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Memories of GeorgieGirl
Her official name was GeorgieGirl, but answered to GG, GGboo and Geepgeep. She was a chihuahua/yorkie and was black with a white chin, paws and a pink tummy. Her favorite spot was in a lap - mine mostly. She came to our home at two months.

Her name was ordered before I even saw her! The day I learned she existed, my long haired Chihuahua Gracie passed over the Bridge. GG's mother's owner called me at 300pm to let me know she had puppies, and I told her, sight unseen that I wanted the smallest female and would name her GeorgieGirl.

GG was a connection to my dear mother, Irene Grace Katz Levine. Mama passed in January 1994. A dear friend gave me a long haired chihuahua puppy in December 1994. I named her Gracie and she lived with me until congestive heart failure cut her life short (see above). But I always knew that the next furbaby would be named Georgie or GeorgieGirl. Mama loved George Burns and Gracie Allen, so a nod to them too. In my religion's tradition, we name after someone who has passed to keep the memory alone. GeorgieGirl was that connection...

GG had little monkeys that she babied - they would screech if they were thrown. Well, one day, I was trying to find GG to no avail. I got one of the monkeys and made it screech and she came running, grabbed it and ran away to the living room. When Brett got home, we went into the living room to find her. We lifted up the couch and found GG there with about six of the monkeys. She had created a nest for them and stood there looking at us and then them and went back back under the couch to be their Mama.

GG loved to go on Road Trips. If she saw a suitcase, she would plant herself inside so we would not leave her home. I will put some pictures in the album - although pics of a black dog do not show very well. She traveled throughout the southeast - from our home in central FL to Key West, to New Orleans to nothern North Carolina. She would let us know when she needed a potty break or water by scratching at the driver's door.

GG loved to sing. She especially loved the Wynton Marsalis trumpet introduction to CBS Sunday Morning. She would sing with it at every time. We went to Jazz Fest in New Orleans - where the entire Marsalis family plays - and I even thought I would sneak her in so she could hear a live version. I know her hearing was going when she stopped singing about 8 months ago...I will post a video when I locate it. CBS has updated their morning shows to include the Marsalis intro - and I hear her in my thoughts...

This past Sunday, while watching Sunday Morning, the intro came on and Ivory shyly started vocalizing. The chain continues.

Brett is having a very hard time with this. She was his constant companion. Please send comforting messages for him. He spent the last minutes with her.

On the other side, I miss her dearly. All that week, I knew time was slipping away and told her several times that when she saw Ebony come for her to run like the wind. But I did not say goodbye.

I want to write a list of my Rainbow Bridge residents working backward
GG 2007 to 2021.
Gracie 1994 to 2007
Ebony 2006 rescued to 2016
Sir Pinklepuss 1989 to 1996
AB 1989 to 2006
Gigi 1988 to 2000
Tika and Tiki 1980 to 1987
Snoopy 1980 to 1989
Chloe 1978 to 1989
Brandi 1980 to 1987
Charlie 1982 to 1987
Cheebee 1979 to 1980
Dollie 1978
Sheba and Bandi 1973 to 1982
Woodstock 1970 to 1975
Lisa 1970 to 1985
Fertzel, Heidi, et al late 1960s
Lassie 1960 to 1968
Pea pie late 1960s
Mollies, guppies swordfish, betas and myriad freshwater fishes.

Five weeks - one month and four days. Tears and tissues uncountable. I miss you, my sweet girl but hope that you are having fun with Ebony and all the new friends that you will introduce me to one day. I saw Razzle yesterday - he and Ivory play now - but the fur on Ivory's back stands straight up. I would love to hug you and cuddle you, but we cannot do that now. I know I told you all that week that it was ok, and I am glad that you and Daddy spent that last time together. Please send comfort to his heart - maybe visit in a dream. I have seen you in my dreams. Gracie sent you to me, you know. I hope tha you are sharing stories of the puppies you mothered - the monkey babies and the santa bear. I have them in a safe place. I love you.

October 25, 2021. Gertie the Cookie came to us. She has been helping our hearts heal. She is a Pomeranian Chihuahua mix and her birth is 2/14/21. She yodels, loves to shred paper age get the squeakers. She prefers the to fetch. Ivory is still the queen. Bertie reminds me of the movie A Dog's Purpose. She looks into my eyes and knows my soul - and I hers. I know who she is.

This will be ongoing and I will add more as time permits and tears are not so quick.

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