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Memories of Jasmine

When I first saw you, I loved you and knew you were mine.
I will always be your Mommy.
Jasmine you are and always will be the love of my life, forever and always.
Love your Mommy
Kisses and Hugs

I miss you so much Jasmine I just wanted to talk to you today and tell you I love you!

My Jasmine, Thanksgiving is almost here and this will be the first one without you. I wish you were still here to celebrate with your mommy, grandma and grandpa. I miss you so very much. I wish you were here!
Hugs and kisses love Mommy!

We had our first Thanksgiving without you my beautiful Jasmine, it was just not the same. Hope you could smell all the turkey and ham. I miss you so very very very much! My heart breaks everyday.
Mommy loves you!

Miss you so very much Jazzy! Mommy loves you! I just want to cuddle with you again

It's been 4 months since I had to let you go, everyday and night is a crushing blow realizing that I can't hold you again my beautiful Jasmine. I have your stocking up and it helps me somehow to go on. I love and miss you so much!
Love your Mommy

Love you so much my beautiful girl, miss you and think about you everyday.
Love Always your Mommy

It's coming up on Christmas and the house is so empty without you. Wish you were here to see all the beautiful Christmas lights and eat a special dinner. I keep looking for you my sweet girl, I wish I could see you again and hold you. I miss you so so very much.
Mommy loves you so very much, my little cuddle bunny.
Love your Mommy

I miss you so much! I just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you today especially at night when the house is empty. I love and miss you my Jazz!
Love forever your Mommy

Hi my beautiful girl, I was just thinking about you and I wanted to tell you I love you. We got new pine straw at home and I started to cry because I knew how much you always loved the new pine straw. I can't help but look around at all the places you walked and smelled. I miss you so very much! Grandma's birthday is tomorrow and she misses you so very much! We actually spoke today about how smart you are!
I love you dearly!
Love always and forever
Your Mommy

It's a new year my beautiful girl and it so hard not having you here. Life without you is so hard, it's unbearable to see the places we used to go. When I walk though the neighborhood I see all your old places! My heart will never be the same without you my sweet pea! I love and miss you so very much!
Love always and forever
Your Mommy

Well it's been 5 months since I said goodbye, it's not getting any easier. I love and miss you so much little girl.
Mommy loves you forever!

I miss you! I love you my beautiful baby girl. It's cold over here and we had a fire in the fireplace, looked over at your spot on the sofa when you enjoyed the warmth of the fire, it's so hard not having you by my side! I love and miss you very day!
Love your Mommy

I love you! I miss you my beautiful baby girl!
Love your Mommy

My beautiful girl it's been almost 6 months now and I miss you and love you every minute of every day. It's so lonely without you. Hope you can see and hear your mommy, I talk to you all the time. I just wanted to say how much I love you!
Love your Mommy

It's almost springtime little one and you would be loving it! Long walks with Mommy! Oh how I miss you! I will love you forever my beautiful baby!
Mommy misses you so very much!
Love your Mommy

Well little one it's almost your Mommy's birthday and the only thing I want is for you to be home with me. I know it's only a dream but I miss you so very much! I love you!
Love always your Mommy

I wanted to wish my beautiful girl a Happy St. Patrick's Day. I love and miss you so very much!
Love Always Your Mommy

I just wanted to say that I love and miss you so very much, my beautiful baby girl.
Love always and forever your Mommy

My beautiful girl, I wanted to say I love you so very much and miss you! I was sharing video clips with Grandma of you doing your fun activities; eating and walking outside near the pool. Sometimes I can almost hear you scratching in the sofa trying to bury your biscuits.
What I wouldn't give to hold you! I love and miss you Jasmine!
Love your Mommy forever

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