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Memories of Brandy
Brandy loved cats, steak and spaghetti. Up until a couple of years ago anyone that walked by would see her sitting in her chair looking out the window....her big "tv". There was nothing better than to come home from work and be greeted at the front door by this beautiful girl...she always looked like she was grinning and that she was going to wag her little butt right off. I couldn't have wished for a more perfect pet. Dec17/04 The Christmas tree is up but doesn't look the same. Laying under the tree was one of Brandy's favorite things to do this time of year...and laying in front of the fireplace. I had bought a plush snow bunny as a Christmas present and for the first time in almost 14 years, I didn't give it to Brandy early...now I wish I had. I miss you little girl, more and more each day. Life will never be the same without you. Dec.25,2004 Christmas Day and I'm so depressed. You should be here little girl, the day would be perfect if you were. I didn't want to get up this morning because I knew I would have to face my first Christmas without you but I did finally get up and make some coffee, then sat in the living room looking at the tree with the presents under it and then looking at your picture. There was no joy in this day for me, I miss you so much and am so glad the day is almost over. I didn't cook a turkey, just couldn't bring myself to do it knowing how much you loved it. I've been crying myself to sleep all week knowing that Christmas was going to happen without you. Oh little girl you are so missed and this ache in my heart doesn't lessen with the passing days. I doubt it ever will. You were my whole world and I want you back so much. I miss your little warm body and your wet doggy kisses. Loving you forever baby girl. (kisses and hugs) Spring is here and we've been having some awesome weather. I see the dog walking group in full swing and sure do miss our walks together little girl. You loved the spring, not too cold and not too hot and if it wasn't raining it was perfect. With the nice weather I miss our walks more than ever....maybe it's time to start walking again. I find I miss the companionship of the people we walked with. I finally did it!! I hadn't planned on doing it but I walked with Eleanor, Nancy and Barb last night with your friends Jasmine, Brandy, Penny and Bentley. Did you know that for the longest time Bently would still come and look in the window for you? He still comes up to sniff once in awhile but we think he knows you're gone. Luna and Meagan have by now joined you at Rainbow Bridge. I'm so glad you are not alone and have a couple of your friends with you. I miss you Brandy-boo! Love you lots!! Hi babydog, still thinking of you daily and missing you so much. You are still very much on my mind all the time. We had a heat wave around the May long weekend and you would have hated it. It was so hot and humid and even the Abbie and Meisha stayed in the bedroom where it was cool. I can't believe you've been gone for 6 months already...it seems like only yesterday we were cuddling together on the futon. We'll be together again one day but until then I'll keep your memory alive here and at home. I love you little girl (hugs and doggy kisses) Well baby dog, it's been a year today since I held you in my arms as you took your last breath. That day will forever be etched in my memory. Your last breath and your beautiful brown eyse closing forever. Oh how I miss you my sweet little Brandy. Our home will never be the same without you. Daddy had another stroke in September and had to have surgery. He was in the hospital for two weeks and I'm sure you heard my prayers. I sure would have liked your little warm body in bed with me...it was so lonely and you know as much as we all love those kitty cats, they weren't as sweet and understanding as you always were. Daddy and I did take the plunge and adopted a 3 year old blonde american cocker. She has the same little wiggle butt as you and she's a real little cuddler. She has a very sweet face and I think she'd had a bad experience before we got her. She's adjusting tho' and she's very different than you were. I put your special toys away as Ginger likes to chew them up and pulled out that canvas cat you never liked and those fleecy toys I got for Yushu to play with. She likes all of them as she runs around shaking them and chomping on them. She is a dog food dog except when she steals food from unchaperoned plates. There will never be another as sweet, well behaved and as beautful as you. Ginger makes us laugh and she loves to go for long walks so she's getting me back in shape. She certainly is filling the void in our lives and both Daddy and I knew you would want us to help and love another dog one day. Ginger is 3 years old, we decided we wouldn't go through a puppy stage, your puppy stage was so special and unique. She came from a breeder that had just "retired" her after two litters and was looking for a good home. Ta da....we became her good home. She came to us by plane from Missouri so she barks with a southern drawl...lol. I miss you baby girl and not a day goes by that I don't blow a kiss to your portrait. You are still and always will be a very big part of our everyday lives. I love you Brandy, now and forever. 11/19/06 - Two long years and I miss you like it was yesterday. You have my heart my sweet girl, and you always will. Another year has come and gone and I miss you just as much. Ginger is filling a void but where she is playful and funny you were always the wise one. You totally understood me, we just had to look in each others eyes. Daddy and I are finally making our trip to Ontario...Michael is getting married!! He loved you so much too and I know you would approve of Sandra. We are leaving at 5AM on Tuesday and are putting Ginger in a nice kennel for two weeks. I know you'll watch over her for me...make sure she doesn't feel too lonely. Bracken's dad is going to come in every day and feed the cats and change their litter and play with them. I know they'd much prefer to stay at home. Grandma and Grandpa have your pictures on their computer so we will update them with a few of Ginger's photos when we get there. I miss you darling girl....your friend Dogee was recently put to sleep, the prozac wasn't helping him anymore and he bit Laurena in the head. Molly and Peaches aren't doing too well...I imagine Molly will be joining you soon, she is totally blind and doesn't walk far anymore. Your little friend Bently still comes to the window but he's made a friend in Ginger....he's older and his eyesight is getting bad so I think when he first saw Ginger, he thought it was you. Jessie will be joining you