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Memories of Jade
We remember when you came into our life. You became our precious little girl...our angel. We thank you for the wonderful memories you gave mommy and daddy. We will miss your little barks when you wanted something. We will miss the bouncing of excitement when mommy or daddy came home. Mommy will miss the loving kisses you gave me all the time when I wanted them...daddy will miss your little growls ..but most of all mommy and daddy will miss holding you in our arms. Our precious babygirl...we hope you are at peace and happy now and we will see you one day soon...so remember mommy and daddy love you SO VERY MUCH and we're always going to keep you in my hearts...mommy kisses for you and daddy nuzzles for you. We love you our precious babygirl.
8/30/2013....my precious little girl....just a couple of days since you left and I am missing you horribly...I can't stop crying...but I just try and realize that you are happy now free from suffering...your daddy and brothers miss you so much too....just wanting to say I love you so much and I will always...mommy's going to sleep now....if you want to join me I made room for you to come snuggle...good night my angel ♥
8/31/13. Good morning my babygirl...on my way to see your daddy and get your brothers to go play outside....I know you will be there with us...missing you more than ever...I love you my angelgirl
9/1/2013..my precious babygirl...your brothers miss you so much especially Bernie...give him and Cooper extra kisses and while you're at it mommy and daddy too...we LOVEEEE and MISSSS you so much Angel.
9/2/13 Good morning my Babygirl. Mommy just woke up. I had a very difficult night without you again. I hope you are having so much fun and are so happy for only this will help mommy ease the pain. I keep looking for signs of you wishing you would appear just for a kiss and to let me hold you once again. I can't wait to see you again my Angel. Mommy loves you so very much.
9/3/13..missing you my precious one so much..I love you forever Love your mommy
9/5/13...Good morning my Angel. Mommy wanted to come and leave you love and kisses because I miss you so much. You're on my mind always I'm finding it hard to concentrate on life. Mommy's going to have your brothers tonight. Give them comfort ok and your daddy too...I love you with all that am my precious babygirl. Do happy jumps for me ok....kisses my love
9/6/13...thank you my precious girl for the sign you left me on my car...I loved the rainbow for I know you are there happy waiting for me...mommy loves you so much kisssses babygirl
9/7/13...thinking of you always..missing you forever...loving you for eternity
9/9/13..missing my babygirl. Mommy loves you soo much
9/11/13...hi my precious Angel...mommy was thinking of you as always and missing you soo very much...I hope you're having fun and happy my babygirl. ..remember I love you forever and always...kisses my sweet girl
9/12/13...my babygirl. ..mommy loves you so much...thank you for all your signs to help me...missing you dearly as you know but mommy trying to accept your not being here one day at a time..love you forever and can't wait to hold you again...have fun with your brother and sisters and all your new friends and say hello to your grandpa and great grandma and grandpa....
9/14/13...hi my precious angel..mommy was missing you so much I can't stop crying again...I have your brothers with me and they miss you too...just in case remember Mommy loves you more than anything..kisses my babygirl. .
9/16/13...hello my precious Angel. .mommy just wanted say thank you for all of your signs when I needed them most...I hope you still wagging your tail as you greet all the new angels that arrive as they left people behind that love them so much as I do you and they need to know that all is ok until we can be together again...I love you my babygirl. ..have fun ..lots of kisses for you
8/11/14..Mommy still misses you so much...I love you
8/26/15..my precious Angel...I am missing you still...everyday. Hope you are happy. I love you always. Kisses to my baby girl.
7/7/16..My baby girl, although I have not been here you have always been in my thoughts. Still breaks my heart knowing you're not here with me as it use to be but I am getting better at trying to live without you. Still am not able to get another baby as it still hurts but perhaps one day as all babies need love as you had. I miss you with all my heart and love you more. Until we meet, mommy loves you so much.
8/5/17...my precious babygirl. I am missing you so much. I know you're happy. You're always in my thoughts and always remember mommy loves you so much! 😚
8.25.19...I miss you 😢❤
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