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Memories of Kola
Kola I fell in love with you the first time that I saw you. You were with me for over thirteen wonderful years.You showed the vets! Ha!They said you would live maybe 10 years max for your breed mix. I always said you "kick ass" and you did!I also said that because you were so loved it would be different. A little over a month ago, I heard the most hearbreaking and frightening words "brain tumor." It was so sudden and ever since my heart has ached missing you Baby Girl.I am so grateful though that you were happy and yourself until that awful weekend ... I will never forget the hours sitting in the emergency vet. Mama even slept there in a chair and went and wrote a final exam ... like a zombie the next day and with you Ko on my mind.Trying to get an 80 pound you into a cab ... without help from the a-hole driver was not fun, but you always gave me "Kick ass" determination ... I would have moved the earth for you for the unconditonal love and joy you gave to me.Everyone always says I am such a strong woman and I truly believe that I can contribute that,in part,to you showing me that there is unconditional love in this world. It snowed a lot yesterday and it made me think of all of the silly things you would do in the snow like make snow angels and use your nose as a plow!I thought of how during a heavy snowfall we would be the only two outside catching snowflakes and playing in the snow! I hope you hear me when I tell you still that I love you every night and in the morning when I wake up. I miss you bounding into the kitchen for your peanut butter toast or when your Grandma would visit sharing her porridge. Billy and Lilly sleep on your toys and haltie and purr. Sometimes Billy stands up on his back legs and rubs his face against your leashes hanging by the front door. I'll keep them there Ko baby. Tomorrow I will pick up your leash, collar, paw print and ashes. I haven't been able to do it yet because a part of me thought that it would make things so final. I feel that now I am at peace with it and I think of all of the tragic things you helped me with and I am using that strength now. You were my best friend, private k-9 unit, confidant, healer and angel on earth. Enjoy your Rainbow friends and have sweet dreams.A friend who also lost her pooch recently recommended this site for a memorial to you. You know I am not big on religion/heaven thing,and thought this might me chessy, but losing a pooch like you makes me a mush. I believe Rainbow Bridge is just for furbabies because you give us so much joy. For that, I believe that you do live on in someway, other than just in memory. I wish more than anything that I could have you back with me Baby Girl because I miss you so much and my heart feels broken into a million pieces!! I know though that you are needed up there now as an angel. 100 kisses Sweetpea ... it is not goodbye Kola only until we see each other again. When you do Baby Boo I'll have the biggest stick for you to catch, mcDS fries and the biggest smile you have ever seen! We'll sit in the sun for awhile,eat,play and then cross over Rainbow Bridge together Love forever and always Mama XOXO

12/15/2010 Hi Ko Baby! I was missing you so much today. There is fresh snow on the balcony. I found one of your balls out there this morning ... your soccer ball! I like to think it is a sign because Mama thought that all of your outside toys had been put away. I moved it to your favorite planter where the beautiful black-eyed susan's were last summer. I can see it from here. Thanks Sweetpea for the sign ... sure needed to be close to you today. This week is the anniversary of a very sad tragedy for Mama as you know. You were there for me to help me through the memories for nine years and I am so grateful for your face kisses and the times you would put your chin on my forehead to tell me all was well and 'this too shall pass'or the silly things you would do to make me laugh and when I would you would wag your tail like crazy and smile and grin!!! XOXO Love Mama (Billy and Lilly send purrs and kisses :))

12/16/2010 Kola girl! Today you have been gone from me for 5 weeks, but it seems like yesterday. I was looking at all of the pretty christmas lights tonight in the neighbourbood and wondering if I would be able to put up lights this year.Would it hurt too much without you here. I have decided to because I remember how you would sit and wag your tail and watch me as I decorated the tree. You loved christmas and loved to play in all of the christmas wrappings and would make me laugh. I will put up your stocking too Sweetpea and fill it up with all of my happy thoughts of you. Mama is going to donate some money to a shelter in your memory so that doggies and kitties without homes might know they are loved too.Be extra nice Kola to the ones who come to Rainbows Bridge that never had homes or mamas to love them like you did so that they know what it is to be loved and protected. I took a thank-you card to the doctors at the emergency vet clinic today to tell them how much I appreciated all they did to try to make you well. I know they did everything in their power, but it was time for you to go. They showed you compassion and respect in your final hours and I know you felt that.I am so grateful that you had that Kola.

