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Memories of FiFi
My Angel at the Bridge..Until we meet again... one day. Give BABY a kiss..for Mommy I miss you so much! Kiss your brother Ochi for Mommy. Ask Casper for a ride over the Rainbow on his beautiful white wings.. I miss you my angel.

Look for BABY..I am sure you have already greeted her home. Missing you ever so much..always in my heart Mommy's girl

Mommy's sweet baby girl. Thank you for coming to me in my dream my little furbaball.

Lyrics to lulabye-Suo Gan Sleep, my baby, on my bosom, Warm and cozy, will be true, Round thee mother's arms are folding, In her heart a mother's love. There shall no one come to harm thee, Naught shall ever break thy rest; Sleep, my darling babe, in quiet, Sleep on mother's gentle breast.

I celebrate your life .... My sweet Angel

You will be in my heart forever.

Mommy sends a kiss from Earth to the Bridge to you and all the furbabies and feathered, scaly friends. How you loved to watch the birds from the window.Once Mommy showed you a little bird that was rescued and you kissed it and purred back at me. You never hurt anything, you even kissed the Gerbils. My sweet Angel.

Our babies are not our property, they are our children, our family, a part of us, We gave birth with our hearts..By Ginny Brancato


"The Day After" When morning came and you weren't there...
And night time came and you still weren't there...
Then for me there never was a day...
By Ginny Brancato

Now I know I have a heart..because it's breaking-From the wizard of Oz, The Tinman

Mommy's Girl... I celebrate your life my angel... I have your spirit but you kept my heart.

I miss you so much my baby girl... I give thanks for having been blessed with your Unconditional love. I still long to have you by my side, but I know you are with me in spirit always...

"Please don't leave me," I whisper, burying my face into her frailness, tears soaking her dry, dull coat. "I am losing my most beloved and loyal friend." Some make remarks, "It's only a cat." I tolerate their ignorance, knowing they will never understand the joy of unconditional love.
Love sometimes hurts..It's "The Dance" we remember...

by ginny Brancato

They say hearts can't bleed...They say a broken heart mends..What do "they" know..

How I long to hear your meow.. to touch your furry little body once more..

The flowers are blooming new life and you live on my Angel.Time knows not grief.

I miss you so..
Fifi at 6 weeks.
Fifi at 6 weeks. Isn't she loverly!

How do you say good-bye to an Angel?

We never do say good-bye. We say I will see you again, my beloved angel. Wait patiently for me for I have many things to do in memory of you.
I need to tell others how dear you were and how much love you gave. I need to say how blessed I have been, you never really left,your love lives within...
I need to speak for the many furbabies who need a voice, who never had the home and love you did.
I need to speak of how you stole my heart...
I need to tell others what Unconditional love truly is and pray they too will find a special angel like you.
Wait for me, my angel. I have many things to do, So many things to do, in Memory of you.

Memories...The sound of your little motorboat purr, the touch of your paw against my face. Silly little things, no other furbaby could ever replace.

You gave to me a love so loyal. I gave you everything except life.

"$10.00 One Domestic Cat" How could I have known she would give back to me, a million in love....
How Long Will The Pain Last? How long will the pain last?" a broken hearted mourner asked me. "All the rest of your Life." I have to answer truthfully. We never quite forget. No matter how many years pass, we remember. The loss of a loved one is like a major operation. Part of us is removed, and we have a scar for the rest of our lives. As years go by, we manage. There are things to do, people to care for, tasks that call for full attention. But the pain is still there, not far below the surface. We see a face that looks familiar, hear a voice that echoes, see a photograph in someone's album, see a landscape that once we saw together, and it seems as though a knife were in the wound again. But not so painfully. And mixed with joy, too. Because remembering a happy time is not all sorrow, it brings back happiness with it. How long will the pain last? All the rest of your life. The Golden cord is forever with us.. the thing to remember is that not only the pain will last, but the blessed memories as well. Tears are proof of life. The more love, the more tears. If this be true, then how could we ever ask that the pain cease altogether. For then the memory of love would go with it. The pain of grief is the price we pay for love. By ginny Brancato (Fificat)

"$10.00- One Domestic Cat"
Scattered bits of litter clung loosely to soft silky fur. Confined to a huge metal cage, she looked even smaller. Yellow/green eyes penetrated a haunting stare, as though pleading...help. I could hear a loud purring sound as she gently nuzzled against me. Reluctantly, I tore myself away. The last thing I needed in my life was a kitten. For the next few hours, those eyes bothered me. Continued at:


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