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Memories of Brandon
10/02/03 The pain in my heart hurts just as bad as that day, when I said my final good-bye to you and there is not one day that passes that I dont think of you in some way or other. I am still not able to sit here and type out all my wonderful memories of you. I have tried, but I break down crying and its been two years and still cannot get over the lost of you.... so until I can at least smile a little, as I go back on my memories of our times together and the silly and sometimes very smart things you did. Until then my sweet baby, try and be a good boy there and tell Pooka, Nuisance, and Nieger I love and miss them too and I will eventually have a place for each of them at Rainbows Bridge too. Hugs and Kissses to all of you... 12/05/03...Missing all of you.. 06/04 "Happy Summer" my Sweet Brandon....11/25/04 "Happy Thanksgiving" I am always thinking of you 12/25/04 - "Merry Christmas" my sweet boy...Oh I how I wish you were here.03/05 Happy Spring....Miss you so very much.... 09/28/05 - Its been 4 years today my sweet Brandon and I miss you as much as the day I had to say good-bye...I love you! Happy Anniversary! 11/22/05 - Just 2 days away from Thanksgiving.. How each Thanksgiving I can still see you sitting there waiting patiently for your "Thanksgiving Goodies" Miss you.. 12/24/05 - Looking thu pictures and there you sat right under the Christmas Tree....Merry Christmas my sweet b 3/24/06...Happy Spring my big Guy....Love you! 7/04/06 Happy 4th.. How I remember, how scared u got when u heard the fireworks.I think of you all the time and miss you as much, as the first day you crossed over to Rainbows Bridge... HAPPY 5th Anniversary! Miss you so much..XXXXOOOOOChristmas is just around the corner 12/25/06 Merry Xmas my Big Guy! I can see you now pulling apart your gifts. 01/01/07 Happy New Year My Big Boy...04/07 Its Spring!!!! Here is a BIG Kiss XXXXXXX 07/27/07 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BIG GUY.XXXX 08/02/07 Hi my Sweet baby...Wow is it hot here today..I was looking thru pictures of you and just needed to come in and tell you how much I miss you and of course Love you Always.. You do know I visit you at least once a week, but wouldn't have room on here if I wrote something each time....Hugs & Kisses 09/17/07 Fall is this comning Saturday...How you loved hiding in a big pile of leaves...I miss so much my big Guy!!! XXXXXX 9/28/07 - Happy 6th Anniversary my Baby Boy. Doesn't seem possible that you crossed over to Rainbows Bridge 6 years ago. Hugs and Kisses...12/28/07 "Merry Christmas" My big guy....Sorry I was late but your big brother Jimmy came in for the Holidays...He misses you too. Have you met up with Tiegger? She crossed over on 12/18/07...When you see her tell her how much we love and miss her along with Pretty Boy. I love you Big Guy and I am sure that you helped Tiegger cross over. We are now entering into 2008 and yet it seems like yesterday that you left my side. God how I miss all of you...(Hugs)3/21/08....Hi my sweet furbabies Although Spring officially started yesterday, you wouldn't know it today. It's cold and windy. Miss and love all of you so much. Hoppy Hoppy Easter to all. It's 06/27/08 and Summer is offically here. HOT AND HUMID. Remember how I use to say "Lets go get an ice cream and cool off" and off running to the car you would go. I dont think there is a day I dont think of you and I know your birthday is just around the corner :)....Love you all so very much...Mommy 11/23/08 Thanksgiving is just 4 days away...I didnt forget you on your birthday Big Guy, but we were with your name sake in Colorado, but we toasted a drink to you, since you both have the same birthdays. 12/13/08 Oh! how I wish all of you could be here just once more time to celebrate the Holidays. Just like the song "Just One More Time" Without having all of you by my side, the "Holidays" are just not the same... Love You & Miss all of you! Mommy 12/24/08 - "Merry Christmas" my fur babies. Wish you all were here beside me. Love to you all. Mommy 9/17/09 So sorry my sweet Brandon that I have'nt visted in so long, but Daddy and I have been going back and forth from Colorado....But you are by side there too....I have your urn with me at all times. Once we are out in Colorado for good, I will be able to update all the time. Can't wait to do your Photo album...That will be fun!!!!!! Love to all of you and miss you as always....Luv, Mommy. 11/09/09 - I was just sitting here looking at your picture and decided I would say Happy Thanksgiving early to you and all my furbabies.....We are getting the house ready to put up for sale and go back to Colorado for good....There are places here that I hate to leave, as they are memories of you, Pooka,Tiegger,PrettyBoy,Niegger and Nuisance. But those memories regardless of where I am, are with me, here in my heart. Miss you all so very much...XXXOOOMommy 12/04/09 Thanksgiving as usual.. I ate to much. I thought of all of you, the beggers and all. :) The house is almost ready to put on the market. As I said before, because of all the memories of all you, will make it the hardest part of leaving here, but they are in my heart...The place that counts. Xmas is just around the corner :) Hope all you are behaving. Miss you all more than I ever imagined I would. Not a day goes by that i dont think of you in some way or other. 