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Memories of Boyd, Our Class Guinea Pig
Boyd did his life job well. He made us happy. We really liked it when the room was quiet and he started squeaking for attention! He always got it, too! Our classroom will seem empty with out him. Gwetrz the calico cat will miss him too! She loved to sleep on his house. This memorial was made possible by Boyd's good friend Anna and her class. Dear Boyd, We just wanted to let you know that everyone says you are doing your job as greeter on the Rainbow Bridge very well. We still miss you and your squeakies! We are getting two new pets next week. They won't replace you, but we hope they are as nice as you. Love, The Rainbow Connection (May 9, 2000) Dear Boyd, By now you have met Stuart Little, your new co-greeter their on the Rainbow Bridge. We asked his people parents if it was okay for him to help you and they thought it was a great idea. Rain and Bow (our new guineas) are "vacationing" at the kids' houses like you did. Everyone is very excited about that. You'll be glad to know everyone was thinking of you on the last day of school, both in their final presentations and in our "cocoa ceremony". We will continue with the Rainbow Connection next fall, but it won't be the same since the kids didn't know you. Please watch over the new babies (Rain and Bow) this summer. Love from the Rainbow Connection in B-3 (June 17, 2001) Dear Boyd, You have been very busy at Rainbow Bridge lately greeting all those fur babies. I just wanted to let you know that the fourth graders that you were with when they were in third grade still come by to talk about you! They are proud of the work you do and many of them still send notes to the people parents of the new guests on Rainbows Bridge. This year's kids are working hard to send out notes about your being there to greet pets. Rain and Bow are fine, however they are not as polite as you were! They like jumping off the top ramp of their cage and squeaking during tests! Oh yes, you liked to do that, too! Keep up the good work, and we'll keep up ours. With smiles from the Rainbow Connection in B-3! (Dec. 10, 2001) Merry Christmas Boyd! In honor of all your hard work as greeter and kids hard work at sending sympathy notes, you have been given a permanent residency! When you see Fifi again, let her know how much we appreciate this wonderful gift! With head kisses from B-3! (Dec. 21, 2001) Hello from B-3! Boyd, we had a cow come visit! Wow! We thought you were messy! Rain and Bow say hi. Ginny sent us a big picture of you. We like it. We also got a picture of wild guinea pigs from Catherine. They look just like you. Thanks so much for greeting the new pets, especially Stephanie. The Rainbow Connection B-3 (April 2002) Dear Boyd, A new school year is under way and the Rainbow Connection is starting up! The kids are looking froward to their service project and have written our class letter. Rain and Bow went visiting kids all summer long and are now back with us. Today, they discovered your favorite place to hide...under the overhead projector in the corner. Lucky they were squeeky. That's how we found them...just like you! keep up the good work as greeter. Say hi to Stuart Little and Fifi. Your friends The Third Graders in B-3!

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