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Memories of Jagger
Our handsome sassy and best of all good boys,how do I even start?

First of all let me say that I would do anything to see you again,run my hand through your fur,look into your angel eyes,hear the sound of your claws on our old floor tiles (I swear I can hear them still).
It's been a little more then 24 hours since you crossed and we are heartbroken beyond repair and the memories you left with us are the only thing that puts smile on our faces. We've been going through them non stop since you've left us.

You lived by your rules and left us on your own terms, you were supposed to leave us sooner, we were sure that you were gone already but somehow you miraculously pulled through after I gave you that mouth to muzzle in order to give us another glorious morning by your side and we are forever grateful for that.During your last walk you decided to sunbath a little longer then usual and when I tried to convince you to come home you refused as if you were saying "Just give me a few more minutes dad,I don't think I'm coming from the vet".Setting you free was the second hardest thing we had to do,second only to watching you struggle for every breath, especially during your last few days. Only after we left the vet with you mom realized that you left on the same exact date and in the same exact place that you entered her life 13 years ago,just a week after her birthday, I guess you planned it that way.

We miss you beyond what words could tell,everything about you.
We miss being angry at you because you decided that 3:30 am is playtime.
We miss you being such a food stalker,not letting anything edible pass by you.
We miss your daily 10 pm(I swear I could set my clock to it) bread demands (bread really was your favorite),we miss telling you "No,Jagger you are too fat as it is" and then eventually letting you have whatever you wanted because...you always got your demands.
We miss you getting angry at us for being too damn close to each other because you were so possessive of both of us.
We miss your physical presence around us, and although we know that you energy still hovers in the house the pain right now is unbearable.

We try to collect every single item that belonged to you,your old leash and collar now rest on the mantle,so are pieces of your fur that are still scattered around the house,your "rainy day" towel,framed pictures,your bed is still beside ours...and the backseat of the car where you took your last ride will never be cleaned because it carries so much of your fur and smell,oh how we wish we could smell you.

We love you.


Sweet baby Jagger, its your mommy writing you (dad's right here next to me).
We went to visit you today and brought you pizza. you loved pizza SO much! there was no way we could sit and eat pizza without you staring at us and waiting to get your share, so we knew you will enjoy it although im pretty sure you are getting some amazing food there, real angels food.
It was such a lovely afternoon weather , the wind was blowing through the tress and the birds were singing and i could feel your energy traveling through the trees and wind and i just knew you are safe, taking your regular midday nap just like you like.
We went through so many photos of yours last night from different eras and we cried but also smiled and even laughed because seeing your face shinning through had and still has that effect. You were such a ray of sunshine in our lives and despite of the pain we are feeling right now (I've never felt such pain in my life), you are still and will always be our ray of sunshine.
We miss you so much , Jagger, and as i'm writing these words i know you are watching over us from the forest near our (and your) house... we love you to the moon and back around the sun X endless rounds.


Hello my precious boy,I can't believe that 2 weeks have passed since you abandoned your physical form and left us for the meadows at the rainbow bridge, I'm pretty sure that you're getting the best food and treats there but still me and mom have visited you and left some of those inferior earthly snacks that you loved so much at your resting place (and we're gonna keep on coming)

We miss you so much,there isn't a day that passes without us seeing and feeling you everywhere around the house.One night,a week ago I woke up because I heard your breath and I can swear that I saw you peacefully sleeping in your bed (it's still beside ours) and in the morning I swear I could feel you rubbing against my leg,which caused me to spill boiling coffee all over myself...so typical of you to cause havoc and injuries,but I know that your intentions were always good and you did it mainly because you loved us so much.Even now as we write this words we can see you sitting beside us,wagging your tail,demanding attention/rubs/food,like you always did.

it's still and i suppose will always be difficult to accept that your're no longer here with us, physically at least. i miss touching your soft fur, i miss seeing you when i wake up beside the bed, all smiles, i miss the feeling you always somehow managed to give me, that no matter what, its gonna be ok. no matter what im going through, with you around i always felt safe. i know you are out there, watching us, always close, but its still not the same and never will be. i miss my sunshine. i miss you. WE love you. i promise to bring pizza leftovers again soon.


My sweet Jager, i know its been a while since i wrote you here.. so much has happened since but one thing staid the same and that is the fact i miss you so much, some days its more intense and full with sorrow and some are just memories and even smiles, but the huge hole in my heart remains as is. i will forever miss you. after you went to a better place not only my soul was hurt but also my body. every inch of it felt the pain and i can tell you i cant breath normally ever since. even the doctors dont know what is the exact cause since the tests are 'normal'.
on another note, there is a new family member who joined us last month and im pretty sure you already knew cause you're watching us ... well, her name is Jade and she is now 3 months old although we took her when she was 7 weeks old. she is crazy and naughty. a Golden retriver (we kept it in the family) and i keep saying i wish you were here to teach her some manners :) you would have loved her.
we wanna come visit you very soon , its been too long since we came to the woods and brought you bread and pizza like you like. i bet you need some human food although im pretty sure you are getting the best food out there for angel doggos ...
we miss you so much Jager. summer is almost over officially and i cant believe you wont be around this winter to cuddle you up. i cuddle you in my heart every day. i always will. i love you my angel. you are missed beyond words can describe.
will write again soon. love you. mom.


Sweet Jager, it's been too long since the last time I wrote you. I miss you every day. Whoever says this pain fades with time have no idea what they're taking about. Yesterday was one year exactly since you passed. Yesterday, a year ago, my heart was broken like it never has before and I've lost a part of me . I can't believe it's been a year without you here .i wanted to write but I was too sad.
As I'm writing you the tears come again of course. Jade is right next to me, staring at me, as if she knows I'm sad. I wish she knew you.. I know you would've been good friends, and she'd probably drive you crazy :)
I miss you so very much my sweet angel. I want you to know you are everywhere . You energy floats although physically you're not here. Wherever I go, there's always something that makes me think about you. Even in TV shows, the food I eat.. I think to myself 'Jager loved it' . Even with things Jade is doing I see so much of you. Without looking. She likes a lot of things you liked :) and she's sassy just like you were.. or maybe you still are sassy up above . I bet you are . I wish I could give you a hug right now and maybe a belly rub . I promised myself I will write more here and I will!
Love you a lot my sweetest boy. I'll Write soon. Miss you endlessly.


My sweet Jager, I miss you so much today. I miss you always, but some days are more intense. Summer is fading and we can already feel autumn peaking in. The leaves are changing the color, falling. The air feels lighter during the highs, but you aren't here to see it. I know you see it from els where, probably with a much better view. I was just talking to Leon today and told him I still find it surreal that you are not physically here. I still find it surreal not to be able to cuddle you during the cold seasons . I love you forever, my sweet boy. I am grateful every day for each moment spent with you. You are a gift the universe gave me and lm forever thankful for you. Still. I miss my best friend. 💜

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