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Memories of Boo
We don't know where you came from but you entered our hearts September 28, 1983 while we were on vacation in the High Sierras. You went by several names. We called your "Christian Name" as TROUBLE....this was what the vet and boarding places knew you as. At home you were "LIL GUY" "GUY GUY", "BEAR" "BOOBEAR" and just "BOO". To us you were just a silly black cat with no tail, but I guess really you were a purebred Manx. You had what we called "kid eyes"....your eyes would get big and we knew you were full of mischief and were wondering what you could do to get into trouble. Your greatest delight was getting us up early in the morning...first with Arlen for breakfast then Mom. After you were sure we were both up, YOU would go back to bed....lots of times this was under our bedspread where you would sleep for hours.....Taking a drink of water was major for you. From the day we found you, you did not just drink water, you had to put your paw into the bowl and scoop it into your mouth till you found the right place to drink it. In your later years this lead to your flicking water all over the floor and spilling your dish. As a result we had to buy you a big dog water dish to keep the water inside. We also found you loved water outside. It seemed you knew when the sprinklers were on. You would head right for them and come back soaking wet. Your loved sleeping in your "sunspot" in the living room. When you got too warm you would roll into the shade and ask for a tummy rub.We know there are sprinklers and sunspots at the rainbow bridge. We will see you again. Love From your parents

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