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Memories of Bert
Bert was our 125 pound Rhodesian ridgeback...He got into a bottle of over the counter diet pills on May 23, 1999 and ate 30 of them.....After an agonizing night of trying to help him and keep him from suffering he expired several hours later at the vet's office on May 24, 1999....A few days later, we brought his ashes home and they are still lovingly protected in a container in the room where my computer is....someday I will get a tree for you my child and put you in the earth with it....but for now....I still can't bear the thought of you being part of the earth...... You were not supposed to die as a result of human error..you were so young, your death should have been years and years from now but for my error......but then what else are humans (especially me, your mommy,) good at besides mistakes... ? We are such a thoughtless species....Bert..Your sister Holly is with you now but Wishbone and Ivy still miss you..I guess I miss you the most though...I miss you so much......I love you my big child and I will always miss you... It has been so very, very long without you my dear sweet child but I still look for you and sometimes even call your name....life will never be the same without you my little ridge nose..... My dear sweet, gentle, golden eyed boy....How can you be gone never to return ?...I still miss you so very much......my erroneous behavior caused your death and I will NEVER FORGIVE MYSELF..NEVER, NOT IN A MILLION YEARS.......We adopted one of your nephews shortly after your passing and he looks just like you.....Every time I look at him I am reminded of you, my sweet little ridge nose...of course we love him for himself but no one could ever replace you, my sweet boy, though I know Heaven is happy for you are gracing the presence of the angels by being there...and now you are their companion.....I come to your residency often to change things in order to make things perfect for you...Maybe I am just trying to make up for my mistake of leaving those stupied pills within your sweet innocent grasp....Maybe someday you will be able to let me know you forgive me....I would rather it were I in a cemetery than you....I hope someday you will meet me at the bridge..... I want so much to look on your sweet gentle face and into those soft amber colored eyes and know that you can forgive me....I let you down that night and I can never forgive myself until I know you are alright now and happy........Life is just not the same without your sweet, gentle presence....It has been seven years since you left us my dear, sweet "little ridge nose", but you are still talked about and loved as much or more than ever...you are still our baby.....sadly missed by Momma, Ivy, Wishbone, Clancy, Autumn, Punkin' and Goblin as well as Dad... My Darling Bert, as you know, your nephew Mugsy came to be with you this past December. He was very sick with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. We tried to save him my darling Bert but the leukemia was just too strong. I can hardly believe it has been ten years since you passed over. My darling, sweet Bert, I still miss you as much as ever. Sadly, momma. My dear sweet Bert. How long it has been since I had the chance to hug you, kiss you and tell you how much I love you. Your sister Holly is with you now too and so is your sister, Bandit. They both loved you so much. You were Holly's "big brother" as she was just a baby when she came to us. She joined you on May 7, 2008. Sweet old Bandit joined you on May 26, 2006. I love you all so much and miss you all. Will you all be there to meet me when I come ? I still have your "cousin" Clancy and also the "little ones" Wishbone and Ivy. Can it be that it has been 10 years since you left us so tragically ? My sweet little ridge nose. I love you always. Signed mama

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