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Memories of Gizmo Callaway Harkness
Gizmo came to us when he was only 5 weeks old when we got him the Christmas of 2001. Tonya got him from a sweet little 87 year old lady who was breeding dogs to make her grocery money, for Steph for Christmas. He never once cried for his mother and slept the entire night that first night. When he was little, he got a hold of a roll of toilet paper and carried it all over the house. He also got a hold of an used tampon out of the garbage (requiring a vet visit) and a chicken bone when we weren't looking (requiring a vet visit).He loved squeaky balls (made for cats but he didn't care!), hand puppets, and Dragon Tales. He loved to sit with Tonya in their recliner and lay on the couch with Steph. He loved being under the covers. He only stepped on the ground outside once and in the sand at the beach once. He didn't like either one. He would sing with Tonya when he was younger; I am talking head back and at the top of his lungs. Wish now that we had saved this. He didn't like many people but to those he loved, he was devoted and loyal. He had the sweetest demeanor. He would know when his paw paw was coming before you actually could see Tonya's daddy coming into the yard. He would start barking, and sure enough, there would be paw paw. He loved bacon and Chicken nuggets. He loved to eat Plain potato chips, and pringles--we loved to hear him crunch. He loved to drink milk. He never liked to take medicine, we would have to disguise it in food to get him to swallow pills. He didn't like to ride in a car but would if that meant that he would be going with us anywhere. He loved to "hog" the bed. He would stretch out as much as he could and that meant that you had to move over. The bed, along with all of this house, was HIS and we just lived in it. He didn't care for dogs too much as he thought (and us too) that he was human. He wore clothes when he was little,and we had his pictures made by a professional photographer. Glad we did, as he got older he refused to wear clothes again. He was a true boy. If you left something out on the floor, he would hike his leg and mark his territory. We would have loved to see him do that these last few months when he was so sick. He would get excited when he heard the clothes dryer alarm go off for he loved to lay in warm towels. He hated taking a bath and we would have to each wear gloves to protect us from his biting, if we attempted. He loved us unconditionally. We love him to the moon and back and always will. He was our baby and we are forever grateful that God blessed us by sending him our way and letting us have him for all these years.
7/1/12-It's still so hard to believe you are not here. We decorated your sweet grave today. Bubba we even have lights in the nighttime so you won't be in the dark. We miss you so much. We couldn't sleep in the bed last night. We hope your enjoying heaven, we are even fighting about who will get to you first! Sleep tight sweet baby, we love you more than the moon, the stars, more than anything! Hugs and sweet kisses our little angel! For the record, you are still the best Christmas present we ever had! 2001 was the best year of our lives, the last 10 have been as well!
7/19/12-Hey baby, Its your Momma. I have tried to be as strong as you were, but honey my heart is broken. I am so glad that you are not hurting and suffering anymore; seeing you like that was so hard on both of us. We found your elf and reindeer puppet last night and the tears starting flowing. Please tell my maw-maw to hug you tight for me and give you snuggle kisses on your belly like momma did. I love and miss you so much!
7/30/12-Oh,my sweet baby! The calendar shows its been a month since I last held you; my heart feels like it was yesterday. I put a recliner beside you in rainbow bridge, just like the one that me and you shared. I haven't made myself sit in the recliner since you left; I just can't yet. We miss you so much little man! Love you so very much!
9/2/12--Baby, I meant to get on here on 8/30, I'm so sorry. Its so hard to believe its been 2 months since I last saw your sweet face and held you precious. Our hearts still ache for you and always will. I love you my little man and miss you terribly!
9/30/12--Oh my little man! Its been 3 months since I last held you,but it seems like only yesterday. Our hearts still ache for you.You have 2 new sisters now. I can see some of you in them. They aren't taking your place and never will. We love them but we still love you too. Please tell Mawmaw to hold you tight for me and to kiss your belly like momma always did. Miss and love you so much!!
10/14/12--Thank you my little angel for looking after your paw this week and helping him get better. I knew that you and God had it all under control.I'm decorating your grave today for Halloween and I hope you look down and like it. I wish I could cuddle up with you today, kiss your belly and know that you are all ok. I miss you and love you so much!
11/02/12--Happy Birthday to our little man! The 1st one since you've been in heaven. Baby,we miss you so much but know that you are having the best birthday you've ever had! It still breaks our heart that you aren't here in person but I feel you all the time. You should see how your resting place is decorated for your birthday--its so sweet!! Have a great birthday!! We love and miss you so much!!
11/20/12--You should see your Christmas tree!!Daddy did such a great job for it to be as special as you are. Made us cry of course cause we would rather you be here celebrating Christmas with us but that is the selfish part of us. I know that this will be your best Christmas ever!! Love u little man; miss you so much!
11/22/12--Happy Thanksgiving in Heaven sweet little man!We miss and love you so much!
12/25/12--Merry Christmas baby!I asked God to hug you tight for me today and to let you know that we miss you so much.I'm sure you are having a great 1st Christmas with Jesus.Make sure you sing Happy Birthday to him. We love and miss you so much-our little man!
3/31/13--Happy 1st Easter in heaven baby!What a celebration ya'll must be having as this is the day Jesus rose from the tomb!Don't eat too much!We miss you so much little man!I wish that I could hold you and kiss your belly!Love u!
6/30/13--June 30 is here and marks 1 yr since I last held you, kissed your belly, and told you in person I love you.I can't begin to tell you how much we miss you and how our hearts still ache for you.You will always be our baby and we will always love you.
10/12/13--We miss and love you so much!
11/2/13-Happy birthday little man!I wish I could hold you and tell you that in person.We love and miss you so!
12/27/13-Baby boy; Christmas has come and gone.It is still so hard to be happy without holding you and seeing you open your presents.We try so hard to make everything special for your little sisters and we do but we miss you so much. Love u my little man.
2/17/14-Hey my little man, boy life is so different without you! Words can never express how much i miss you! I never think i truely dealt with loosing you! It's so hard! Please know you were my best friend! I love you so much Bubba!!!!
11/2/14---Happy Birthday, my little man! We put balloons on your grave today (Elmo :)). We miss and love you always!
3/15/15-Baby boy,we still miss you so much!Love u my little man!
6/30/15--My sweet Bubba, 3 years since you crossed over Rainbow Bridge. So thankful you aren't sick anymore, or hurting. I'm sure you are running Rainbow Bridge. I miss you so much everyday and I love you, love daddy!
7/14/15--Sweet boy, I need you to shine down on me like never before! Life is really hard these days. To be honest, life hasn't been right since you passed. I need you to give me strength and make things better! You know our needs sweet baby! I miss you every hour, of every day! Till I see your sweet face again!!
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