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Memories of Kai
April 28,2021 Wednesday
Kai, you came to us on a summer day for a play date with your brother Charlie, with the possibility we would be your new parents. To our delight, you were part of our family for 8 wonderful years. We are so blessed to have had you in our lives. We know how much you still love us as we love you. Your brother Charlie thinks you're hiding and misses you something awful. We are giving him lots of extra cuddles, petting, treats and kisses.
We are so sorry we didn't know you were suffering so bad. You have been our brave little marine.
You were a brave little boy when you developed IVDD in 2017 and had to have surgery on your spine. You went through acupuncture and water treadmill therapy like a trooper and you never let your little bit of paralysis slow you down...ever. Charlie and Hercules keep your bed warm, play gently with your favorite toys so they don't get lonely and they run and play with you in their dreams.
You never missed a chance to fetch, run, jump and wag your tail while giving us kisses and looking at us with your big, soulful, brown eyes. Your pain is gone now and it's time for us to carry your pain for awhile baby. We are going to be ok because we know we will see you again when it is our time to cross.
We will miss your beautiful brown freckles and spots that are always seen after Dianna grooms you. We will miss your snores when it's sleepy time. We will miss our walks at Al Borlin Park and Lake Tye. We will miss your excitement over your monthly bark box. Oh how you loved new toys.
Mommy held your head across her arm and gently stroked you while you crossed the rainbow bridge. Dr. Ball was so gentle and she sends you kisses. No more pain my love.
Your big brother Hercules forgives your bites that you gave when you were feeling so bad. He has always loved you...he misses you as much as Daddy, Tiffany, Seth, Travis, Charlie and I do. We see and hear you everywhere we go. You're in our hearts forever baby. You're in our sleepy time dreams.
Your lovely little body that was your earthly home for your soul will be returned to us in the form of ashes held in a cedar urn with your name. Kai, oh Kai you are missed. We love you.


Good morning my love, mommy and daddy are missing you so much. What we miss the most is your unconditional love. I hope you are happy in the meadow and have lots of playmates and a comfy warm bed with lots of bark box toys and treats. Snuggle up with Sammy, Bonkers, Calvin, Amber, Salem, Hobbs, Shelby and Scamper and Pressy and Pedro ❤️
We love you!


Kai I miss you so much! Oh why couldn't I make your poor sick body well. I am so sorry honey. I feel so guilty. You trusted me right to the end. I love you and I want you back well and whole.
Love, Mommy


Hi baby, we went to Westport,WA to a new beach last week. You would have loved running on the sand without your leash with Charlie and Hercules. I know you were watching us and were there in spirit. I love you sweet boy and miss you.
Love, Mommy

Hi sweetheart. Mommy and daddy sold our house and bought a new one in the same little town. I have missed you so much this summer. Tonight as I lay here thinking of you I remember how you felt in my arms when I lifted and carried you up and down the stairs. You were so soft. I remember when Tiffany and I would take you and Charlie for walks how you both would bark like crazy in happiness all the way down the long driveway, all the way down our street until we got to Chainlake road. You were such a good boy Kai. I love you little man.
Love, mommy

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