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Memories of Colorado Mist
Therapy Dog Excellent - My once in a lifetime dog, my constant companion, my miracle, the wind beneath my wings. You changed my life forever. Obedience, herding, registered therapy dog, you did it all. You helped so many people and made so many friends. You fought a long battle at the end but you still tried to do everything asked of you. You are much missed by so many and especially by your parents and the rest of your fur family. Hope you have had a chance to meet Boots by now. She is waiting at the bridge too. Your legacy lives on. Lucky carries on your duties and there will be a new little border collie in a while to help but there will never be another you. You are in our thoughts daily in so many ways. We miss you my little love. Rest in peace. Your people. 01/08/04 "Because of you, I am a different person, and the person I will grow to become, with or without you by my side, will have gotten there partly because of you. If you were not in my life right now, I could not be who I am right now. Nor would I be growing in exactly the same way." Quote from Larry S. Chengges. Misty, you made such a difference in my life. When I read this next poem I instantly thought of you. "They say memories are golden. Well, maybe this is true. I never wanted memories,I only wanted you. In life I loved you dearly, in death I love you still. In my heart you hold a place, no one could ever fill. If tears could make a stairway and heartache make a lane, I'd walk the path to heaven to bring you home again..." I still miss you so much. Please continue to watch over Samantha. She is so special. All our love, Your people and Samantha, Lucky and Daisy 11/11/05 It has been a long time since I have written you. Much has happened. Daisy earned a new title in a new sport of rally obedience. She is now an "RN ". I think you would have enjoyed this activity. Your sister Samantha had her 21st birthday on September 15th, old even for a cat and the 21st anniversary of her coming to live with us on October 30th. She was doing relatively well, though slowing down, and still loved to eat and talk to us. She was dehydrated and we had to give her IV fluids twice a week but otherwise still spirited. Her hearing and vision were limited but she still got around the house. Two days ago she seemed confused and wanting to stand facing the wall. Her appetite was off, We made 2 trips to her vet the next day but she was weak didn't eat or drink and could not walk. We knew the end was near. We took her home and spent the evening with her. After 21 years she finally slept on the sofa nestled up to me all night. Today we helped her join you at Rainbow Bridge. It was time, just as it was for you. Joan Spencer came to be with her and with us. Welcome her to her new home with you and show her the ropes. Watch over her. She is finally free of her aging body and free to run and play again. She has known all of my furbabies, starting with Boots, you, and now just Daisy and Lucky. The are still doing well and keeping busy. There is starting to be quite a crowd when I am greeted at the bridge someday. I hope to create a virtual resting-place for Samantha, just as I did for you in the next few days. The house seems very empty and quiet without her. She was so special. I can't really remember a tine she was not with us. I miss her terribly and so does your father. We love you all so much, all our fur family. I know time heals but it is going to be very hard for all of us. Knowing that she is with you and knows someone already helps. We will think of you all often and try and remember the good times. With all our love, your people, Daisy and Lucky 11/30/05 Misty, more sad news I'm afraid. Today I talked with Dorothy and she told me that Max is very sick and has a mass cell tumor, much as you did and has only limited time left with us. I will go to visit with him this weekend. Lucky and I will also tell those who you visited with the sad news. Please watch over him and help to make his remaining time as peaceful and comfortable as possible. Watch over Dorothy as well. Be on the lookout for him and when his time comes please welcome him and show him around. Then you can truly begin your forever time as a "married couple". Remember your mock wedding? You had such a short time together before you left us. We now have Samantha's ashes and a matching urn which sits next to yours. We miss you and Samantha and Boots so much but I know you are in a better place now. With all our love, Your people and fur sibblings. 12/12/05 Misty, today Dorothy helped Max to cross to Rainbow's Bridge. It was time. She misses him very much. Look for him and welcome him. You were such good friends, now you can spend forever together, running and playing and doing your therapy work with those who need you. Please introduce him to Samantha and Boots. I know they will like him too. As ever, you are in our thoughts. With all our love, Your People Read Colorado Mist's Memories


Please also visit Daisy, Lucky, Max and Samantha Jane.

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