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Memories of Jake
Jake, my precious, lovely boy. How I had eagerly anticipated your arrival! When Dad pulled up in the driveway with you, I was breathless with excitement. You were the most beautiful little four month old bouncing baby boy I had ever seen. We have laughed so many times about our plans to keep you in a nice little kennel, and you would have none of it! So, in the house you came, and right beside me you slept all the nights that God allowed us to keep you. Where did the twelve years go? In those short years, you taught us what life is really all about. You taught us about love, giving, forgiving, loyalty and compassion. What if the whole world could love like you loved? I always called you my little free spirit. I shall now give Dad some space to talk with you. I love you, my Jake, and will count the days until we see you again. Love, Mom

Hey my "Jakester", I am crying so much right now this may not make any sense, but I had to tell you I LOVE YOU with all my heart, body, and soul. Jake, I cannot find words to tell you how much I miss you. It's worse than anything I have ever experienced in my 67 years of life. Jake, I had never known what unconditional love was, until I got you. I always realized that you were created by Jesus. Jake, I need to go now. I am crying so hard, but will return soon. I LOVE YOU, Jake. Dad

April 21st, 2011
Hey Jakester, today is my birthday. #67. I wanted to write you and tell you that, but you already know that, because you are in Heaven. Oh Jake, there are NO words to describe how much I miss you. Jake, you were my heart. I go and smell your collar almost every day and Mom saved your fur and I touch it all the time. It is so soft and precious. Mama is making me a birthday cake and I wish you were here to share it with us and I miss you helping me open my cards. Jake, oh my Jesus I miss you and I LOVE YOU. Jakester, I am crying now so bad I will write more later.

A Dog for Jesus

I wish someone had given Jesus a dog
As loyal and loving as mine
To sleep by His manger and gaze in His eyes
And adore Him for being divine.

As our Lord grew to manhood His faithful dog
Would have followed Him all through the day
While He preached to the crowds and made the sick well
And knelt in the garden to pray.

It is sad to remember that Christ went away
To face death alone and apart
With no tender dog following close behind
To comfort its Master's Heart.

And when Jesus rose on that Easter morn
How happy He would have been
As His dog kissed His hands and barked its delight
For the One who died for all men.

Well, the Lord has a dog now, I just sent Him mine
The old pal so dear to me
And I smile through my tears on this first day alone
Knowing they're in eternity.......

Written by Rudyard Kipling

3/14/11 Dear sweet Jakester: It has now been two weeks since you left the earth. Dad and I are having a very hard time with this--you and Dad were inseparable during the day. When I came home from work, though, you were "my baby boy". When I sit down on the couch to read or watch TV, you should be there on one of your many beds, at my feet. How I miss touching those silky ears and looking into your eyes, which spoke volumes. Eyes of pure love. I miss going to the fridge and not having you wedge your way in (one time you swiped a piece of sausage off the plate on the bottom shelf). The house is way too empty now. I know you want us to move on, however, and we will. Just wish you were there, too......

April 28, 2011 My sweet, precious boy, today marks the second month that you have been gone from our lives here on this earth. It has been incredibly hard. We have experienced so many emotions........sadness, grief, sense of loss of a best friend, even anger and confusion. On the other hand, when we see your picture pop up on the computer (we took so many pics of our sweet boy) we experience pure joy at just seeing your pretty face. So many wonderful memories, so many good times, so much love you gave us. Are you settling in at the bridge and enjoying all your new friends? Please tell dear little Molly hello and we love her so much too. We will see you again, but in the meantime, keep sending thoughts of love to Dad and me. Love, Mom

May 28, 2011 Good morning my darling boy, well another month has gone by since you left that huge hole in our hearts. We have been broken; fractured. I felt like someone had dropped me in a deep, very dark forest, and I was trying to find my way out...back into the sun(son)shine. But I know you and Jesus have been right there all the time.....and you know we made the decision to get another little furball.

In fact, you left him a present; one of your favorite things in the world---a tennis ball, slightly used, well loved, with your yellow hairs on it. Dad found it under the dresser when he was vacuuming yesterday....he had vacuumed that spot a hundred times and the ball had never appeared before........

I know you would love and approve of Bailey. The lady we are getting him from told us when she went into her bathroom, there were rainbows all over the mirror and white tile in her bath...light that came from the crystals in the bedroom window. She said that had nevered happened before.....

My sweet, beautiful Jake, just know that you are one of the most loved that ever walked the earth. We cherish the memories.

