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Memories of Bandit
It was a week long struggle to get Bandit when she was a baby at a no kill shelter. Then we found she had a horrible bladder infection that set us back quite a bit -- but our love for her was so strong from day one that we decided to save her. She gave us 9 wonderful years and then cancer struck and after several operations, chemos and much crying - we finally had to let her go to the rainbow bridge. Bandit will be in our hearts forever more - we know she will now find her old friends Andy, Hershey, Raven and Chaps and watch over us. Bandit, you've been about the best dog ever and Mommy and Daddy only hope that now you are finally at peace and free of pain. We love you with all our hearts. Hello my darling girl. It's been a little over a week that you left us and I am grieving for you every day. When Kahlua and I walk in the morning - all I can think about is the how much you loved our walk and how excited you would get - even after everything you went thru in the last 4 months. I am so sorry for what you had to endure and hope I did the right thing in letting you go to the Rainbow Bridge. I make myself think that you are back with Andy now and running alongside Raven and Chaps -- and that would make you so very happy. I love you so much, Bandit. Your beautiful spirit will live in my heart, which is so broken without you. Hello, my precious girl. It has been some time since Mommy wrote to you - but I think of you each and every day and I cry over you all the time. Bandit, so much love was in you and I am missing that so. Mommy is going thru some hard times right now - it just hasn't stopped since you got sick last Nov. I would be so much better if you were here with me - because just the comfort of you meant so much in this house. Sometimes I can see you in my mind and that just makes me long for you even more. I am hoping that you are with Raven and all my other precious babies - but especially the two of you and Andy, who was your very favorite when you were little. You had to leave us too early, Bandit, and it just isn't fair. We will never replace you my darling girl. I love you. Hello Bandit. Mommy is here thinking of you every day - loving you and missing you all the time. The heartbreak of losing you just doesn't stop. You will always be my very special girl and remain a part of me for the rest of my life. I hope you are not in any pain or turmoil anymore and that you are in the clouds looking down on our home, which has become so much more empty without you. Kahlua and Sofie are still here and I know they miss you too. Daddy misses you terribly and talks of you all the time. We hug and kiss you with our hearts my angel. My darling girl -- Mommy & Daddy are going away on Fri to Europe. Please watch over us and also Kahlua and Sofie. I shall think of you all the while - you are always here inside my heart. I hope you are happier and without any pain - and that you never cry again. My darling Bandit - how I love you and miss you each day. Hello my darling girl. Mommy has been very busy since our trip and we have had many problems since coming home. Kahlua is sick with Valley Fever now and I know she misses you terribly - as do Daddy and I. Bandit, it has been 9 months since you left us and it doesn't get any easier. We miss your joy, love and beauty in our house. We could never replace the magic that you brought to our family. Mommy is so sorry for what you had to go thru -- I only wish it could have been different for you. You didn't deserve the fate you received. Please know that we love you so much and you are living in our hearts and minds every day and will forever and always. Hello my darling girl. It is almost 1 yr. since you have been gone - a very sad and hard year to deal with. I miss you more than you could ever know. My heart just aches anytime I see a dog that looks like you, Bandit. You will always be my precious girl and I shall never stop missing you. Please watch over Daddy, Kahlua, Sofie and me and keep us well. We all love you so. Darling girl - so I guess you were surprised to have Kahlua join you. We were devastated to lose her - just as we were when you had to go. Now we just have Sofie - and she is so old. We miss you so very much - our precious beauty - nothing can replace you. What a special girl you are and always will be to us. We hope you are happy to have your wonderful sister with you now - because it was so very hard to have to give her up too. Always watch over us, Bandit - because we love you and miss you with all our hearts and souls. The house is just not the same without you, Kahlua and Raven. Hello, sweet girl. Mommy is missing you so much. I just don't know how to cope with your loss. I think of you all the time and when I see a dog that looks like you -- it just breaks my heart. You are so special to me, my girl -- and always will be. I know you are with Kahlua now and that is good for both of you -- but so hard on Mommy. I love you more every day - and miss you that much too. Hello, Bandit angel. It is Mommy writing to you before Daddy and I go away next week. We both miss you terribly and think of you every day. We hope you are happy to have Kahlua and Sofie with you now. Our house is so empty without my darling girls. Mommy and Daddy hope you will watch over us as we travel to South America and know that you will be in our hearts even though we are away from home. We love you so much, Bandit, and miss you even more. Darling Bandit, my beautiful girl. Mommy misses you and loves you so very much. Every day I cry - thinking of you, Raven and Kahlua and how much I remember of the way you all filled my days with love and happiness. You can never be replaced - any of you - and I so long to know that you all know that. Please watch over Mommy and Daddy in the coming years and never forget the love we have for you and your brother and sister. Kisses to you my lovely angel. Darling girl. Mommy is going away again soon -- please watch over Daddy and me while I am away. I love you so much - I am thinking of you always. You are my heroine and my special love forever. I miss you more and more every day! My lovely girl - 2 yrs. gone coming up. I can't believe it. Breaks my heart. I miss you more than ever and think of you always. I love you with all my heart and soul