12/23/2010 Kola baby! I miss you soooo much! Today it has been six weeks and my heart still aches for you. I wish that you were here still. I think about you every day and especially Ko when I walk past the "play hill." It hurts so much to see the other doggies in the area because it makes me miss you and wish we were out walking together! Billy and Lilly look for you all the time! They were playing in tissue wrappings last night and today and I thought of how the three of you would play and act silly until all three of my babies were fast asleep snoring away! I say goodnight to you every night and good morning every morning and I know that you hear me because I can still feel your kisses. Have a wonderful x-mas sweetpea! Mommy is sending you this talking Santa toy and 1000 kisses and pets! Love forever and for always XOXOXO Mama

01/01/2011 I miss you so much Kola. I hated the way that 2010 ended ... losing you. I think about you everyday and my heart still aches for you. Billy and Lilly look for you all the time to snuggle with you ... especially for their afternoon naps. A million kisses on the nose Sweetpea and a million hugs in my arms. XOXOX Love forever and for eternity Mama p.s. did I tell you were the most amazing and loving friend to me?

01/26/2011 Kola my baby boo I miss you with all of my heart! Things just are not the same. There is such a huge hole in my heart and in my life without you. I think about you so much and miss all of the snuggles, your strength, companionship and all of the silly things you would do to make me laugh! I only feel some sense of peace knowing that you lived a full life and that you were not sick for very long. I just wish more than anything that you were still here my lovely girl.XOX Mama, Billy and Lilly

02/14/2011 Kola today is Valentine's Day and also the kitties turned 6! I know that they missed your kisses! It was hard today ... 13 years of Valentine's Days you were by my side. It hurt seeing other dogs today. There was one in the store tonight and I almost starting to cry. His mama was buying some treats for him just like I used to do for you on Valentine's Day. I turned this day into one Ko where I sent Valentine's to friends and family to let them know that they are cherished and important. I decided when I lost you to try to honour your loving nature by doing nice things for others when I feel sad about missing you! Be well baby doggie 100 kisses to you xoxo

02/26/2011 Kola I thought I would stop by today and tell you how much I miss you and love you! There were big, fluffy snowflakes today and I thought of how much I wish I could have taken you for a walk. I volunteer now with Rainbow Bridge Kola so that I can help some other mammas and daddys who have lost their furbabies. I want to honor your memory and do nice things. In the summer, I am planning on a fundraiser to raise funds for a shelter or for canine cancer research. Every year though Kos baby, I will honor your memory, and the love you gave to me, by donating 13 toys (for your 13 years of love) to the fire department. You loved kids and they loved you so I thought that is perfect. I would give anything to have you back, but it is not to be. A thousand kisses Kola! I miss you sooooo much my bo bo baby. Love Mama XOXOXO

04/04/2011 Kola I miss you so much. I woke up and it was overcast and rainy. As I was thinking this afternoon how you would make the crappiest days happy, the sun came out and lit up the sky!!!I know it was you and I could see that silly grin you always seemed to have on your sweet face! It has been officially spring for a bit so I decided to change your memorial to spring.I hope that you like the tulips I left for you! I know that you loved tulips because when I would buy them and bring home (a bouquet or little pot of them) you would sniff them and wag your tail like crazy. I love you Baby Boo ... have fun with your friends and enjoy the spring and the beautiful flowers at the Bridge love mama XOXOXOX p.s. Billy and Lilly miss you too and purr when I mention your name :)

04/23/2011 Hi Kola girl I wanted to wish you a Happy Easter and tell you I miss you sooooo much! This will be the first easter in 13 years without you and I wish that you were here. XOXO Love Mama

07/17/2011 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY KOLA GIRL!!!!!:) Where do I begin Ko? ... I miss you each and everday still with all of my heart. I miss the joy that you brought to each day with the silly things that you would do to make me laugh!!!! I miss when I would have a bad day and you would lay beside me and put your chin on my forehead ... you made me feel "all is right, protected and loved and gave me the courage to think things will always get better" I miss the hundreds of little things you did in the thirteen years and four months that I was blessed to have you in my life ... when I buy a new loaf of bread and sometimes I still expect to look down and see you waiting for the heel of the bread (you would always sneeze once like you did when you were super happy or excited), when I come home and you are not waiting with that silly grin and making me feel I am the most important/treasured person in the world,sitting on the balcony watching the stars and reaching down to pet your head or scruff your neck fur and you are not there ... you are not there because now KO BABY YOU ARE THE BIGGEST AND PRETTIEST STAR in the clear night sky and you always will be in my heart forever and ever!!! Love Mama, Billy and Lilly 1000 hugs and kisses on both ears!!!XOXOXOX You were the most awesome dog and friend I could ever have asked for :)The coolest :)

10/19/2011 Kola I miss you each and every day and cannot believe it has been almost one year since we parted. I think of you every time I walk by a house and see a pumpkin! I remember how you would sit and wag your tail like crazy just with the simple joy of watching me carve the minature pumpkins. You found joy in so many simple things and brought me happiness everytime I watched you wag you tail and act silly! Billy and Lilly still look for you ... they run to the door when they hear a doggie outside barking. I hope you are having fun in the fall leaves with your furbaby friends. My heart still aches for you and always will Kola! Love forever and ever xoxoxo Mama

