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Memories of Cocoa
9/2/02 It's been 13 mos. since you went to the Rainbow Bridge, and I am still numb. I miss you so very much, but you know that. I am comforted knowing that you are with your sister,Cindi, who has been waiting for 10 yrs. at the bridge. It must have been a wonderful reunion - the two of you were true Siamese, always together for 9 yrs. Then, the cancer took our Cindi, and you sat with me as I cried and looked through the photo albums. Never too many pictures. So,then we brought Bonnie Blu home to keep you company. But you weren't having it. But, Bonnie was just 8 wks old, with no fear, so when you hissed she just stuck her head in your face until that great day when, instead of hissing, you leaned down and touched noses-- I am so thankful I got that picture! Bonnie never replaced Cindi. Bonnie has created her own presence, which can never be replaced. So, my baby girl, play with Cindi, and all your new friends and think of me, as I think of you, every day --all day. Your Mom 11/21/02 Hi,sweetheart, I still miss you so very much, but since I registered you here at Rainbows Bridge, somehow the huge rock that has been on my chest since you crossed the bridge has become bearable. I can't explain it, much less understand it, but it's true. I grieve for you every day, and I guess I always will, but I can talk to you about things, and I don't cry as much. I have news - which you already know. We adopted two kittens, a brother & sister gray & black tabbies. Cody & Misty. They are about 8 mos. old & very sweet. Bonnie doesn't want anything to do with them (just like you treated her, remember?). They think that she is wonderful. We are being patient with Bonnie - the kittens are to keep her company. I'm sure that she is still grieving for you, too. Somehow I feel that you led me to these kittens (they were rescued by Spay & Save) & I don't even know their birthdate. All of a sudden one day I met a member of the Spay & Save rescue group, and she invited me to an adoption day. It just felt right. So thank you, my little girl. I am smiling again as I watch the babies run & play, as you are running & playing with sister Cindi & your new friends. I still think of you every day, but now it is a comfort. Love & kisses, Mom 1/27/04 Hi Sweetheart. Just stopped to say hello and give you some updates. It's kind of silly, since you already know what's going on. Sadly, Bonnie's megacolon has returned. As You know, she had the colectomy surgery just 2 months after you crossed the bridge - and she did very well. No "poop" medicine for 2 1/2 yrs or so. But,she is back on the full schedule of cisapride 3 or 4 x a day, laculose up to 3 x a day - this in addition to her asthma meds. She is a real trooper, she goes to the "medicine giving spot" and waits when she hears me start to prepare. We have promised her - NO MORE ENEMAS! So when the meds no longer keep her comfortable, we will send her over the bridge to you. Bonnie Blu will be 13 yrs old on 1-29-04. Cody & Misty are great - so much fun. Bonnie watches them run & play, they invite her to participate but she prefers to just watch. I still miss you so very much,- I think of you every day, my sweet little girl. Love, Mom 7/28/05 It's been 4 yrs since you went to Rainbow's Bridge, and my heart is so very heavy still, without you. Sadly, Bonnie came to you on 7/3/05. She was so sick for so long, and she missed you so much, that finally her heart just failed.... she was sleeping in "her" bow window, when I noticed her respiratons had increased. It was Sunday afternoon, so we had to take her to the emergency vets--- her lungs were filling with fluid & her megacolon was awful. She yelled the whole way in the car(as usual) so when we reached the vets they put her in an oxygen chamber, but she was gasping. She had used up all her reserve. The decision was obvious. Everything happened so fast--- we sent our precious Bonnie Blue to you at Rainbows Bridge. I know that you are both happy to be together again. Knowing that, sustains me somewhat. Of course, we still have Cody and Misty, and they are a joy, but our house is a little emptier. So, my darling Cocoa, show Bonnie (aka BON-BON) the ropes, introduce her to all your friends and your sister,Cindi. Until we are all together again, you remain my best friend. all my love, Mom 7/28/06 It's been 5 yrs today since you went to Rainbows Bridge. I still miss you so very much!! I feel so fortunate that I can "visit" with you here. I still sleep with "scruffy" under my pillow, & I wear my memorial tear pendant 24/7. Small comforts. It's been 1 yr & 25 days since we sent Bonnie Blu to be with you. I know that you are taking good care of her -- you always did. Pass along my hugs & kisses to all, & remain your sweet self. All my love, Mom. 1/20/07 Hi, my sweet baby- I am especially missing you today. I don't know why - I just feel blue. I don't have many days like that. Oh, I always miss you, but today is different. Cody & Misty are fine, but, they aren't you. There is nothing I can do about that. So, this,too, shall pass. Just visiting with you has helped already. I can tell you this - I have been catching quick glimpses of you lately --- more than usual. I guess that you know how much I need you. So, continue to watch over me, until that great day when we will be together again. All my love, Mom. 7-28-07 -- 6 yrs today since you were called to the bridge. I still think of you every day, you are beside me no matter where I am or what I am doing. Guess what? Misty has started jumping onto my shoulders & laying down - just like you used to do. Thank goodness it isn't Cody. He is a healthy 13 lbs.