and wish I could kiss your little face once again. Sleep peacefully my darling girl. Good morning my darling. Mommy is thinking of you. I miss you and love you very much. I have Tres visiting. She has your loving nature and helps me to get thru the lonely days without you. But, you can never be replaced, ever. Time passes, but it doesn't take away the pain of losing you. Mommy's heart aches every day for you and I shall always, always love you so very much. My darling girl. Mommy & Daddy are going to be gone again. Please watch over us and know that we are thinking of you always. I never stop missing you, Bandit, and hope that you are pain-free and happy where you are now. Mommy sends you kisses and wishes I could hug you so tight. I love you with all my heart. My darling, beautiful girl -- Mommy has decided it is time to get a puppy. I just want you to know that it will not replace you in my heart - it is just a baby that Mommy wants to love and care for - and hope to have a long time. You are still my angel and you are in my heart every day, always. I love you so very much and miss you terribly. Beautiful angel -- Mommy & Daddy are going far away on Jan 1. Please watch over us and protect us along with Raven & Kahlua. You are our darling love and we think of you and talk of you always. Your time with us was of a value that can never be replaced. We love you forever and always, our precious girl. Hello Darling Girl. Well, we have your new little sister, Tassie - now with us for 2 weeks. She is delightful and helps us get past losing you and Kahlua - but she is not a replacement for you. Please watch over her and Daddy and me and keep us protected. We love you so much and miss you even more. Hello darling Bandit. It is coming up to the 3rd anniversary of you leaving us for rainbow bridge. We miss you and love you more all the time. The new puppies, Tassie & Koley, are wonderful little girls - helping us to heal a little better over losing you and Kahlua so sadly and so close. Please watch over your new little sisters and keep them safe from the bad things that happened to you and Kahlua. Nothing can take away our memories of you and all the special years you gave to us. We are so thankful we found you when we did. To have you and love you was one of the most precious things ever given to us. Good day my precious girl. I hope you are resting peacefully. Mommy misses you so much. Your new sisters are a blessing - but I shall never forget you! In my heart you are still my darling special girl and you shall always be that to me -- and more. I think of you always and am so thankful for our time together - even though it was all too short. I love you darling girl. Darling girl: Daddy and I will be off again one week from today. Please watch over us and Tassie & Koley and all the children. We will think of you every day - miss you too. You are forever in our hearts, dearest Bandit. My love -- Mommy & Daddy are going away AGAIN! Please watch over your new sisters, Tassie & Koley and us while we are away. We love you and miss you very much. You are Mommy's special, special girl!My darling Bandit - today it is 4 years since you left us - and now you really are an angel - watching over us, I hope. You are greatly missed and loved even more. This is a hard day to get thru - because it brings back all the sadness of our last days and the memory of how horrible it was to have you taken from us at 9 years of age. You are ALWAYS & FOREVER in our hearts and minds. We love you so very much. My darling girl -- Mommy is going to Australia tomorrow all by myself. Please watch over Daddy and our Tassie & Koley and take care of Mommy so far away too! I love you so much & miss you every day. Hello my darling girl. Well, time for Mommy & Daddy to travel again. We will take a cruise and be gone for 2 weeks. Please watch over us and your step-sisters, Tassie & Koley, who will be home with their sitter. We love you so much, Bandit - and miss you every day. You're always in our thoughts! Bandit darling, it now has been 4 years since you left us. Daddy and I miss you so and never forget the joy you brought to us. Our new girls are wonderful but we never lose our memories of you, Kahlua, Raven, Sofie, Golda - and all the others that came and went before you. Mommy especially misses you, my darling - and I still cry over how you were taken from us too soon. XXOO a million times to you! Hello beautiful girl. Mommy just feels like talking to you. I miss you so much Bandit. You are my darling girl. I wish you could know your sisters, Tassie and Koley. You would love them. I don't forget you just because we have them - you are always in my heart and I love you so much. You were taken too soon from us and that hurts and always will. Be safe and warm my darling girl. Hello, Bandit, my darling girl. Mommy has had a bad week - remembering our time together and missing you being here with us. You were a joy in our lives and will always live on in our hearts. I will always see your precious face in my mind and cherish the time we had. I love you always, Bandit. It is now eight years since you went to Rainbow Bridge. Mommy misses you still and always thinks of you. You will be in my heart forever and always. I can't tell you how sorry I am for how you had to suffer - but I know that you know you were loved to the maximum and that Mommy tried everything to keep you safe. I love you, Bandit. My Bandit: I love you my darling girl. I miss you always and think of you always. Your candle is burning bright today - just as you shone in our house while we were lucky enough to have you. You will always be a very special part of my life/memory and forever world. Rest peacefully, my beautiful girl. Hello Bandit. Sorry I am late to write to you - but it does not mean that I do not miss you and think of you always. You will remain in my heart as a favorite dog that I was so fortunate to have for 9 years. Too short - but I am grateful for that much time with a loving, beautiful angel. Your sisters of today, Tassie & Koley, are wonderful too -- and they would have been good friends to you. You are loved and missed every day! Bandit you are never forgotten. I love you with all my heart and I miss you. It is so hard to think of the time stolen from us. You live in my heart.

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