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Memories of Bromley Kent
The way he always used my lap as a launching pad! The fact that his face was the first thing i saw as i returned home- waiting by the window. His drool! The weight of him on my lap! My irreplaceable Goofball. How happy he was. How he loved us. How he always followed me around. Dropping water into his mouth from my bathtub. The way his eyes lit up when we took him for a ride. His appetite for home- made cookies. The wonderful" Bromley "smell of his. The way he loved kisses. The way he captured my heart and soul so completely. I will never be the same without him. Wait for me Brommie. i'll be there soon. Be a good boy! I love you- always remember how much i love you. The house is empty without you- my heart as well. Wolfgang misses you and sleeps in your bed. i send you puppy kisses, my sweet little boy. Love, Mommy Brommie- i got a new brother for Wolfgang. He is a bulldog, too. His name is Percy. I will love him enough for both of us. Can you bless us, Sweet Bromley? I still love you and i miss you desperstely. I hope you are happy , my goof. I love you, Mommie Bromley- i still think of you every day. i miss you, my Goof. Wait for me. Be a good boy. Love, Mommie We have a new girl bulldog, Brommie.Her name is Bess. You would love her. i love you sweetheart. Be good, my goof. Love, Mommie Brommie- its been almost a year without you. Percy is 1 year old. Bess is 8 mos. i still miss you and think of you every day. i will never stop loving you. You were and are the best of me. Be good, my goof. i love you. Mommie Its been over a year, Brommie. i still think of you every day and your picture is still in its place in the living room. I miss you, my goof. Are you having fun, Brommie? Do you have some puppy friends? i love you, Baby. Be a good boy till i see you agai. i love you, Mommie Merry Christmas, my little love. i miss you Bromley . Love, Mommie I still think of you every day. i love you Bromley. And i miss you with all my heart. Be a good boy. We have another bulldog too- her name is Charlotte. You would love her. i will never get over missing you. Love, Mommie How are you, Brommie K? i still think of you so much. You changed my life forever, BK. Because of you- i have 3 sweet bulldog souls to love. Have you met any of our rescue pups, Brommie? i tell them all to look for you at the bridge. I tell them you'll show them the way around Heaven. i love you, Baby Boy. Percy, Bess, Charlotte and Wolfgang are doing well. i have 4 crates in the bedroom, Brom- but 5 crates in my heart. You are there for always. Be a good boy. Play hard- have fun. i love you, Mommie Brommie- i need you to do something very special for me. There's a new, sweet soul at the Bridge- a part of our family. His name is Chauncey and he will be looking for a buddy while he waits for his Mom. Take good care of him, my Goof- and show him around Heaven. Love him good- like you are loved. He is a gentle soul- like you, taken too early. i love you, Bromley and i miss you every day. i will see you soon, my love. Play hard and love well until i see you again. Love, Mommie Brommie-something bad happened to Wolfgang and he is with you now. Look after him; tell him i'm so sorry. i will love him forever. Be good boys till i see you again. We have another bulldog-Emma Jane. She reminds me of you. We will love her for you. i love you forever, Brommie. Wolfgang-forgive me baby. You were taken too soon. i love you. Be good. Love, Mommie Brommie Baby- how are you? Are you happy, my goof? i love you and miss you every day. By now, i bet you have met your sister, Charlotte. i miss you both so much. Please look after Charlotte, my sweet boy. You and Wolf can show her around Heaven. Love her well- until i can. i love you, Brommie and Wolf. Be good boys till i can hold you again. Love, Mommie

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