01/05/10 Happy New Years big guy and all my fur babies. Sorry I was late in wishing you a Happy New Years. Knee surgery was done 2 weeks ago and I am slow on getting around...I love you all with all my heart....Hugs and Kisses Mommy 05/02/10... Sorry that it has been almost 5 month since I have been here..Between shoveling out of snow storms and getting the house ready to sale, I have been running around in circles. Its spring and alrady "HOT" Daddy and I are hoping to be back in Colorado within the month, once the closing takes place.. I love you Big guy and miss all of you..Hopefully the next log in will be from Colorado Hugs & kisses Mommy 10/01/10 Well my sweet guy, we are FINALLY in Colorado for good. Although it has been a very sad few months. JimBoy crossed over suddenly on July 18th. I just know you and the others were there to meet him...Once I can get over the shock of losing him I will do a residency for him too. Please tell him I sure do miss him, as I do all of you and how I had no idea his heart was bad. I love you all!!!!! Mommy 12/16/10.Chritmas is just around the corner and of course my thoughts go to you, JimBoy and all my fur babies. I still cannot set up JimBoys residency....The pain of losing him the way we did, is so hard to get over, but he knows just as you, Pooka and the kitty cats how much I love you all and miss you all so very much. Every Christmas tree I see I will always remember you and how you would tear open your presents all by yourself. Out of all the fur babies you were the only one that did that :) Merry Christmas to all my fur babies....I love and miss you all! Mommy 7/17/11 I am so sorry my sweet Brandon that its been 7 months since I have come to visit. A lot has gone on. Daddy has had 2 back surgeries and is still recovering and I am getting prepared for a hip replacement...Tomorrow will be a year that JimBoy crossed over....Please tell him I will be making a site for him too as soon as I can and how I miss him so as I do all of you....You and JimBoy would enjoy Biscuit ...He was a rescue Pom and is so loving.....I promise not to be so long in the future in visiting.I love and miss all of you so very much...Mommy !/04/2012...Happy New Year my big guy...I am so sorry for not visiting sooner but I have health issues that have taken up so much of my time...Tell all I love then...Mommy 8/3/2012 I am soooo sorry for taking so long to visit.I am beginning to feel a tad better...It was a scary few months but I have managed to get thru it all.I have pictures of all of you on the wall now. I miss and love you all so much.. Mommy 9/28/2012 Today it has been 11 years since I had to make that heartbreaking decision. Its still so hard to get on here on this date...Please know I did what I thought was best for you. I love you sweet guy..Mommy 12/06/2012...The Holiday season is here. I know how you loved it by always trying to get under the tree and smell the packages.Somehow you always picked the right one. Luv you and miss all of you so very much. 12/25/2012 Merry Christmas to all my fur babies...Oh how I wish you all were here even if its just for one more time...I love you ..Brandon, Jimboy, Pooka, Dammit, Lady, Pretty Boy, Nuisance, Tiegger and Niagger and miss you all so very much....Kisses to All.... Mommy 05/09/2013..Its spring here in Colorado but you would never it by the weather...Snowed the past 2 days. I miss you all so much.... 9/28/2013 Its been 12 years today that I said my final goodbye to you ....I miss you and all my fur babies so very much. Summer came and went so fast....Didnt do a thing since Daddy cannot get around too well...So we decided to have3 the house stucco'd...Also having front of house and garage done in stone...Contractor has been working on house since end of June..Oh how I wish you were here in Colorado....You would love all the running you could do in the forest...I love you Brandon and love all my other fur babies...I am sure your all together and when my time comes to leave this earth I pray you all will b e there waiting for me to cross over...XXXOOOO 12/25/2013 Merry Christmas Sweet guy and to all my fur babies that have crossed over....Always think about all the times with all of you at one time or other at Christmas time....I will never forget any of you! Love and miss you with all my heart....Mommy 08/25/2014 I am so sorry it took this long to visit.....Its been a hectic 8 months and is going to be hectic right thru to the new year...I look at your picture every night before bed...I love you big guy!!! Tell the rest of the fur babies I love them too!Sorry I missed saying Happy Thanksgiving to all of you..Was a busy 3 days. Thinking about how u and Pooka use to sit and beg for the turkey.Luv u all. 4/05/2015 Spring is here.....I have had so much trouble with my puter and missed wishing all of you Merry Xmas....Happy Spring...I miss all of you so much.Pray that when my time is up on earth that you all will be there to greet meXOXO 9/17/2016 ---So sorry sweet Brandon and my other fur babies for not visiting but I have had many medical issues.....I will never ever forget any of you and love and miss all of you...I cant believe it will be almost 15 years since I lost you my sweet Brandon.The pain is still in my heart for all of you.

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