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Memories of Kisuke
I adopted him and his sister as kittens in 2007. He never grew out of being mischievous and was the best snuggler ever. He seemed to think he was a dog most of the time, constantly chewing on everything, and loved everyone he met.

2 years ago he was diagnosed as likely having lymphoma and his vet thought he only had a couple of months left. 4 weeks ago he suffered what appeared to be a stroke and we were told his lymphoma had spread to his brain and the vet didn't expect him to last the night. He proved her wrong again.

He's fought a tough battle the last few years, especially the last 4 weeks, but his body has finally had enough and needed to rest.

14 years wasn't nearly long enough and I can't describe how much he's going to be missed. Even with the health struggles the last few years we've managed to make plenty of amazing memories and I'm thankful he fought as long as he did.
Just to prove a final point he passed on his own two hours before we had scheduled an appointment for at home euthanasia. It wasn't the best ending but he went fast and with Josh and I both with them. I had been planning out the perfect spot to say goodbye to him when the vet came for the home euthanasia appointment but he decided to go his own way instead. It also meant that we had two hours to carry and snuggle with him after he passed before the vet came to take him away. Lots of extra head kisses.

Goodbye my brave boy, until we meet again. You were the bestest boy kitty ever and nothing will be the same with you gone ❤


He loved tummy rubs, snuggles, and kisses on the top of his head.

He used to bring me toys at night, and wake me up crying to present them. My Good little hunter. Especially loud if he brought his sister's special toy. The last time he brought me a toy at night was before his last bloodwork appointment. One of his fuzzy mice, the only ones he didn't chew the tails off of.

After he got sick he was especially snuggly. Cuddling with Josh while he was at his desk or demanding I go up to the bed for snuggles multiple times per day (and waking me up at night). In the last few months before he passed he would spend the night sleeping on one (or both) of my feet or legs.

He was obsessed with his water fountain. If I took it apart to clean it he would sit patiently behind me, with the occasion plaintive cry to ask if it was ready to go yet.

He used to 'help' with workouts... adding an extra balance challenge for Josh and laying under me during planks. Once during fish pose in a yoga workout he threw a catnip fish at me.

He chewed on everything that would fit in his mouth. I can tell you what the inside of most furry mice looks like as a result. He was especially fond of beef jerky strips that you get for dogs. Unfortunately he couldn't have them after he developed IBD because the made him throw up. I hope he has all the jerky he desires in kitty heaven.

He used to run and slide across the floor on fabric. The first time Josh did a photoshoot in the house he had him locked up in the tunnel. As soon as he let him out he ran across the floor and slid on the backdrop

I miss the way he used to snuggle in along your arm and touch your face (mostly with Josh, licking his cheek) or give me kisses on the forehead

He always hung out while I was in the bathtub. One time he played in the shower curtains at the apartment and swiped at me, missed, and dunked his whole arm in the bathtub. Then shook it off and started up again, hiding between the two curtains for round two.

He chewed on Josh's clothes. A lot. There are multiple shirts that have a whole chewed in them, as well as a few socks that had to be thrown out. As a kitten he once chewed a hole (larger than he was at the time) in a curtain while he was home alone during my work day. And multiple cat toys were eaten. During his last few weeks he was super constipated and had trouble passing a few pieces of his felt snake that he ate.

When we would pick the cats up from 'camp' they would be snuggled up together in the lobster trap hammock.

Then there was the time he wasn't allowed dry food because of cystitis. A big bag of it was locked up in the kitchen cabinet. I was sitting downstairs and heard a commotion coming down the stairs towards me. Went out and found that Kisuke had gotten the food out of the latched cupboard, dragged it down both sets of stairs, then threw it at me from a couple of steps up.

He used to love sitting in suitcases also. Had a thing for my small carry on purple bag (when I had it). would unzip it and climb inside

When he was begging for food he would sit at the end of the foot rest and put his paws on my foot. Except for one time that he tried to swipe something off my plate )from hiding behind the arm of the sofa) when I wasn't looking. I believe it was sriracha chicken. He loved his spicy food, especially jalapeno cheddar Cheetos, plan Greek yogurt, plain natural peanut butter, and would try anything once. Which got him into trouble when Josh offered him a wasabi pea.

He also love sampling plants... bell pepper leaves, lettuce, basil, aloe vera. I lost track of the number of times I had to google if a plant was toxic to cats.

He loved going outside on the back deck, whether in his kennel or on a leash and harness.I was dragged outside in the rain on more than one occasion.

He was obsessed with my furry winter boots. I initially tried to hide them on top of a table and he climbed up, swiped one of them, and dragged it downstairs to chew on. I had to hide them in a box in a shelf that was a tight enough fit that he couldn't get them out.

Then there was the time he wasn't allowed dry food because of cystitis. A big bag of it was locked up in the kitchen cabinet. I was sitting downstairs and heard a commotion coming down the stairs towards me. Went out and found that Kisuke had gotten the food out of the latched cupboard, dragged it down both sets of stairs, then threw it at me from a couple of steps up.

He let us know about the hot water heater being on fire

He used to try to act all cute on top of the cat tree to get attention and tummy rubs. Or butt scratches from Josh (I wasn't as good apparently) that resulted in odd sounds. You would think he hated it from the noises he made except for the loud purring layered over top. And the fact that you would get swatted if you stopped. Or bit.

He was called the bowling ball, because you could hear him jump down off a surface from two floors away and then come rolling down the stairs.

As a kitten he had an obsession with straight pins. Plucked them out of my pin cushion one night and scattered them across the floor. So I put them back in the pin cushion and zipped it up into my sewing kit. The next night he opened my sewing kit, pulled out the pin cushion, and plucked the pins out to play with again.

He also knocked glass coasters off the island in the apartment and played with the pieces of broken glass.

One of his last nights when he was crying loudly all the time he started while I was trying to make the bed. Stopped to pay attention to him and he didn't stop. Apparently I was blocking his view of the tablet playing his bird videos. He yowled to get our attention when he needed something the last few days since he couldn't move on his own - peed and needed a new pee pad, wanted water (he couldn't eat on his own), wanted attention, the youtube video stopped, etc.

As sick as he was his last days and didn't want to eat... He still ate Catnip and started purring. When he started refusing even catnip I knew he didn't have much time left.

No longer by our side but forever in our hearts

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