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Memories of BUDDY
In June of 1999 while on vacation I saw this cat almost get hit by a truck. When going over to check on him, he was sooo friendly, but his little tail was all bloody and it looked like it was going to fall off. Apparently this friendly little guy was in a fight and he wasn't the fighting type. He was skin and bones. My friend and I took him back to our hotel room and fed him. He wanted to sleep in the bed, but his little tail was all bloody, so I took off my t-shirt and laid it near the pillow on my side. I decided to let him sleep on my side and that I would sleep horizontally at the foot of the bed to give him some room to move about. He had different plans. When I went to lay at the foot of the bed, the next thing I noticed was this lil guy getting up, coming down to where I was, curling up next to me and going to sleep. That was it! He FOREVER had my heart then! And he's been mine ever since......... I'd give anything right now to have him scratching against the bathroom door at 2am or 3am because he wants me to turn the sink on for him, or to hear him begin to knock things off of my nightstand at about 5am or 6am because he wants me to wake up. Sometimes I'd watch him and see how he'd do it. He'd sit on the nightstand and look at me to see if I was awake. If he didn't think I was awake he'd start with my keys and lil by lil move them closer to the edge of the nightstand, with each move he'd STOP and look at me to see if I woke up yet. Once he got to the edge if I wasn't awake, they were on the floor. Then he'd move to the phone and do the same thing with that, and then he'd move to the clock and do the same thing with that until I finally woke up! To hear him chattering and talking to the birds was music to my ears. I'd wake up without him knowing it and I'd just lay there and watch him and listen to him. After he realized I was awake he'd hop from the window to the bed to lay with me and cuddle with me. Buddy was and forever will be the LOVE OF MY LIFE! I look forward to seeing him again and crossing over the rainbow bridge with him!

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