soon too....he doesn't walk with us anymore as he is just too old now. I know it'll be just like a reunion for you with all your old Cartier Place buddies. I love you darling girl....watch over your "sister" while I'm away. 11/11/07- It's Remembrance Day and I'm remembering you with much love and loneliness. It's been almost 3 years and sometimes it feels like you've been gone for just a short time and other times it feels like you've been gone forever. Bentley and Dealer are with you now and I don't think it'll be too much longer before Penny joins you. You remember Penny...she always thought you were her mother and had kisses for you every time we went walking. She has never felt that way about any other dog. Auntie Eleanor and Auntie Barb still are without new furbabies and so we don't see them much anymore. Ginger is great but she isn't you...she's her own dog. She looks a lot like you but has a totally different personality. She is very loving and likes to cuddle but she also likes to walk in the rain and run through puddles, something you didn't like. You were my "girly-girl" and preferred a nice warm dry place and just hated having wet feet. Meisha follows Ginger everywhere...I still think she's confused, (looks like Brandy but doesn't play or share like Brandy). I miss you so much baby-girl, I miss talking to you, you always listened and understood me and more than once you let me cry into your soft sweet smelling fur. I miss our special times together, I miss your soft snores, your wet nose on my cheek and your kisses. I hope you know I think of you all the time...I'm sure you do, you were one very wise girl. Loving you always baby-dog....Mommy. 12/10/2008 - It's winter again and I miss your little warm body. I love you Brandy-boo. 07/28/2009 - It's summer and one of the hottest we've had since the 1940's, you sure wouldn't enjoy this heat, even with the air conditioner it still registers 78 degrees in the house. We still have the nice marble tile in the hallway and that's where you'll find Ginger these days. Can you believe it, Penny is still with us both her and Brandy are almost 16 years old. Brandy hasn't slowed down at all but Penny's moving pretty slow these days but still knows when I have a cookie for her. Your cousin arrived at Rainbow Bridge on July 12th....you never knew him but his name is Dusty and he's a miniature schnauzer. I know you'll find him and take care of him for his mom..who just happens to be my little sister. She misses him so much and so does his twin brother Riley. Take good care of him as only I know you can....you were always a good mama dog. It's been almost 5 years and your memory still makes me cry, I still miss you like it was yesterday Brandy, you were such a special girl. Ginger is a little love and I love her dearly as much as I loved you but different. You were my first and I raised you from puppyhood so you'll always be my little Brandy-Boo. Ginger is my rescue dog and will always be my Ginger-Spice. You'll fall in love with her one day too....you love all animals, you never had a mean bone in your little body. It's late and Mommy had a busy day...I'll talk to you again real soon my little love. Sleep well angel dog and remember...I love you and can never forget you. (miss cuddling your warm body and getting your wet doggy kisses) Feb. 26, 2011 ....My sweet girl, I hope you didn't think I had forgotten you. Daddy's health has not been good the last couple of years but he is doing better now. I'm sure you heard me talking to you many times. I could never forget my little Brandy. Ginger and Meisha are doing well, they are best buddies although I know Meisha has figured out that Ginger isn't you. It's snowing like crazy tonight and like you, Ginger loves it; she'll have me up bright and early tomorrow morning to go walking in it. I miss the lazy Sundays with you...between Ginger and Meisha I'm up by 7AM every day of the week. I'm sure you're playing with your friend Penny now, she passed a few months ago. Her sister Brandy is almost 18 now and still goes for walks...I guess that's the difference between American and English Cockers. Brandy, being an English cocker has never had a weight problem like you little Americans...just kidding. Peaches and Molly have crossed the Rainbow Bridge now and Audrey has rescued two more, both their names are Tootsie..so we call them Tootsie 1 and Tootsie 2. I love you and miss you darling girl and I promise not to let too much time pass before I talk to you again. You'll always be my baby Brandy. Hugs & Kisses, Mummy Feb 27, 2016 ....Hi my sweet girl. I haven't forgotten you, I just renewed your residency here. We are all in Ontario now, close to my parents. Daddy's mom passed away on Jan 31st, have you seen Grandma? Daddy is still hanging in there and I'm still working. Ginger is almost 14 now and is starting to have a few problems. She is almost blind and deaf but manages very well. Her thyroid is in check and she is back to 28lbs, unfortunately the vet says she's lost too much too fast and is going to do some blood tests this week. She also has a bacterial infection on the front legs from licking, she has OCD. LOL I just wanted you to know that you are always in my heart. I even had a little cry today thinking about you. I love you baby dog. xoxoxox Hey baby girl, miss you something fierce and know that you are watching over us, especially your sisters. Ginger is going to be 15 in another month. She can only see shadows now and can't hear anymore. Even her sense of smell isn't as good as it used to be. She is still managing quite well although she has to wear a diaper if we go out now. As long as we are home she is good and can last the night so I think it's a bit of separation anxiety now that she has lost her sight and sound. Meisha is still Meisha and is Ginger's best buddy most of the time but will give her a tap on the backside just to irritate her sometimes. We are all enjoying Ontario and your ashes are on the mantle so you get the morning sunshine. I love you baby Brandy, forever and always. Mummy xoxoxo My dear little Brandy, Ginger left us yesterday to join you at the Rainbow Bridge. You'll know her, she looks a lot like you but a little more shy. Take care of her for Mummy and just know that one day in the not too distant future we will all be together again. My darling Brandy and Ginger, Daddy is with you now and I know you girls will be so happy to have your Daddy. He left me suddenly and unexpectedly but at least I know he is surrounded by lots of happy wagging tails and getting lots of doggy kisses. Take care of him for me until it's Mummy's turn to join you. I love you all so much and miss you all terribly.
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