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Memories of Jessica
Jessica was rescued at 16 from being abandoned on a farm. Sadly, she was only my baby for four months of that time, what I would give to have had longer. In that time I fed her, bathed her when she had an accident, tried to get to the bottom of her medical condition, brushed her, played with her, cuddled her and most importantly loved her. She was my baby and she was just like having a human baby. We were never apart for more than an hour and she became my whole world. I am lost without her.

'She may be small, but she be fierce' I'm sure was written for her. She was tiny with a big meow that would often sound like she was saying "WOW!" Which seemed appropriate if ever I was late for meal times. Jess loved food, any kind, food was great! Jess would often walk around the house and eat her Sisters Rubie and Pearl and her Brother Tibalt's food. They let her because even though she was small, she was a force to be reckoned with!

Jess loved to play and never stopped . Her favourite toy was a mouse on a string, which she would chase for hours if you let her. This mouse is with her forever in her casket. Jess loved her bed and would often sleep in it in the strangest ways, with her head or her toes out. She would often provide us with giggles like that. She would chase flies and loved football.

Her by favourite thing by far to do was to cuddle me, her Mum. She was the only cat I've ever met that loved be cradled like a baby. i felt so blessed every time I held her. She would purr herself to sleep in my arms and you could see a big smile on her face. if you moved she'd squeak at you to say hey, you better not put me down! I would hold her for hours and rock her as this soothed her. The bond we have is unbroken by her passing. The moment i met Jess, I knew she was special. She was sweet, independant and hillarious.

I will never forget the hours spent in the sun, holding you. I hope that is what your heaven looks like, full of cuddles and sunshine to rest your legs and smille and purr forever. I love you more than words can say and i can't wait to meet you at the Raibow Bridge. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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