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Memories of Heaven
To my love,my dearest Heaven!You had a very hard life,loving your Daddy as much as you did,then to suddenly lose him to a heart attack!From the first it was just you and Daddy,you would sleep back to back on the bed every night. You had your paradise,all you could ever ask for or want just to be with your true love.Each day was like your birthday,just to be near the one,the only one who mattered in the world to you.His scent filled your world,the daily ritual that you both enjoyed,a casual pat on your beautiful head was enough to light up your world.Then one bad ,so terribly bad day you knew something was wrong,he cried out in pain,people rushed to his side,frantic trying to help him,you were forgotten in their urgency to help Dad.This had never happened before,then there was the loud noise closer and closer,the rush of people all around him ,then as they took your love he managed a glance at you, a painful look of love reaching out to you, then he was gone! Well,even though everyone was upset,Daddy had gone before but always returned each night,to make your world alright,you were safe lying next to your Dad.It slowly got light,you knew he was late,it felt wrong!You waited by the door,didnt want anything but your love's return,it got dark and still,where were you,your all I have and this is not like you to be gone so long.As the days went by,one by one your hope grew dim.Then One day, there were so many people,strangers,they were sad like you and crying,What was going on had to do with your Dad.Finally they left,Dad's girl who played with you was crying and now you knew your love was gone,never to cuddle you or pat your head and look to you with his sweet eyes of love.You took a last longing look at the bed where so many nights of being loved were gone ,never again would you cuddle with anyone,you owed him that,and more.Marissa(his daughter)& her aunt were excited,you hoped beyond hope but no you couldnt be that lucky.Someone was here,a stranger who smelled just like you did,hmm he must be close to his dogs like Dad was,so close he must cuddle with them like Daddy.Well it wont matter,he's not your Dad.When he came in his pockets were full of treats,like Daddy,he sat on the floor with me and gave me scratches and rubs,I missed them so very much.The next thing I knew we were in his car and were going,all I knew was left behind,memorys of life & love,my family gone.Well this guy is talking to me,reaches back and he likes to give me nice pats & rubs,we will see hmm.Wonder where were going,its getting dark but hes excited ,we must be near his home.Finally! Ok we go out in a nice yard,I can smell his doggies,they are girls like I am,thats good :)Wait 1 boy too.Everyone is friendly but the little one he calls Bailey,shes new to the boss,yes shes trying to be boss lol.The boy Sam he ignores her,friendly enough,Lilly she love's everyone haha,little is nice too,she spends most of her time with her Dad,not bad here after all :)Getting used to the routine here,we all sleep together but for "The Boss" the young,can never tell them a thing lol.Well he sits and looks at this thing for a long time,falls asleep there too,sometimes he just sits and crys,crys a long time,he must miss his friend too, I can tell he misses a girl,he will try to sneak over and cuddle with me, I will let him just for a little but I love my Daddy,he's nice and trys with all kinds of treats,I love the chicken the best but I only will cuddle with Dad.I see he loves his Sam like I love Dad,so very deeply and Sam loves him but wont be bothered with cuddles lol.Life goes on,its not bad,at least he is home most of the time,when he goes for a long time he always brings back lots of treats,and has funny things he swallows then he is better,moves around a lot more.Something is wrong with Sam,he licks his paws and there is lots of blood,its from his mouth.Dad saw it and they left for a while,when they came back he was better, they did something to our Sammer,his paws had the hair gone,he looked sleepy but better.About a week later, the blood started again,Dad saw it early,he was crying a lot,he waited up and when it got light,they left again,this time when they returned he was still crying,for a long,long time.Sam didnt eat much,Dad made him special stuff and he wouldnt eat,he even held it in his hand.The day came,they both left,just Dad came home,we know Sam went to be with those who dont return.After a while things were getting better,you never fill the bed your friend left.Funny how Lilly knows when we will be getting sick,but she knows.Next was Little,one day ok then she started drooling,fig it was the rawhides,she loved them so much but they left and Dad came back,he was sad,cried a lot,when they called he cried even more,then went to bed.Now it was just Bailey,Lilly and Heaven.Once again,the time passes, its hard not loving him,he gets us all kinds of things we love but I will be true to my Daddy,I do feel sad for him though,I know how much it hurts.And as ever time goes on,we forget the pain till Dad sees a pic or finds something they left behind then the tears start again. We never know who's turn it will be,kind of happens all of a sudden. I wont pretend to have the answers but I felt I had to let this man who loved me know I loved him in return,so very much! I could have been happy with him as my first Dad but it wasnt that way.He came to lay down with us,we slept on the floor each night,why not? we are a family! As he lay I caught his eyes,let him know he was loved,so very much then I kissed him, right from the heart! He was shocked as I dont show such feelings being loyal to my Dad,he held my gaze for a while then being tired lay and slept with us :) The next day was a long day,sadly it was to be my last,when he finally came home and put away all the food,and our treats I had so little time,only to have my favorite chicken treat,I startd feeling funny,could only drink then not at all,I lay down in my favorite spot and he lay down and held me,he stayed till my Dad came for me.I could hear his sobs till he slept,still holding me close.The vet was closed so we stayed together the next day too!On thurs he took me on my last ride,brought me inside and with a tearful goodbye gave me a kiss ,covered my head and left.I know if not for those still here with him he would have joined me.As it is we wait for my "other" Daddy.He understands us better than most,he spends most of his time with us! My dear Heaven,I understand your love & loyalty,God made you so special,you have feelings,love and emotions just like we do.Give my love to all the "Barkers" they are my family,I want for no other. God willing I will,make that we will all see you soon,I am here for those left behind,those who hurt,cry and love all those who have passed .Madison is Lilly's pal but she loved Heaven so much too,like Lilly did & Sambarker did too.I swear by all that is eternal,there is nothing I would not do for my family,up to and including giving up my life.Diane,sorry its taken a while,I needed the date and it just came,also thanks for Madison,I love my cuddle bear so,you found her,shes why I stay (my lil fav) thx & God Bless Di !

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