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Memories of Dexter
Dexter (Do-Do, Doody, Doody Brain),

I can't believe you are gone. I can't stop crying.

We saw you in the pet store at the Rockaway Mall 13 years ago this month, met you, fell in love with you, and brought you home. You were my very first basset hound. A week later we got your sister Lexy. You two were thick as thieves till we lost her 2 1/2 years ago. I had brought you in the bedroom at night after we lost Hannah. You were my shadow. You wanted to be everywhere I was all the time. You were always looking for your mama. You use to love being in the living room with me every night till you got antsy and started to pace because you wanted your big bone and go to bed. Tonight I can't say goodnight to you. You hated to go for your accupuncture, but it helped you walk. You liked when we would go to McDee's and DQ and eat in the truck. Every dog or foster dog I brought home, you let them know you were boss. When they got in your face you let them know. In the summer you would go in the pool and you would swim to the ladder. When you were younger you loved to play fetch and bring whatever it was back to me and you loved your woobies.

For the past two nights you had gotten up and seemed uncomfortable, breathing fast and heavy. This morning it was worse so mommy and daddy took you to see Dr. Sue. They took an x-ray and they said you had a lot of gas and everything looked normal and was where it should be. She said to go home and give you a GasX which we did. I thought you would be ok and like a fool, went to work then daddy called me a few hours later to say you passed in the yard. I couldn't believe it. I am so sorry Do-Do. I don't know if we did something wrong or missed something. I hope it wasn't BLOAT, but we will never know now. I had regretted getting the chewables and don't know if it really mattered.

I hope all your brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, Nanny, Pop-Pop, Grandma, and Grandpa greeted you at the bridge. I see you everywhere. Please look down on us and give us a sign that you are okay. Be happy in your new home until we meet again, sweet boy. I will always love and miss you!


Mommy, Daddy, and All Your Furry Brothers and Sisters

7/16/17 - Oh sweet boy, It's one (1)month we lost you today. Mommy is still having a hard time. I got a cremation necklace and put some of your ashes in there. I also want to get a bracelit and a tattoo with your pawprint. I have candles burning in your memory right now. You took a piece of my heart when you left me. God showed me 3 different Rainbows to comfort me and let me know that you are ok and that one day we will be together again. Mommy misses you, and loves you so very much!



6/16/18 - My sweet Do-Do, it's one (1) year we lost you today. I still can't believe it. I wish I didn't feed you that morning so maybe something would have shown up on the xray. I also wish we would have done a chest xray because I had started to think it may have been your heart that took you. I regret now that I did not take you to a cardiologist. We had an echo done but they said it wasn't too bad but put you on vetmedin. I wish we would have followed with xrays. I am so sorry Dexter. I should have stayed home from work that day. I never thought in a million years I would lose you that day. Your were my baby boy, and I miss you very much! Jesse has taken over your bed and Toby sleeps in the bedroom too. I lit a candle every month for you sweet boy. Now Moby has cancer. I think he will be joining all of you soon. Please greet him and help him along the way. You all have a special place in mommy's heart but you, Hannah, and Huckles followed me everywhere and were extra special. We will all be together some day. Please give me some kind of sign that you are okay. Mommy and daddy love an miss you very much!


Mommy, Daddy, and all your Brothers and Sisters

6/16/19 - Oh sweet boy, it's two (2) years we lost you. I still regret not taking you to a cardiologist. I didn't know any better at the time. Of course I do now. At this point, I do think it was your heart. I am so very sorry. You were my boy and always will be. I hope you greeted Moby, Scooter, Ollie, and Ernie at the bridge. I hope you are all happy and enjoying your beautiful new home. I can't wait to see all of you again. Until then, please know I love you and miss you so much!

Love, Mommy, Daddy, and all your Brother, Sisters, and Uncle Harry

6/16/20 - My special lil Do-Do, it's three (3) years today we lost you. I still have not gotten the tattoo of your pawrprint. I never have any extra money to do so. We can't get a break. I hope you greeted Chrissy (even though you didn't know her), Toby, Uncle Harry, and Myron. Please know I miss you so much. You were my lil shadow. I miss you all. We have crazy Fred and destructible Boomer now. Poor Noel isn't doing so well. Please be happy, have fun and know we will be together again some day, my sweet special boy. I love you!

Love, Mommy, Daddy, and all your Brothers / Sisters

6/16/21 - O sweet Doody, four (4) years today we lost you. Again, still haven't gotten your pawprint tattoo. I will some day. I have a candle burning right now in your memory. Oh how I wish I didn't go to work that day. I should have been there with you and for you. I thought you'd be ok. I'm so sorry, sweet boy. I hope you greeted Patch, Noel, Sierra, and recently Hailey at the bridge and are being nice to them especially Noel. She was such a shock as were you. Boomer sometimes acts like you, and I think you are him. You weren't quite as crazy as him though. Mommy misses you so. Jesse is still in the bedroom and ZZ has joined her. Jesse still has an awful cough but she is such a lil spit-fire. Poor Baxter has a heart issue and he's on meds. He also has some other issues going on. Please be happy and know that mommy misses you and loves you very much. When my times comes, please come running to greet me at the bridge. You all have taken a piece of mommy's heart especially you, Hannah, and Huckles. Run free!


Mommy, Daddy, and all your Brothers / Sisters

6/16/22 - My sweet Do-Do, five (5) years later this afternoon we lost you. I'm crying like a baby right now. I'm so sorry I went to work that day and again, not doing a chest xray. I wish I could have helped you and mommy is so sorry. You were so photogenic. I miss taking you bye-bye's in the truck. I miss everything about you. I hope you greeted Bogey at the bridge. I will have to get a stone for him. We now ave crazy Sophie. None of the dogs like her except Fred and Boomer. She doesn't know any better as she is young. I'm glad they at least play with her. Again, The Boom reminds me of you and sometimes I think he is you! Baxter had an episode last week. He is stable right now. Jesse is still a lil spit fire even though she has issues. Jasmine has had Lymphoma for a year now but is stable. I still haven't gotten that tattoo. You were my lil boy. I'm so sorry! Mommy loves and misses you so much and everyone else. Please keep an eye on your mama.
Be happy and don't pick on anyone. Love you!


Mommy, Daddy, and all your Brothers / Sisters

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