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Memories of Island
I found her and her sister as babys in 1991 - We had to bottle feed them 7 times a day. Island has been with me through some of the worst times of my life, and she kept my spirits up. Looking in those little golden eyes - I know what unconditional love is. She is now with her other brothers and sisters at the Rainbow Bridge 5/21/09 - Now they are all together again.

(5/28/09) 1 week has gone by and I think of you everyday. There are no more little feet in this house and it's really quiet. Island, I Love You and miss you - we'll be together someday again XOXO, Daddy....

12/5/2009 Island, The house is quiet and when I'm on the computer, I miss you sitting in my lap. I found some baby pictures of you and remember how small you were.. Miss you lots and can't wait to see you again. Be a good girl, kiss Tigerman for me .... XOXO Daddy

5/21/2013 Hello my sweet baby, I still miss you so much. It's been 4 years ago I let you go home to see your sisters and brothers at Rainbow Bridge. The house is still very quiet and I miss you sitting in my lap. ILY and miss you too !! Be a good girl and I'll see you when I arrive. XOXO Daddy

5/21/2016 Hey sweet baby, it's been 7 years ago today when you went to be with your other sisters and brothers. I still miss you so much, you were my first and you stayed until you were my last baby. I feel myself slowing down and not able to go like I used to. I've already pay for my funeral and you all will be buried with me when my time comes. Be a good girl and kiss all the babies for me and ISLY & IMYSM !! xoxo

5/21/2017 My sweet Island, I still miss you and love you so very much. It's been 8 years since you went to Heaven and I am starting to slow down. I am living alone and NO more babies for me, as you were my first and my last. ILY and still miss you sleeping on my chest as I watch TV. Be a good girl and kiss the others for me !!! XOXO Love always, Your Daddy.

5/21/2019 My dearest Island, Daddy still misses you terribly and loves you so. Today 10 years ago I sent you to be with your sisters and brothers in Heaven. Daddy is slowing down and doesn't move too fast anymore, but I'm doing ok. I still see you in my dreams and my heart still misses you. ILY and always will - be a good girl and I'll see you when I get there !! Love Always, Daddy

5/21/2020 Island, It's been 11 years today since you went to go to Heaven and I still think of you often when it's quiet. Daddy is still slowing down and can't walk as fast as I use to. I still miss you terribly I've made some little cat friends - but none of them will ever be loved as ILY.Be a good girl and I'll see you once again someday, and will I have so many kisses for you. XOXO ILY alway, Daddy.

5/22/2021 Well another years has gone by and I still think of you often. No other little kitty ever had my heart like you - you were my favorite !! Time has a way of slowing things down. I've slowed down too, probably got another 10 - 15 good years left. I've left instructions to have all the remains of you and your sisters and brothers buried with me - we will always remain together !! ILY and still MYSM, sitting here crying and remembering all the times just you and me. Be a good girl and see you later.. XOXO Daddy

5/21/2022 Well another year has gone by and I still miss my sweet Island. I'm 66 years old now and am slowing down quite a bit. I miss you sleeping on the bed with me and watching TV with me. You will always be the LOVE I will never get over. Kiss all your sisters and brothers for me and let them know that I love them too !! Be a good girl and dream about me !! I Love always, Daddy

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