Father's Day--June 19, 2011
Hello, darling Jake. Today is the first Father's Day since you left us. You always got Dad a funny card and he loved it dearly. Today he got one from little Bailey. Dad said to tell you that he knows you are thinking about him today and he misses you so very much and that he loves you (not a day goes by that he doesn't think of you). Thanks for sending us Bailey--he is a sweet little boy. We cannot seem to remember all the "challenges" that we experienced with you twelve years ago--you forget the insignificant things and only remember the truly beautiful times; and you wish, so hard, that you could get them back.

June 28, 2011
Hi sweet baby. Today marks four months since you went to the bridge. I hope you are having a great time with all the others. We love and cherish you. You sent us a good little boy--Bailey reminds me so much of you--he always has a smile on his face and his eyes light up like yours. He also has a bit of a stubborn streak like you and is so intelligent (just like you). We love you, sweet Jake.

July 11th, 2011
Hey Jakester, only Jesus knows how much I miss you. A day does not go by that I don't look at your pictures and WISH for just one hour with you. I would give everything I own to see and hold you in my arms. Jakester, you were everything a person could want. I love you with all of my heart. I wanted to tell you that Mama talked to Michael the other night and it sounded like we would all be able to see each other again, but something happened that I don't know what. Michael said he would call us back, but he didn't call. I have been hoping that something happened that kept him from calling and that he would call again. I love you so very much. Bailey is doing so well and he is so handsome, no where like you, but he is a beautiful boy. So many times I call him Jakester by accident. I guess its time to take him for his walk like we use to do with you. For 12 years you, Mama, and I walked everyday. I remember how much you liked to walk in the cold and rain. Of course you are a "Yellow Labrador Retriever". I love you Jake!!!
Jakester, have a JESUS filled day. Dad

July 28, 2011: Hi Jake, sweet dog of mine....today is five months since you left us. When I came in to write to you, the pictures on the computer were of your last day here with us. You still loved your tennis ball and you smiled at me from the front yard. Sometimes little Bailey has the same expression on his face that I saw so many times from you. You sent us a good little boy. Thank you. We love you........

August 28, 2011: Good morning sweet Jake. I know you are doing better than anyone could imagine, so no need to ask how you are. How quickly six months go by.....we miss you as much now as we did at first, but we know you are happy at the bridge with all your friends. Bailey is growing and he is a wonderful puppy...six months old on August 13th. He has a lot of your characteristics, and we love him. Have fun today...we dearly love and miss you.

September 28, 2011: Hi Jakester, has it really been seven months? Sometimes it seems a lifetime. Tell me what you did today at the Bridge. Probably played with your tennis ball. How many cats did you chase? Did you run with the squirrels and fly with the birds? The weather is always perfect where you are--not too hot and not too cool--just right. Bailey is beginning to remind us more and more of you--do I see you smiling? Oh, he will never fill your pawprints, but he is a great little short legged fur baby. He really is good in the house. He is a little hard-headed, like you. Don't look so surprised. You know we love you more than life itself. Sleep well tonight, my darling. Love, Mom

October 28, 2011: Hello my darling, how are you today? Just perfect, I know. The weather here today is rainy, windy and cold. You never have that kind of weather where you are--only sunny and beautiful, so that you can play to your heart's content. We truly miss you more and more and talk about you every day. Something always reminds us of you and we find ourselves comparing little Bailey to you in some of his antics and little quirks. How is Molly? You and Molly always had such a good time together and you watched out for her like a big brother should. So many friends for you to pal around with, but keep an eye on Molly...and tell her I love her and I love you. Mom

November 28, 2011: Hello, sweet Jake. Nine months ago today, our world seemed to stop. You were such a huge part of our day, almost every waking moment. We have now gone through Thanksgiving this year without you, a first in twelve years. I made a calendar for next year and your picture, of course, will be in January and again in December--your birthday in January and then for Christmas. Little Bailey's picture is also in there a lot. Your little brother is growing into young manhood now, and he has a beautiful personality. He tries to talk to people (no kidding). Thanks for watching over him and over us. We love you. We will miss you so much at Christmas, but I know you are glad we have Bailey. He is sweet, like you. Love, Mom

