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Johnny Depp found my heart when I saw him at seven weeks old from a post on Facebook. His structure was perfect, attitude and markings perfect, and I kept denying that I should include him in the Dog show world because I already had two previous Championed Lhasas, one of which I showed at the Westminster dog show in New York. The images of Johnny Depp just would not fade. He was born in Norway, and after much negotiation, I said YES, I want him. The breeder flew from Oslo to New York, and I flew from Denver to New York. I met her in the customs hall, exchanged the registration papers for an import dog, and got back onto another plane to fly back to Denver with him. He was 16 weeks old.

Following the normal procedure for dog training, I took him to puppy conformation classes. He would NOT obey, nor would walk. He balked at every command, and refused to cooperate! I gave up, thinking that I had made a bad mistake. However, perseverance paid off, and in a years time, he was strutting his stuff and winning every breed competition. I created his own Facebook page, "Fans of Johnny Depp the Lhasa" where he spoke from his heart as the dog. Worldwide attention was posted whenever he was shown. Remarks, support, and praise from Europe including Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, and USA supporters, praised his every effort to win the competitions. He was a world wide celebrity! He was exquisite!

I was married to my now Late Husband in 2015, and while we honeymooned in Maui, the dog sitter was negligent allowing him to tumble to the floor landing on his head. The groomer that I had arranged to groom him in our absence, noticed a enormous goose egg on his head, and the dog sitter was then caught with the guilty deed of negligence. Six months later, Johnny Depp had his first small seizure. It didn't last very long, but he did the epileptic paddling, and choking, resembling the condition of epilepsy. He was three, and throughout the last five years, this condition has worsened, with more medication, trips to hospitals, IV drips of valium, and agonizing witness of his health deterioration. The medication regiment dictated life time lines from dawn to dusk.

However, he achieved his Grand Championship Bronze on September 23, 2017. He had won several group placements, BEST IN SHOW status in the owner handler series, and every breed that he entered in spite of this condition. I kept showing him until February of 2020, where he won the breed at the Rocky Mountain Cluster. It was the last show to illustrate that you really don't give up...and he did not. We had changed hospitals and neurologists, and he was on new meds that seemed to change his spunky behavior to a more spunky behavior.

On the 5th of April, he started to have seizures, four in two days. Back to the neurologist, who dismissed him and sent him home. "He's ok." Sure? I bathed, groomed him up, and on the 7th of April, Johnny Depp did not leave my feet. He hovered around me all day, regardless of what I was doing, he was there.
At 9:30 on April 7th, he hopped up on the sofa and crawled towards me sitting on top of my tummy looking straight into my eyes. He was telling me something, and I now know that he was saying goodbye. I went to bed. He went to is bed in the bedroom. I heard a 'thump' looked over to find him in a grand mall seizure, gasping for air, and out of control. It was a 90 MPH ride with him on my lap to the emergency hospital where they admitted him. Face masked because of Covid 19, I was not allowed to accompany him. 19 hours later, I knew that it was time. The hospital did NOT tell the truth, and only when I demanded collecting him to euthanize him elsewhere did the VET speak to me. DO NOT GO TO VRCC IN DENVER!!!! $2,000.00 later with a dog that was still IN a seizure, we took him to our personal vet to be euthanized.

Despite the cruelty of this disease, the fight to live, and to participate in is dog-life was commendable! He was 'dog-human,' smart, and dog-naughty, that captured the hearts of many not only in in the dog show world but in normal dog-language. There is a link, and energy link between the love a dog unconditionally provides and dog-intuitions prevails, in spite of circumstances that would diminish live's efforts. I will forever love and miss him, and the hole in my life will gape for the need of him.

GRAND CHAMPION JOHNNY DEPP.... can be found on is own Facebook page "FANS OF JOHNNY DEPP THE LHASA" for viewing the accomplishments that validate his story.

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