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Memories of Gretal
My sweet baby, Gretal, passed away in my lap after a very short battle with blood clotting. She never suffered, and she passed in the warm lap of the one who loved her most surrounded by her family. Her passing is a massive loss to both me and my family, as she was a member of our family and that's how we treated her. My baby lived a life of happiness, of warm sunny spots and many treats, and so many countless snuggles. She was so dearly loved, and I believe her spirit is sitting next to me on my bed as I write this. Gretal lived a long life filled with joy and love, and she passed peacefully and dignified. I love you, my little petal.

6/30/20- Oh my god do I miss you, Gretal. I miss you hopping on my bed as soon as I sit down to get a good spot on my lap. I miss your little collar jingle bell, sometimes I think I hear it. I miss your little head butts and your warmth, your calming presence, and your little toe beans!! It hasn't even been a month yet. I can't believe it. I miss you every single day, and so does mom, dad, Timmy, and Alex. I have so many photos of you because you were so photogenic, it's going to be a while before I get through them all. I miss your little pink nose and your little snores. I miss the indent you would leave on my bed after snoozing there for hours. Rest easy, baby girl.

7/7/20- A month today. I have missed you every single day since you passed, and I will miss you everyday for the rest of my life. I love you. I am not the same with out you here with me. It's been hard. I hope you're resting easy and making new friends, I love you sweet pea!

7/12/20- This past Thursday your brother, Timmy, joined you on the Rainbow Bridge. We are all devastated at losing you both in such a short amount of time. The house is empty with out the two of you, it's heartbreaking. Please take care of your brother, I know you two loved each other, even when he annoyed you and ate your treats before you could get to them. I miss you so much, I haven't stopped thinking about you since you left. You were the brightest thing in my life, you were my shadow and my best friend, and I hate the fact that you had to go. We all miss you, and we miss Timmy. It was so cute when you used to walk up to him and sniff his nose, it was so cute. I love you. So, so so, much. Take care of Timmy!

7/29/20- It has been so difficult. I miss you beyond words. I miss your warmth, the touch of your soft fur, and your little trills and meows. I miss you being so excited to see me. It feels like when you left you took a piece of me, too. I hope Timmy found you, it's been so dark with out the two of you here with us. I know you couldn't stay forever, but I really wish you could've. Sometimes I get angry and upset because you and Timmy aren't here anymore, it just feels so so so wrong with out you. But I know how truly lucky I was to have you in my life, and I am incredibly grateful for the years we got together. I love you!

8/15/20- It's been over two months now since you left, and I just wanted to let you know that I miss you every single day. My bedroom is not the same without you sleeping on my bed all day or in your little box under my bed, which I left there because it hurts too much to get rid of it. It's covered in your fur. I miss being covered in your fur after snuggling- I'd buy all the lint rollers in the world to get one last snuggle with you. Give Timmy a nuzzle from all of us! Love you.

9/15/20- It's been over three months now, but time hasn't seemed to help very much. I think about you every day and give your urn a little touch every time I walk by. You should be here to sit by the window and watch the leaves turn gold and red. It still feels painfully empty in the house with out you and your brother. Sometimes it gets overwhelming and I need to leave. I would give anything to still have you here with me, I feel guilty for how upset and angry I feel because I know how lucky I was to have had you with me for as long as I did. I still expect to see you sitting on my bed when I walk in, or on mom's bed in her room. You were so loved, Gretal, and always will be. Every day is a struggle.

9/29/20- I just want to say how much I love you! I touch your urn everyday and I know your spirit is always with me, purring just like you did while you were on earth. I miss you and I love love love love you, Gretal! My sweet petal.

11/26/20- Happy Thanksgiving, Honey Bunches! I wish you and Timmy were here to celebrate with us, and eat turkey. I have been thinking about you a lot, I miss you an unbelievable amount. It's still really difficult with out you- you were my little love bug, and always will be. You have a new sibling, his name is Mayo! I know you didn't really vibe with other cats but I think you would be happy that he has been keeping us company. He is five years old and is a grey tabby cat. I am happy we got to give him a good home, and I know you're watching over us all! Sleeping in the sun, like the princess you will always be. When I have enough extra money I am going to get a tattoo tribute to you, babygirl. I don't know what yet, but it'll be awesome. I love you, gorgeous. Your spot in this house is irreplaceable, you will always be my soul cat.

5/17/21- Baby Girl! I miss you and your soft fur. I hope your spirit watches over us, and Timmy's too. Love you.

6/7/21- I cannot believe that its been a whole year. It's been a year of loss and grief, but also healing. I have been looking at old photos of you and Tim, and the family in general, and it makes me sad but I have to hold the good memories close and be thankful for all of the love we got to share! My little petal, I will miss you forever. You were the best friend I could have gotten. Shine bright baby. Thank you for being the sweetest.

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