mom are taking care of you!!! I love you BWHO and miss you dearly!!!!!!!!!!


Well Bwho we are closing in on your birthday next month and wanted to say Happy Birthday.
Well my dreams I had of you coming back sure came about. We received Penny a few months ago as you told me in my dreams we would.
Bea of course hates her and Mary lou and penny are best Buddies but Penny gets a little too intense for even Mary lou.
Thank you i see you in her and know you sent er our way. She has joined the pack so easily and even though Bea doesn't really want to deal with her you can tell she still checks on her.
The other day they were actually lieing on Bea's bed together.
Penny is a lot like you as far as No Nonesense and pretty much to the point. She cracks me up, She grabbed the toliet paper the other day and I yelled at her calling her Bwho. You remember the Toliet paper scene we had huh!!!
Bwho you are and will always be in my heart. I hope wherever you are you are wonderful. If Mekko is with you please tell her she is in my heart also, We just celebrated her birthday a couple of weeks ago.
It's funny as much as i love the three girls, I still miss you every day and wish i could have back some of the time we spent together. Happy Birthday Bwho!!!


My Sweet Bwho, I think of you daily and it's funny Penny is sort of a mix of you with your independence and Bea. I am afraid Bea may be joining you soon over there. I really am growing sad watching her age and get older. She is what is left of the old times with you guys!
Anyway can't believe it is going to be 4 years next month that you have crossed over!
I hope you are well and we talk about you to Penny but I see a glimmer in her eyse when we mention you, I wonder sometimes!!!
Will write again next month.

Dear my Sweet Bwho, Thank you for bringing Penny into my life. I think she learned a lot from Bea.
As you Know Bea has crossed over yesterday, I am so sad and hurt she is gone. You two were what made up my life.
Because of you I got Beatrix and then Mary lou and now Penny.
I hope Penny will carry her legacy and i know she carries yours.
Please help Bea adapt. I know she hates being along and she is so sweet nature, Tell her I love her and i will do a site for her this week, I just cant do it now.It hurts so much that she is gone!!
I Love You Bwho & Bea! I can't belive our time has passed for now!!!

My Darling Bwho,
Wow, I can't believe you guys are gone. I hope you are taking good care of Bea over there.
You know she hates being a lone! I miss you guys so much.
I was thinking of the time you jumped over the puppy gate and ripped up all the toliet paper in the living room and then jumped back over the gate so when i came home i couldnt blame you!!! You were so funny!!!
Do you see Mekko over there? Its been 15 years since she passed and this site wasnt created then. if so tell her i miss her but it is so long now!!!
please take care of Bea, She is so gentle!!!
Love you Bwho



Bwho my sweet girl! It's been so long and I still feel you watching out over me! I miss you so much ! I hope you are helping Bea over there!
I miss you guys so much! We have been through so much together!
Thank you for penny! She is so much like you, that it is scary at times !
I so glad you brought her into our lives !
Mary Lou and I are doing well!
Merry Christmas BWHO ! Please look out for Bea! She is so sweet and innocent!
Hope you have met up with Mekko ! Please let her know she is also always in my thoughts!
I love all of you and miss you guys terribly!



My Dear BWHO,
It is 5 years since you been gone!
I wont ever forget that phone call at 7:20 from Dr Steven.
Wow i will never forget that day, I miss you so much, still to this day.
Penny is so much like you, Very Head strong and in charge of security now.
Thank you for bringing her to me, she has a lot of you in her and she learned so much form Bea.
We are doing well and still go to the three parks you know so well.
I still remember the day we all got lost and had to walk down the highway to get back... LOL
My eyes are tearing as I read back some of what I have written.
You were my best friend and i know you are watching out for us. I feel you around a lot in Penny.
Thank you for bringing her to me. She is wonderful alot like you and a lot like Bea.
Please look out after Bea and Mekko over there.
I Love You BWHO and will never forget all the things you did for me, You saved me at a very low part of my life!!


My Dearest BWHO,
Okay another year has gone by. 6 Years now and so much has happened and through it all I think of you quite often.
I was just talking to my Neighbor about how you saved my life so many years ago when I got you.
I remember bending down and you grabbed my necklace with your teeth and when I stood up you were hanging from my neck!
In my dreams I still see you at times. I hope all is well on the otherside and one day we will all be together. Sorry but I am in no rush to be there quite yet. I hope you understand.
Penny is a lot like you STUBBORN just like you were! LOL
Marylou is still doing well, 10 years old now and still she doesn't stop. She is wonderful with Penny.
Looks like I am getting Married and we will have a new one coming in Candy! She is sort of meshing in okay.
I hope once in for good they all will be doing well.
I love you BWHO and please tell Bea and Mekko I love them too!!


