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Memories of Calico Cook
Calico was a shy petite cat. She would never let anyone pet her except me.In her later years she started laying beside me in bed and following me around. We lost your Grandpa on April 29,2002. He went a few months after you. I could not cry for him without thinking you where going to be there looking for him. Calico we added a new member to the family November 15, 2002. Her name is Aston. She is a calico just like you. She will never take your place in my heart. Scarlet Rose misses you but the new baby is keeping her busy. Sorry Calico I haven't been here for a while. Ashton died in June 2004. She had cancer. I came home from work and found her under the couch. I believe that she waited until she heard my voice before she passed away. Please look out for her. Feb.2007 Another Baby was added in June. Brought Savannah Rose home from Kentucky from Grandma's house. She is a orange longhair. I have not forgotten either of you. Have your ashes on mantel over the fireplace. Feb 09,2008 Have come here to say hello again. Savannah and Scarlet are still doing fine. I send both of you much love. February 2009. Hello Calico and Ashton. Another new year has come. Not a very good year so far. Savannah and Scarlet are still doing fine. We have moved again. September 18, 2009 Scarlet Rose will be joining you today after 3pm. She has suffered enough the last few weeks. It is hard to let her go after 11 years. Please meet her at the bridge and help her cross she will be afraid. February 7, 2013. Hello to all my babies. It has been a really long time since I have been out here. I have been reading all that I have written and have been crying for all of you. I still love and think of you. It has been bad for me the last 4 years. I do not know if I can carry on much longer. Please put in a good word for me. February 18, 2014.. Came to the library today to check on you. Miss all of you and wish I could join you. Love you Daddy July 7,2014. Came to visit again. since I was here in February we added yet another to the household (Shadow Rose). She is black and white with short hair. She was born in a drain in our parking lot and a few months ago it rained really hard. Her mother who has had several liters since we have lived here was laying under a car out of the rain and I could hear cries from the drain. The rain let up and she went in and brought one of her kittens out and laid it on the pavement. She looked up at me on the patio so I went down and picked up the kitten and brought her in. She was so little she fit in my hand. I bottle feed her and now she is spoiled rotten. She eats pre-cooked chicken breast that I buy at store and dry cat food. Took a few weeks for Savannah Rose to get use to her but now Savannah tolerates her. She has a lot of energy. The mamma cat outside had 3 more kittens that survived and I still take food out to them every night. Calico, Ashton, Scarlet I still love you very much and miss all of you. Love Daddy February 6, 2015. It's me again. (Savannah Rose and Shadow Rose) are still here. We lost your Grandma November 29,2014 she was 93. I know she didn't like animals but I hope you where there when she passed over. Let her know who you are and that I love you all. Love Daddy February 6, 2016. Calico, Ashton, and Scarlet. Thinking of you on this day and feeling sad. Savannah and Shadow Rose are still going strong. We moved to a different place in December. I think you all would like it. It has a big balcony that you all could have sat on. I miss all of you but I hope you are in a better place with no pain and with lots of other animals to play with. June 17, 2016. Calico , Ashton and Scarlet. Savannah Rose crossed the bridge last night 06/16/2016. I hope that you all where there to meet her. Scarlet will be the only one to know her. I am so sad and cannot stop crying. Please please by there when I cross over. I cannot stand the thought that we will not meet again, Love Daddy February 12, 2017. Calico, Ashton, Scarlet and Savannah Rose. Renewing today for another year am very sad without you all. Shadow Rose is still here she will be 4 years old pretty soon. Miss each and everyone of you. Again please be there when I cross over, Love Daddy June 6, 2018 Calico, Ashton, Savannah Rose, Scarlet Rose . Changing my email address today. I will be moving to Oklahoma in a little over a week. Do not worry your ashes are coming with me and so is Shadow Rose. I don't know how she is going to take the move please look down on her to help her not be afraid. Scarlet your Momma will be taking your ashes with her I hope she will take care of you. Miss each of you and always will love you until hopefully we will meet again. Love Daddy October 6, 2018 Calico, Ashton, Savannah Rose, Scarlet Rose a few hours ago Bryan sent Mollie to you. Please meet her at the bridge. She was 14 years old and I have been taking care of her since I moved up here. We had our walks in the yard and I will miss those. She was going blind and deaf but she had stopped eating. We had to buy her chicken legs from the deli every other day. She was a sweet girl and I will miss her staying at my house. I sat and held her last night and I hope she realized that I loved her as much as all of you even though she wasn't mine. Help her find her little ones that went before her. Miss and Love all of you. The single rose is for Mollie. Love Daddy and to Mollie Love you little one Uncle David Feb.24,2020 Added another dog to the December 10, 2018. Her name is Snowie Rose. Was still in Oklahoma then and her mother kind of dropped her off at my place there. Me Snowie and Shadow all moved back to Kentucky in May 2019. All your cremains came along with me except Scarlet she is still in Dallas with John but she should be there with all you. Snowie is a solid white part pit and she weighs over 60 pounds. She is more than a handful. Miss everyone of you. Love Febuary 6, 2022 Been two years almost since I was out here. Snowie and Shadow Rose are still here and have added yet another to the household. Her name is Chewy and she is a tortie cat. Also have several stays outside that I feed but there are only a few that I claim as mine. ( Midnight, Smokey, Bandit, Missy, and Blondie ) One of my cats I claimed (Tian) was killed last year by lightning. Please see if you can find him and take care of him also. Still think of you often. I turned 70 so am getting closer to being able to see all of you again I hope. Love til eternity Daddy.

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