- she is only 8 lbs. So my sweet angel, keep watching over me - just as you have been doing - I miss you so. Mom 7-3-08 - Hi, my little girl - 3 yrs today since our Bonnie came to be with you. Knowing that she is happy to be with you helps ease the pain. Sadly Bonnie's mom, Fran, joined you guys on 1-4-08. Just like Bonnie, Fran was so sick for so long - she had cancer (like Cindy), and all the chemo, & radiation, & scans & medications & physical therapy & prayers just didn't work. So, she is finally at peace & with her beloved Bonnie Blu. So, now it's just me & the "kids", Cody & Misty. And, of course, you are always with me. Kiss everyone for me - all my love, Mom 7-28-08 Hi, sweetheart - 7 yrs today since you went to Rainbows bridge (3 yrs 25 days for Bonnie). I had a wonderful trip to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. What a great place! I was only there for 3 days - not nearly long enough. I went with Aunt Laura & Uncle Tommy. We cleaned some of the cat residences & helped feed them. Played with them, too. Laura & Tommy walked some of the dogs, but that was too much for me, so I helped clean their indoor quarters & brushed some of them. It is so beautiful there (Utah). Of course, we only saw a few of the cats & dogs - there are hundreds there & they take such good care of them. Many get forever homes, but those who don't, live there forever. I hope I can go back some time. Nothing I do takes thoughts of you from my mind for any length of time. It's like I am just waiting - I don't know what I'm waiting for. Oh well, kiss everyone for me & remain your sweet self. I miss you so. Love, Mom 7-28-09 8 LONG yrs since you went to the bridge--I still miss you soooo much. Bonnie has been with you for 4 yrs 25 days. I don't know what time is like where you are, but it sure drags here. My heart is very heavy with out you. I am going back to Best Friends in Oct!! Another short visit, but I can't wait. Keep watching over me - I need you so much. I thank God for Rainbows Bridge where I can visit you. All my love, Mom. 7-28-10 9 yrs since you've gone to the bridge. I do have news - I am fostering a feral cat. She was rescued with her 3 kittens by aunt Laura & uncle Tommy. The kittens all got good homes, but no one wanted Destiny (that's her name). She is a long-haired calico, about 18 mos old. She was rescued from an apartment complex, which is in a very busy urban area. I've had her about 3 mos - she is still very fearful of people, but I'm being patient. I spend time, reading, or chating with her. She is in the small bedroom, with a window to look out of. I tried touching her, but it really scares her, so I just sit close & chat. She is eating VERY well, so I feel good about that.. Time & patience. I'm not sure if I will keep her - we just have to see how it goes. I have plenty of time. I am still missing you so much. Keep watching over me. All my love, Mom 7-28-2011 10 yrs since you went to Rainbow Bridge. I still feel so alone sometimes, but you are always with me in my heart & never far from my thoughts. I got a "new knee" 5 wks ago - recovery is going well - I'm walking with a cane. My P.T. is very good, he is tough - but kind. He pushes me to the limit, but it is working. I am way ahead in all aspects of bending, stretching, weight bearing. So that is all good. Destiny is doing VERY good. She now LOVES petting & brushing, playing, & Cody. He is allowed in her room for 5 - 10 minutes at a time. She watches from up on her bed, & he checks out the whole floor. There has been a screen door in place for about 6 months, so they have had time to get used to each other. I'm pleased with her progress. Give my love to Cindi & Bonnie & all your friends. Until we are together again, all my love, Mom 8-31-12 11 LONG yrs have passed -- I still miss you & think of you EVERY day. I don't visit you so often because I don't want to use up all the space. BUT, you are never far from my thoughts. Destiny is still with me - doing well. Loves to be petted & brushed, but she panics if I try to pick her up. Cody & Misty visit in her space ( which is now the whole upstairs), & that is going well. Sadly, Destiny has been diagnosed with mammary cancer, which has spread to her lungs. So far, she isn't showing any discomfort - but when she does, we will send her to join you. The treatment described to me is just too much to put her through. She is terrified just going to the vets for routine check-ups. For now, she is eating well, maintaining her weight, playing, & purring loudly when being brushed. I love you & miss you sooo much. Mom 1-10-13 Sadly, Destiny lost her battle with cancer on 11-18-12. So, now she is with you, Cindi, Bonnie & all your friends. Destiny was a very sweet little girl - some days she "talked" to me a lot. I am soo glad that Aunt Laura allowed me to become Destiny's mom I know that you guys have welcomed Destiny, but I miss her - much more than I thought I would. So, Cocoa, remain my sweet girl, as always - mom. 12-24-13 - Hi sweetheart, sad news- Cody has been diagnosed with severe intestinal inflamation, possible small cell lymphoma, asthma, & early renal failure. He is on a big list of meds, including 2 inhalers. Thank goodness he is very easy to med. He lost over 5 lbs, before 2 new meds kicked in, & finally he has started to gain some weight back. There is no cure - just treatments to keep him comfortable,so,I don't know when, but when it's time, I will send him to you. Once again, my heart is breaking. Keep watching over me! all my love, mom

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