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Memories of Jeremy
Jeremy Wilkerson Knight, you were my best friend, you were there through most of my teenage years all the times I had no friends and no one to talk to you were always there for me. You listend to me and you talked to me and we learned to talk to each other. You were at my Wedding the first time I got married and even though you knew I had made a big mistake you never left me or turned your back on me you were there. You were there to witness the horrible beatings that I took at my 1st husbands hands and even though he said no one loved me and no one would, you still loved me and you didn't leave me. When I left I left everything I owned but, you I would and could never leave you. All the places that wouldn't let me move in because I had a bird and suggested I give you away I told them NO, I would never give you up you were my best friend and I would never give you up or give you away or leave you for any reason ever. You stayed with me into my 2d marriage and even when I brought Amanda home from the hospital and she cried all night long you might have been upset with me and wanted me to take her back where I found her but, you still loved me. You loved me all the times she pushed your cage off off places and even when she sprayed your tail feathers with Amonia you still loved me. When I found out you were sick and one vet didn't give me any hope I didn't stop I found another to try to make you well. I didn't care how much it cost I just didn't want you to leave me, I still needed you so much. God said it was your time to go you stayed with me 8 years longer than you were supposed too so I count my lucky stars and thank God for the extra time he let me have you. It was with a heavy heart that I buried you in the Back Yard with Salem the cat and I marked both of your spots with a stone. I will have many pets before I find you on Rainbow Bridge but, none of them will be the friend that I had in you for so many years. Some day Jeremy you and I will play and sing and whistle together again. Until then I love and miss you with all my heart.

Tina Ann

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