December 28, 2011: Hi Jakester, my lovely boy. Well, Christmas has come and gone--our first Christmas without you in twelve years. Last year, I did not bother to decorate--you weren't feeling well and we were not feeling so well ourselves. This year, I put up the little silver tree and I put colored lights on it and white lights outside. I decorated your space, and we put "Rudolph" there. Little Bailey enjoyed the whole scene, and he got a present from Ashley Kate (the little jack russell) and BJ (Myra's dog). He had a large time, and he is getting to be a big boy. We took his picture with the santa hat on and he is so cute! Did you sit at Jesus' feet and hear the Christmas story from Him? You had a front-row seat, didn't you? Love, Mom

January 26, 2012: Hey Mr Jakester, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Today you are 13 years old and it has been almost a year since you went to Rainbows Bridge. Mr. Jakester, there are NO WORDS to tell you the sadness and hurt I have felt since February 28th 2011. OH MY JESUS I miss you so very much. There has not been ONE day that I have not thought about you and looked at your pictures longing to hold you in my arms. I told you before I would give everything I have to hold you again, but I BELIEVE that you and I will hold each other again. Jake, I have always said you came to us from JESUS and I know that is true and I know you are with him. Mama has written to you on the 28th of every month and I am so PROUD that she has done that. Mama has missed you as much as I have. Mr. Jakester, I will close for now so you can enjoy your birthday with Molly. My sweet Jakester remember I will always love you with all my heart. Dad

January 28, 2012: Well, dear boy, another month rolls around. We got through your birthday, but missed you, oh, so much. How are things in Heaven? I hear they celebrate birthdays up there too. What an awesome party they must have given you!!! All your little friends came and helped you celebrate with angel food cake and real ice cream that doesn't make you fat. You were always up for a party. Little Bailey will be having a one year birthday next month, and we will put one more place at the table and have one more party hat for you. I know that you wish the best for him. He is a great little chap! I love you, Jake. Love, Mom

February 28th, 2012: Good morning Mr. Jakester: I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART, BODY, AND SOUL. Today is one year since you went to be with JESUS at Rainbows Bridge. Jakester, there are no numbers to tell you how many times I have spent holding you in my mind, how many times I have looked at your pictures, and just sitting in a trance letting my mind hold you in such a special way. Mom created a BEAUTIFUL and MEANINGFUL book on just you and that is my most meaningful possession I own. I know that JESUS gave her the ability to create that book. What I wanted to say is I TREASURE your pictures. When I came in to write to you, the picture on the computer was you settling in in the back of our car going to Holden Beach and then the very next picture (One of my very very FAVORITES) is you sitting and looking out the back window of the car as I am driving down the road. Jakester, no amount of money could replace that picture. You look and you are magnificent in that picture. Jakester, I pray to GOD to get me thru this day. My entire body hurts and I can't stop crying for you. Jakester, a zillion years may pass, but YOU will never pass from my daily thoughts and prayers. I LOVE YOU. Jakester, I will close for now it is getting to hard to write this, but as I always told you, you will have a JESUS filled day. Dad

February 28, 2012: Hi, my beautiful boy. Has it really been a whole year since you went to Rainbows Bridge? How could the time have slipped away so quickly--seems like only yesterday that we took the final photos of you with your tennis ball--a brand new tennis ball just for my boy. I started to wear the same outfit that I wore a year ago, but I think it would have made Dad too sad. I was very busy today, but I thought of you so much. Your aunt Myra called and said she was thinking of us, and she misses you too. Our little Bailey boy is a wonderful little chap and we are blessed to have him. He is so much like you, and so beautiful, like you. We ate pizza tonight in your memory--you loved pizza a lot. I kept thinking I needed to break off the crust and take off some pepperoni for my boy. We don't feed Bailey from the table, but you got everything we ate. Didn't seem to hurt you at all. We are trying to "go by the book" with Bailey--aren't you glad we didn't do that with you? Smile.....I love you with all my heart. Mom

March 28,2012: Hello, sweet Jake. Are things beautiful in Heaven? I know that the most beautiful thing here on earth pales in comparison with your surroundings. The dogwood trees are in full bloom here--everything has bloomed out so early because of the very mild winter we had--your little Japanese maple tree is so big now! I remember when we planted the tree. It was just a twig. Dad took so much care with it and lovingly protected it against the elements. Now it is a majestic, strong tree (much like you) and we think of you every time we look at it. You posed in front of it one time--what a beautiful pose! Dad loves that picture most of all, I think. Bailey says to tell you hello. He loves you and we love you.....

