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Memories of Gershwin Baying Thunder
still tell them all about you and what a wonderful pet you were. Remember, we'll always love you and we still miss you. Keep watch over Mickey for us. We miss her too. Watch the bridge every so often. You just never know when god will tell us its time. We will look for you too. Love, Mom. 7/6/18. Gershwin, you've been gone 6 long years and we still miss you and always will. We still live up north. We just buried Gizmo the cat a week ago. He was 19 and having trouble walking and was getting very forgetful. The vet thought it was time we let him go. Though he and Percy were not added to rainbow bridge, you, Mickey and Sadie mayfind them running around with the other furry babies. I'm going to write to Mickey now. Her anniversary was 5/26. Remember, we live and miss you, everyday. Mom. 7/5/19. Today is the anniversary of when you left us. Not a day goes by that we don't think of you. We still have Simon and a.j. and Catherine and Chloe. you never met Catherine but she is something else. Afraid of nothing. We are still up north but would love to move downstate again. I hope you're having a good time at rainbow bridge. Keep a lookout for us. You never know when God will say it's time for us to cross the bridge and be with you and mickey again. Remember, fresh, we love you and will never forget you. mom.
7/5/20. You've been gone 8 years today. We miss you as much now as the day you died. We've been living thtough the pandemic and so far we've stayed safe. We lost cchloe in Msrch. She was 18 and very sick, so we let her go. we now ju zdx t have simon, a. j., catherine the cat and me as nd dad. We hope you're still having a good time and think of us. Dad says he remembers the dream he hadhad of you chasing the stars. It makes us both cry. Remember we'll always love and miss you. Keep watch, you never knoe when God will say its time for us to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Love, Mom 7/5/22. We hope u r doing well. We're still living up north and I still hate it. Simon had surgery on his leg, twice. He ripped out the stitches from the first surgery so for the 4th of July he got to have surgery again to resutured his leg. Hard to believe you've been done ten years. We miss you as always and we talk about you often. Remember, we'll never forget you and we'll always love you. Mom

Please also visit Mickey Marriott and Sadie-Sue.

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