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Memories of Cassie
Cassie picked me for her owner. She waddled up to me as a light snow fell, on a cold March day, and when it was time for her to leave her Momma, she began a journey w/ me that would last almost 15 years. She went everywhere w/ me. She saw & helped me through some very rough life events. She was a shoulder to cry on and my best running buddy. She ran at the dam more miles than I can count, and rode on my left leg everywhere I drove. Cassie was a one-of-kind companion. No matter where we relocated, Cassie sat in a window & watched for my arrival. If I couldn't take her with me, she was always there waiting. In Dec. 2004, she finally succumbed to cancer and no longer waits for me in my kitchen window. My life has had its ups and downs and my little dog was there for them. When I had our daughter, Cassie accepted her, though she didn't like children. After our baby came, Cassie didn't get the attention she once did, & for that I will always have regrets. But she never gave up on me and loved me like only a furever friend can. I held her all night our last night together..we watched the sun come up that morning and then we made our last trip to the vet together.
In the days & weeks after she left, I struggled w/ where her soul had gone. I read Jessie Duplants' book Heaven and hoped his account of seeing dogs in heaven was right. Desperate for an answer, I went to a Christian co-worker and asked him. He's a wise man & I value his insight. His response touched my heart and I hope it gives anyone reading this hope. I asked him "do you think dogs go to heaven?" And he responded "mine do...but if they don't it won't matter, we won't know they're not there. Because our Bible promises us that when we get there, there will be no more tears, pain, or suffering". I drew strength from his words and later came upon something that reinforced his message to me.
In the beginning, God created Adam & every living thing. Then he allowed Adam to name the creatures. Adam had walked in the Garden with God, he'd talked to Him, had real conversations. Then Adam named the animals. When he got to the dog, I don't think it's a coincidence that he took the word God & reversed it to make the word dog. Adam saw in the dog the same kindness, patience, forgiveness, & understanding, that he saw in God. My question "do dogs (& all animals) go to heaven" is answered simply, YES. Where else would God place a creature named after Him?
Cassie is gone, but will NEVER be forgotten. I try daily to remember the sound of her bark, the way she wagged her whole bottom, the way she loved me...only me, so very much. I look for her at the kitchen window and I know, I will never replace her. But, I have tried to redirect my life to be more involved in efforts that would benefit her kind..the furry friends. I became involved w/ organizations that use volunteers to get pets from one part of the nation to another. Each driver takes a "leg" (usually about 1 to 1-1/2 hour segments) of the pets trip. We monitor the progress of the pet using the internet once we get back home. I have become involved in Rescue, have adopted a homeless cocker, and vow NEVER to "breed or buy" a pet while there are so many homeless animals available. Lastly, I continue to raise our daughter w/ a love & respect for God's creatures.
My efforts won't bring Cassie back, but I know she'd be pleased. And I know somewhere, whether it's a bridge, a gate, or a window, if God will have me, my little dog waits there for me.

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