April 28, 2012: Good afternoon my sweet darling. Well, a lot has happened since March 28th. Your dear, beautiful Grandmother, whom you licked in the face when she spent the night with you, has gone to join you at the Bridge. I cannot help but believe you were the first one that greeted her when she crossed over. There are getting to be more and more of those we dearly love who have gone into Heaven. Two days ago, Ellen Hutcherson, from up the street, left us. You passed her house so many times on our walks uptown. She was a dear, sweet lady. I'm sure you were there to greet her also. You never forgot a face. Our sweet little Bailey is growing more and more like you......Love you, Mom

May 28, 2012: Dear Jake: Today is Memorial Day. We had a cookout yesterday and Dad remembered how much you loved grilling out. You would lie in the shade and oversee the whole operation. Of course, you got your share of burgers. It was impossible to resist a yellow head in my lap. Bailey is not nearly as demanding as you were. He really has great table manners, but he was taught from the beginning. We just let you have anything you wanted, so you wanted everything! How we love you and miss you.....Mom and Dad

June 28, 2012: Hello, Jakester. Well, it has been hot down here for the past few days, and it will be getting hotter...over 100 degrees for a few days. In a few days we will celebrate the Independence of this great country, and all those who have given their lives for us to enjoy our freedom from oppression. It is far from perfect, but it is still the greatest country on earth, because it was birthed right from God's heart. I know you have greeted many of our soldiers who have come there since you came. We miss you and love you...Mom and Dad

July 28, 2012: Good evening sweet Jaker Lou. Another month has gone by. Dad and Bailey can't wait until cooler weather (like 50 degrees cooler). It has been hot, but we have had some rainfall lately....a few good afternoon storms and showers. One of Dad's high school friends, "Pig" Barnett passed away the other night. Have you seen him? We will go to his memorial service tomorrow. We gave Bailey a bath today, and he wouldn't stand still. It cooled him off, though. Then dad brushed him, like he used to brush you. Dad said to tell he loves you with all his heart. I love you too.....Mom

August 28, 2012: Hello my Jake. How can a month pass so quickly? Summer is slowly giving way to Fall and we are thankful for the cooler mornings and nights. Little Bailey Boy had to go see Dr. Owen the other morning at 3:00 a.m. He had gotten hold of something he shouldn't have eaten, even though we watch him almost constantly. There is no sickness or discomfort or sorrow where you are, and you know your mom and dad and Bailey will join you one day in the future. You keep all the other fur babies entertained, I am sure. Bailey is like you; he is so aware of Spiritual things. He loves to sit and watch Kenneth Copeland. Love you.

September 28, 2012: Dear Jake: I walked into the computer room and saw photos of you on the screensaver. You are such a handsome boy! Your little boy, Bailey, had a bath today (he now smells so sweet and he is a lovely boy). It was very warm and sunny...tomorrow and Sunday are supposed to be rainy and cooler. Dad is supposed to have a car show in Tryon but it may be rained out. He won't get OHYELLER out in the rain....How are things at the bridge? Always bright and sunny, I know. Love you, my boy.

November 28, 2012: Hi Jake. Well, I cannot believe I skipped October, but a lot has happened lately. Michael has come back into our lives. I know you remember him. You would wallow all over him when he sat on the couch. He now has Mary (like Jesus' mother's name) and she is lovely. Yes, I had a good birthday. Did you celebrate for me up there? Good boy. Such a sweetheart. Bailey says he loves you and we love you. Mom

December 28, 2012: Good afternoon love. Did you have a wonderful time up there celebrating Jesus' birth? We had a lovely, peaceful time here and Bailey was his usual sweet self. He is sleeping on the couch now, just like you used to do. I think I will put away the decorations this weekend, though I had planned to just leave them up awhile. Your uncle Billy, who used to buy you little doggie beds every year, bought Bailey a very soft and warm blanket. I spread it out over his quilt at night and he promptly balls it up into a pillow. He loves it. I miss you, my love. Mom

January 28, 2013: Hi sweet Jake. We are into a brand new year now...do you have a calendar up there? Probably not...each day is glorious and sunny for you. We celebrated your birthday a couple of days ago, and your aunt Myra sent you a beautiful card with sparkly hummingbirds on it. Did you have a big party for your birthday? I bet your grandmothers came to your party and told you how pretty you are. Dad put your card with your other things and Bailey said to tell you Happy Birthday. We all love you dearly.

February 28, 2013: Well, my darling, it has now been two years since you left us. We miss you as much or more now than when you left, and think of you every day (your face is what I see when I turn on my computer at work). We are so thankful for little Bailey. I know you sent him to us. He came into the world the same month you left the world. We love you, dear one.

