Welcome to Junior's Rainbow Bridge Memorial Residency
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Memories of Junior
The most amazing companion in the world.
Whose love and personality stole my heart
I walked into the pet store and fell in love at first sight
In your cage in the back room, throwing litter all over the cage
Your beautiful blue eyes so excited when I held you
The manager saying you were crazy and not ready to go yet
I insisted you were coming home with me
I knew we would always be together, and with your new sister
I taught you how to climb and nursed you when you were little
I taught you how to dig in the sink because you didn't know how. I taught you how to fetch better than any dog.
You taught me how to love with all my heart.
You were always there for me when I was sick or sad or angry
Your purring put me to sleep on so many nights.
Your licking my hair and kneading my chest thinking I was your mum was the sweetest thing in the world.
You sniffing the fresh air on the deck and watching the birds never failed to warm my heart.
You loved your sister and were loved in return. A two cat inseparable Wolfpack who loved mischief and cuddling.
You shredded toilet paper and stole Q tips from the bathroom only brought joy and laughter to my heart and made me love you that much more.
You learned the words bedtime! And cuddle time! And dinner time, and knew that good boys got treats.
You greeted me in the morning, were with me at bedtime. We're waiting for me when I got home and said goodbye at the door as I left.
You protected our house and it was your kingdom. You were a lion amongst cats.
You were there for me through horrible times at work, divorce and sadness. Your unconditional love a light for me in dark times. You were always there for me and I'll always love you and remember you. May you Rest In Peace near the bridge till daddy and coffee come to meet you. You will always be loved.

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