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Memories of Gracy
I got you when you were just 6 weeks old. You were a little peanut that fit in one hand. You would lay on my head on the pillow at night.
I always felt like you chose me when out of the entire litter of your brothers and sisters you crawled up under my chin and just nuzzled there. I was a goner from that moment on.
You had so much personality. Everyday you had some new expression or funny thing that made me adore you more and more. You did this thing where you would put both paws on my face so as to tell me to stay still so you could give me lots of kisses & make it all better. On my weakest and sickest days you would just lay next to me or lick my tears or do some really funny thing to snap me back into reality when things were at their worst.
You were a true therapy dog even though you weren't trained to be one. You would wake me up even though I didn't want to, remind me to walk you so I would exercise, remind me when to go to bed, and remind me when to eat. Your favorite thing was to jump up on the bed to give me kisses in the morning and right before bed. When you were able to sleep next to me you would wake before me in the morning and typically stand there where I would feel your breath on me. You would just stare at me for a long time until I finally gave in cracking up with laughter at your silly antics. Then you would climb all over me kissing me until I proclaimed " stop stop" !! laughing evermore.
You were a social girl. When I had meetings at the house you just had to be in on them quietly laying on my lap until you were allowed to smother my guests with love. Everyone fell in love with you the moment they met you. They wanted to hold you play with you or just observe your playful nature. You especially loved to tell people who was in charge as a friend best said that you would tell me "you're not the boss of me" with your adorable independent spirit. Then when they would leave you'd go back to minding me and being by my side at every step.
You loved the water. When you couldn't be with me because I was showering or taking a bath, I'll never forget, how you jumped in the bathtub just so you could be with me. From then on you loved the bubbles and we would play play play.
You loved the outdoors and you would run in the yard from sun up to sundown. You had a boyfriend next door that would sneak out under the fence and whine outside your window proclaiming his love for you. My favorite thing in the world to do was take you for your walks. Everyone adored you. You had to say hi to everyone and you most especially loved to play with the big dogs. It was as though you thought you were one of them running beneath their legs until you exhausted them. You loved taking car rides and exploring new places. You would stick your head out the window and lean into the wind which would crack me up every time. Even when you were in the accident as a pup you bounced back as independent spirited and feisty as you were. You were not going to let that stop you from being with your momma every moment you could. You were so loyal. I missed you terribly if I had to go on a work trip or home to take care of family. Especially when sick all I wanted was for you to comfort me by snuggling up as tight as you could next to me. If I left for too long you let me know it by tearing up a whole case of toilet paper. Upon arriving all I could do was laugh hysterically. I could never be mad at you. From your silly antics your independent spirit your sweet sweet nature; i just never knew what true unconditional love was until you came into my life. You taught me so much my beloved angel. I can't wait to see you on the other side so we can play again forevermore.

Gracy, you'll never know how much you allowed me to grow through the pain of my circumstances both physically and emotionally. You were and forever will be my true healer. I love you. Your Momma.

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