March 6th, 2013: Good morning "Jakester Man", I could not come here on February 28th. I tried, but just could not stop crying. Every day during the month of February I knew the 28th would come, but I didn't want it to come. In some funny way I thought that would make it better, but it doesn't. Jakester Man, what have you been doing???? Oh I MISS YOU!!! No day goes by without me thinking and seeing you in my mind. Our home has pictures of you everywhere. Mom has made a BEAUTIFUL memorial of you. Jake, I love you with all my heart, body and soul. Mr. Bailey is doing perfect. Of course you already know that. We just finished me throwing the tennis ball and he like you loves it. Jake, I am crying so bad I will go now, but will return soon. I LOVE YOU. Dad

July 28th, 2013: Dear Jake: I have been thinking about you all morning, and did not realize it was the "anniversary" until just now. I got your book off the table and looked at it, cover to cover. You are such a beautiful boy! Little Bailey is lying under Dad's recliner--he likes to get 'way back under there. Your aunt Buddie fell and hurt herself last Friday (July 19) and she is in a rehab center in Charlotte. Dad went down yesterday to see her and Billy. We love you so much. Mom and Dad and Bailey.

February 3rd, 2014: Jakester Man, I LOVE YOU with all my heart. Right now it is difficult to write. I will be back and I know you are having a JESUS filled day. Dad

Februar 28th, 2014: Jakester Man, I love you with all my heart. They are no words to describe how much I miss you. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you and miss you. Today is three years that you left us. In fact its almost the time of the day that you went to Rainbow Bridge. We have pictures of you every where in our home. Mom created a memorial second to none for you. I know Mom misses you something terrible. We are always talking about you and when we see a certain picture it all comes back. Jakester Man, you were the most handsome man I have ever seen.
We now have Bailey and he is truly a BLESSING from God (as you were). Bailey is so sweet and loveable, just like you. Jakester Man, I am crying so bad I have to quit now, but I know you are with JESUS and don't ever forget I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART. Dad

March 3rd, 2014: Hello, my precious boy. Dad and I just read about another very special, sweet boy named Jake, who recently went to the Bridge. But of course, you were there to welcome him and show him the ropes. His mommy misses him as badly as we miss you. Her heart is hurting; we will pray for her. You take special care of little Jake; you have been there long enough to know every nook and cranny of that beautiful place. You will be a good, good friend to Jake, and not just because he shares your name! I know you will love little Jake dearly, and will be a good playmate for him, and he can tell you about his very special family on earth and you can tell him about yours. We love you dear one; we miss you; we will see you again. Love, Mom

December 11, 2014: Hi darling. I needed to update some things and get you ready for Christmas, one of the most sacred Holidays. We celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. I can only imagine what kind of celebration you guys are having up there. You are probably right at Jesus' feet, begging Him to throw the tennis ball. Have a wonderful celebration and know we love and cherish you.

January 26, 2015: Happy Happy Birthday, sweet Jake!! You are sweet 16 today. What a celebration you and your friends are having today! Did Molly give you a good present? I know she did--she loves you very much. Dad said to tell you he loves you so very much and misses you beyond words. Thank you for sending wonderful little Bailey to us to keep us company. Dad and Bailey are out walking now, just like we used to do with you. The wind is blowing very hard and it is cold outside. They will be back in soon. Love from Dad, Mom and Mr. Bailey

February 28th, 2015: Jakester Man today is the day you went to Heaven. They are no words to tell you how much I miss and love you. For several days I have thought about this day coming and I just cry. I think and see you many times a day. Mama has so many many wonderful pictures of you all over the house. Sometimes I just stare and think back of that day or days and it brings me happiness and sadness. Mr. Bailey is such a wonderful boy and I know in my heart that you know him and he came from JESUS. Jakester Man, I am crying so bad now I just wanted to tell you how much I love you and will write more later. Tell everyone "HI" and one day you and I will be throwing the tennis ball. You will have a JESUS FILLED DAY. Love Mom, Mr. Bailey, and Dad.

