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Memories of KABUKI
This is my tribute to my eighteen and a half year old best buddy feline. Kabuki came to us as a 2 month old kitten. We called him Kabuki due to the black and white markings that made him look like a Kabuki theater player. His favorite toy was his companion cat Bug Man who we got for him when he was six months old--he was such a wild thing. He needed a buddy. (Sadly Bug man passed 4 years ago) He loved playing with tinsel balls and jumped into the air to catch pipe cleaner spiders -- as high as 3 feet. The most amazing thing was that he caught the toy in his paws and put it into his mouth before he landed. We always played on the bed so his landing would be soft. When he was nine he had a hard time and went to a specialist. He was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, third degree heart block, irregular heart beat, heart murmur and cardiomegly. We put him on medication and hoped for the best. Kabuki loved life. He took those medications for another nine and a half years. Living hard and loving us. He was my buddy and loved me every day. I always wished I could be the person I saw reflected in his eyes. This past year was hard. Kabuki's kidneys were failing. He had cataracts in both eyes. His hearing eventually failed. He ate, used the litter pan and came to us every day. He never ruined anything and never had accidents until the very end. He just lived to love us. December my husband had a very severe heart attack. I kept telling Kabuki you can't leave me yet. In January my dad died and I told Kabuki the same thing. This February I had some problems and kept telling him how much I needed him. On Feb 20, 2009 Kabuki ate for the last time. He was drinking; I knew it was the end. He was so afraid of the vet and hated going to the office so badly I kept him home. He had a very peaceful day on Feb 21, 2009. I kept holding him carefully wrapped up in a warm towel so as not to hurt him. On Sunday the 22nd I told him he had to go, he couldn't be with me any more. Within minutes he passed into what I hope is eternal peace. I hope we meet again on the Rainbow Bridge. He gave so much love.

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