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Memories of Issy Mae Belle
Issy Mae Belle, was 3lb chihuahua, who always wagged her tail constantly. When she first came home from an 8 hr trip from Richmond, VA to Vermont, the first place she made her bed was my bedroom slipper. She crawled right in there and made her bed. She didn't like people to come to our house, even if they were weekly visitors, she barked at them like she never saw them before. When she heard the engine of the UPS/FedEx truck she would go running to the sun run and look out the window and bark, warning them to stay away. She loved the out doors, we tried to walk her, but it didn't go too well, so she would just stay on the covered porch and enjoy herself.

She was a tri-color girl ... she loved to lick my eyes when she could get a chance. I would call her "Momma". She gave birth to one puppy, but it was a still born, so, we decided no more trying. She loved her squeeky ball, every time I would pick the ball up from the floor she would go running so I would toss it, and then she would kick it around with her front lets and growl and bark at it with her teeth/mouth.

She was the queen of the household. She let you know, but with a caring loving heart.

Her favorite food was Cheesie Weezies, vanilla ice cream, her dog treats (yogurt/chicken), and she loved peanut butter M&Ms (I only gave her one).

She loved to lay in the sunroom and bask in the sun throughout the year. She was our brave girl - always strong, and bold - bark constantly. She loved looking out the window and bark at the walking neighbors that came by. We will miss her, she passed in her sleep on July 6 2021 about 4:30pm. My Issy Belle, my Me Belle ... Azul is waiting for you, he'll be so happy to see you.

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