January 26, 2016: Jakester Man, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. This is your day. 17 years ago JESUS brought you into the world. Jakester, I love you so very very much. I will never forget you and will never accept that you are gone. GOD blessed me with you. As I have said before, Mom has your pictures all over the house and sometimes I just sit and stare for the longest at how beautiful you are. All of my life I wanted a yellow Lab and I knew his name was going to be JAKE and GOD blessed me
with you. Never in all the years when I went to see you and bring you home will I forget, you were a pup, but the most beautiful pup I had ever seen. I loaded you up and brought you home and Mom was waiting in the driveway to greet you.We played and played and then you went to the side yard and brought back a large limb in your mouth, that was so funny and Mom has that picture of you carrying that big limb in your mouth. Do you remember all of us sitting in the drive way and me blowing soap bubbles and you jumping in the air and biting them with your teeth. We have those pictures and they are so funny. You were so muscular and could jump over the moon and Jakester you could run faster than the wind.

Mr. Bailey wil be five on February 13th, 2016, Jakester and he is a beautiful and wonderful Lab. I know you have seen him and you know him, because GOD sent him to us and GOD has told you about him.

Jakester, they are so many things I want to say, but can't. I am crying so bad, I thought in time it would get easier and better, but that is not true, at least for me. I know when I get to Heaven you and I will play and play and throw throw the tennis ball. I still have the tennis ball you left Bailey. It sits by your memorial Mom made. Jakester Man your memorial that Mom made is so beautiful. I have your fur in a glass container and sometimes I will open it and smell it and Jakester I smell you. Yes, your scent is still there.

Jakester, I will close for now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND I LOVE YOU. You will have a JESUS FILLED BIRTHDAY.
Daddy, Mom, Bailey

February 28, 2016 Jakester, today is your 5th anniversary on Rainbow's Bridge. This morning at 3:30 I woke up thinking about you and 5 years ago. I just laid there and got numb all over thinking about you and how wonderful you were. It is so hard to understand how 12 years, 1 month and 2 days passed so very very fast. You were so beautiful and wonderful. You truly was Daddy's boy. Jakester Man, thanks for all your love and devotion. I love you so much. I will close for now, because I am crying so bad.
Daddy, Mom, Bailey
PS Mom loves you so much, Jakester
February 26,2017 Hey Jakester Man, two days and it will be 6 years since you went to Rainbow's Bridge. Jakester Man, I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH AND I MISS YOU. Jakester Man, you were the best dog ever and you loved Mama and I so much. I believe your spirit is with me always. Mr. Bailey is wonderful and said to tell you he loves you. Jakester Man, I will finish this in two days, I am crying so much. I love you, Jakester. Have a JESUS FILLED DAY.
February 28,2020 Jakester Man, I love you so very very much, I am crying now, because I am thinking about ALL the good times you and I. No one enjoyed each other as much as you and I did. The other day Mama and I were talking about you loved to help me blow leaves ans you were good. I could never lose your tennis ball in those leaves. You would dive in those leaves, go out of sight and then you would appear with that tennis ball. when we would go outside and sit you would bring me your tennis ball and drop it at my feet and then stand PERFECTLY Still until I threw it. I could never throw it far enough, you were faster than lighting. Jakester I am crying so bad I will let Mama write to you. I love you Jakester Man. Have a JESUS FILLED DAY.
Hello my darling Jake: I hope you are having rainbow filled days with your other pals. We do miss you very badly and Bailey reminds me of you. He is a precious little boy, just like you. We will see you again one day. Take care of all your little friends and have lots of fun with them. We love you so dearly. Love, Mom
February 28, 2021 Sweet Jake, today is the 10th anniversary of your homegoing. We miss you as much today as we did 10 years ago. You will always be our sweet boy, and we love you dearly. Bailey is now 10 years old, and he is such a dear. What strange times we are living in down here on earth. We look forward to coming one day to where you are. No more sorrow or tears, no sickness and death. No hatred and anger, only love. Jesus lights Heaven, no need for sun there. What a beautiful day that will be! You are already experiencing it, and I am so happy for you. Please tell your grandmother hello for me. I love you dear sweet Jake.

August 1, 2022. Well, by now you have met your sweet brother Bailey at the gate and I am quite sure you are showing him around and showing him off to all your friends. Our hearts are breaking because we had to let him go. But we know you will take good care of him. We love you dear Jake and we miss you and Bay Bay more than words could ever express. We so look forward to seeing you two again, along with the others we have lost. Mom

February 28, 2023 Hello, dear sweet Jake. You left us twelve years ago today. The pain is still there. You miss you and Bailey so very much. Now we have little Cooper running around the house and shedding everywhere! He is a dear little chap and you and Bay Bay will like him very much. We will see you one day in Jesus' presence. We love you so very much. Mom

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