My Dear BWHO!!!
7 years now and you are gone from me. I miss you so much. Your guidance was something that was so special about you.
Mary Lou remembers you, We were talking about you this morning.
She is 11 years old now, can you believe this.
Well as you already know, I am not getting married and not sure what happened to candy.
Things just didn't seem to work out again for me. Plus she didn't like dogs so probably was a good thing.
Please say hi to Bea and Mekko.
I Love You!!! And Miss you terribly!!!


My Dearest BWHO!!!
Wow 8 years now, I really miss you, Bea and Mekko.
You guys were my world. I wish you were here to help me like you did when I found you all those years ago.
Uncle Len is Gone. I remember how you tormented him when he slept over. Is he there on the bridge now with his crew ?
Mary Lou and I are still hanging here. I am afraid when she goes a whole era will leave me.
I truly Miss you and we tell Penny all about you. Penny was raised for a year by Bea and I am thankful for that. Bea trained her well even though she thinks she is the Boss.
I stare at that radio still thinking about the day you died and how Me and You and a Dog named Bwho came on. I remember Bea , Mary lou and I danced to it and then we all cried.
I miss you BWHO, you were the one that saved my soul!!
I love you
I really Miss you guys!!!

Wanted to stop and say hello while visiting Bea.
Man my heart stopped for a second thinking its been 8 years .
I wish we could all be back together here!! Not there I want to live for awhile !! LOL
I love you BWHO...
I will never forget how you saved my life....

Hello BWHO
I wish you were here. Life isn't the same anymore. Everything has gotten so fast and I am getting older also.
Mary Lou is now getting very old and I'm afraid by he next time I write to you she will be with you.
You saved me BWHO from the place I was going to. I will never forget you for this and will always have a place in my heart for you. Please if you can try to get into this womans heart SHARI for me. She needs to accept Dogs. I love her but she just doesn't get it and I am afraid when ML and Penny Go she wont be too open for another.
I love you BWHO, Please do your magic!!!
I will never forget you!!!

Happy Birthday BWHO,
I am so heart ached today !!
It's going on 10 years soon that you have been gone. I feel the pain still in my heart of your passing.
You saved my life and I will never forget it.
No Dog will ever be like you.
Well I appreciate what you must have done to make Shari accept the girls . She is trying but we aren't right for each other.
Mary Lou is getting closer to joining you Mekko and Bea soon I think.
Funny you three hold the past to me. You hold the innocence and the wonderful times we had.
Life has gotten harder and getting older is harder to do what we used to do .
I Miss you everyday and hope you are enjoying your life there. I hope your knee is totally mended and the Cancer is gone.
You were the Best BWHO!!! You kept me wanting to move on and get better as I grew older.
I will always Love you and miss you My Friend!!!!
Happy Birthday U.U.!!!

Hi Bwho
Well a few weeks ago you passed 10 years ago. man i cant believe it was 10 years.
Please watch for Mary lou, She just left us an I feel terrible. i know I did the right thing last night. She sort of went like you. I said Sunday she has so much left in her and then yesterday i am putting her down.
I miss all three of U.U.s
Please take care of everyone and say hey to Mekko. I sort of feel bad not doing this for her but they didn't have the internet then!LOL
I will make a site for Mary Lou shortly
Tell her how my heart hurts like it does for you guys that she is gone.

Wow BWHO, 11 years now you are gone. I wouldnt have had the last 22 years if it wasnt for you. I miss you all the time. Carol is back and she talks about you. Everytime we hike we talk about the time we got lost. We should have followed you. You knew best.
Well we have a new Girl , Savannah now for about a year. She is very funny . An actual clown as a pup.
We miss you so much .
I will always remember what you have done for me.

Wow 12 years gone and I still miss you. You really changed my life for the better.
I still remember the day i first found you in the window of that store.
Well you Mary Lou, Bea and Mekko I hope are all together and doing Well.
Savannah and Penny are here with me and I tell them about you all the time.
I will never forget you Bwho.

Man you are still talked about. The infamous BWHO .
We talked about you yesterday. Because of you Penny has had a wonderful life that never would have been .
She is so much like you that it makes me miss you all over again.
I hope you Bea and Mary Lou are doing well and having fun swimming and playing with balls !
How did so much time pass ? Yiu were so important in my life.
Because of you I found life again.
Oh Phil just came over the other day and hope you guys will help him with the transition .
I will always remember you Bwho !!!!

My Dear Bwho
Wow my dear Bwho., I can't believe it's been 14 years since you have been gone.
I miss you all the time and still talk about you a lot.
Those days were some of the best that I remember. I still remember you were not thrilled when we got Bea. LOL
I am glad you guys did finally get along and we had a nice family.
Mary Lou I know was pushing it but Bea took much of the harrassment lol
I love you Bwho and please say hello to Bea, Mary Lou, Mekko for me!!

Please also visit Beatrix.

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