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Memories of Jezebel
Jezebel was the gentlest kitty. She loved to sleep under the blankets with us and always wanted to cuddle. She would sit on our laps (or on the keyboard) while we worked and always wanted to be by our sides. Jezebel loved playing with anything that looked like a circle and would steal the insoles out of my shoes and run around the house with them, howling, like she had caught them in the wild. Her favorite food was avocado and she would go to almost any length to procure it. Jezebel had a meow like a rusty gate opening and loved to chat. She would look at us and start purring, as her love was pure and unconditional. Jezebel was fortunate enough to have her best friend and sister, Icky, by her side every day since birth. Jezebel will be missed forever by me, Tanner, and Icky. We couldn't have loved her more.

It's been one year today since our baby passed away. Not a minute goes by that I don't think of her. I wish I could kiss her dusty little head, hold her, and tell her how much I love her. My heart is full of memories of my sweet gray kitty. I miss her big green eyes, her tiny pink eraser nose, her squeaky meows, and her insatiable urge for cuddles. I miss the way she looked at me with pure love. I spending every day with her by my side. I miss her standing in front of my keyboard so she could get little pets while I typed. I miss the way her and her sister took care of and loved each other. I miss finding her sleeping in the weirdest places. I miss her waking me up with her hunting howls as she played with her circles and babies in the living room while we slept. I miss the look on her face when we caught her doing it. I miss her the joy she brought into our lives. I hope she is happy, loved, safe and doesn't have to go through the sorrow of missing us. I miss my tiny kitty. You are always with me in my heart.
We miss you, JB. We love you forever, our tiny, tiny balloon.
Miss you everyday, JB. I love you. Give Icky kisses for me.

Welcome home, Jezebel.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.

I am thankful that I got to spend almost 17 years with my Jezebel. Every day was a gift. Happy Thanksgiving, JB.

Christmas was hard without you. We miss you so much. Merry Christmas, JB.

Seventeen years ago you and your sister came into my life and forever changed me. I can't imagine not telling Mark that I always wanted a gray kitty. Somehow he found the best one in the world for me and got duped into bringing home the best little brown kitty in the world with you. I wish you were here to celebrate happiest day. It really was the happiest day of my life to see my two little babies for the first time curled around each other sleeping concealed under the chair. Looking into your huge green eyes, seeing your giant gremlin ears, your tiny stripey gray tail, and hearing your little meow for the very first time is one of my fondest memories. I miss you so much, Jezebel. Tanner and your little sister miss you terribly too. Today is me, you, and Icky's day. Wherever you are, that will never change. I love you.
Merry Christmas, Jezebel. It isn't the same without you. We all miss you so much. We love you, JB.

Happy New Year, sweetheart. It's really hard to start a new year without you but we have so many great memories of 2014 with you. On New Year's Eve when you tried to eat pizza. Every squeaky meow. Every cuddle, snuggle, and head butt. All the family days together. All the love our little family shared. I love you, baby girl.
We are moving out of the place you lived for the last twelve years. We are not leaving you behind. You are always with us in out hearts and will travel together wherever we go. Wherever me, Tanner, and Icky live is your home. Always.
It's been 11 months today since we lost you. I think about you every day. We all miss you so much. I love you, JB. I have been thinking about how it felt to hold you and my arms feel so empty now. I have been dreaming about you a lot. I miss you so much, honey bear. My baby balloon. Family Day is really tough without you. It will never be the same. Tanner and I miss you so much. Your sister misses you so much. We love you forever.
i'm missing you extra hard today, my little girl.
I love you, honeybear. I miss you so much. My heart aches. I hope you are at peace, healthy, eating lots of good food, playing with circles, getting loves, and sleeping under the blankies. I would give anything to hear your rusty little meow and hold you.
I miss you more than words can describe. My heart hurts.
I hope you and Icky found each other. Take care of her. Let her take care of you. You will always be together now and we will all be together eventually. I can't wait to hold you both again and hear your purrs.
I missed you and Icky so much on your birthday. happy birthday, JB.
I miss you and Icky so badly. I can't believe I haven't been able to kiss your sweet head in over a year and a half. I love you.
Happy birthday, JB. I miss you so much. Every single day. please give your sister cuddles and wish her a happy birthday. I love you, baby girl.
we lost you four years ago today. I still miss you everyday, JB. Tanner and I love you forever.
My sweet girl. I still think about you every day and miss you. I hope you and Icky play and nap and cuddle and clean each other and spend every day together being happy and at peace. We love you both so much. We didn't replace you. You could never be replaced. My heart will always be filled with love for you and Icky. That will never change. I love you forever, my darling Jezebel. ♥️
I miss you.

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