11/11/2011 Kola today you have been gone from me for one year. I miss you every, single day!!! I wish you were here with me. I am soooooo grateful that you were a part of my life for over 13 years. You were there with me through the good times and the really bad times. You did so many silly things ... always found a way to make me laugh! It is a bright sunny day here ... crisp and cool ... I wish more than anything we could have gone on one of our fall walks and walked and played in the leaves. I get a lump in my throat and an ache in my heart whenever I see other doggies. I found a maple key way up here on my balcony the other night! I planted it and I will see if it will grow inside. If it does ... I hope it does ... it will be your tree. I bet there are tons of beautiful trees and lots of leaves to play in at Rainbow Bridge. Have fun with your furbaby friends Kola and give a kiss to Abbagail and to Zepp. Billy and Lilly miss you so much too! They looks for you whenever they hear a doggie barking outside or when I take out your toys and leash to look at them. Love you forever and ever and remember Ko that one day I too will be there and we will be together again for eternity. 1 million kisses and hugs my sweetpea Ko baby! ...Mama, Billy and Lilly xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxo

12/10/2011 Kola I thought I would give you a Christmas tree. I miss you so much. I found your Christmas squeak toys and I will put them out soon. I put out your Father Christmas holding the bundle of sticks. I laugh when I look at him because I think of all of the times you licked his beard and you were so good not to steal and of the sticks I know you wanted so much. Billy and Lilly watched me decorate the tree tonight. You were sooooooo missed. I am working on the toy drive in your memory. 1000 kisses and hugs baby girl doggie! xoxoxo love you forever and ever Mama

01/17/2013 Kola I finally have a working comp again and am soooooo excited!!! I missed writing to you and telling you how much I love and miss you! I have been thinking about you so much lately when I am out walking in the rain.I remember I would get soaked because it would take so long to get home when we were out for a walk!!! You loved the water so much! I miss you pulling on the leash to sniff the flowers coming up in the spring. Kola I wish that you were here. Mama is going through a very painful time and I miss how you loved me unconditionally and showed me in so many silly ways.I am glad that you have your friends Abbagail and Zepp to have fun with and enjoy the spring. You will always have Mama's heart and always be missed and the time spent together cherished!!!!

04/13/2013 Kola I have thinking about you so much the past couple of days. I miss our spring walks soooooo much!!!! I miss you being silly smelling all of the flowers coming up and wagging your tail. Billy and Lilly miss you too. Every once and awhile I take out your toys and leash and they purr. Lilly usually curls up in a ball on your leash. I had a dream about you and little Zepp the other night and I know that you are happy at Rainbow Bridge. 1000 kisses and hugs from Mama!!!!!!

05/12/2013 Kola I miss you. It is really windy today and I was thinking about how much you hated the wind and yet in the car would keep your nose right up against the fresh air vents blowing the air on high. You silly girl! You still make me smile. I miss the long car rides to the cottage. You would be soooooo tuckered out coming home after a weekend and you would snore so loud we had to keep turning up the radio. I wish you were still here. I feel you around me when you come to visit me. It is so strong sometimes. Our connection was so strong when you were with me on earth it will never be broken baby girl. LOVE FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER...Mama XOXOXOXO Kisses purrs and headbutts from Billy and Lilly

16/01/2013 Kola today is the type of day I would have loved to have taken you for a really long walk. It is sunny and crisp out with a nice breeze. None of the nasty humidity that you and I hated so much. A perfect summer day. Mama could have used some of your extra Kola love lately. Things have sort of been hard for your Mama. Billy and Lilly are being really sucky and loving. I know you would have had fun with them with the box they have been playing with. You probably would have eventually torn it to shreds and then looked at me with that look "what did I do?" Geeze baby girl I let you get away with so much because you made me laugh. I bought some beautiful potted mini roses and they are sitting right beside your urn.I know that you love to smell flowers and grass and I figure up at RB you are always busy doing just that. Billy, Lilly and Mama miss you all the time and we send you head pats, love, and kisses XOXOXOXOXOXOXO Love you Kola for ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best doggie girl EVER!!!!!!

07/17/2013 HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOLA GIRL!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXO I am sending you a birthday cake and McDs french fries...in EXTRA YUMMIE AND LARGE!!!!!! Oh baby girl I wish you were here. Not a day goes by that I do not remember silly things that you did and all of the love that you gave to me. Billy and Lilly send head butts and purrrrrs. I just know that you are laying in the meadow watching all of the dragonflies and beautiful butterflies zip around you!!!!! I bet you have seen so many hummingbirds too. I can still feel you around you Kola when you come to visit me. You will forever live in my heart and soul. Enjoy the cake and fries, but share too with all the other baby fur doggies. Give Zepp a kiss for her mama too. I put some carrots on there...16 of them...for you and little Zeppie to enjoy. XOXOXOXOXOXO a million Mama kisses and hugs Kola God i miss you.You loved me unconditionally and for that I will be forever grateful.

07/29/2013 Kola I was thinking lots about you today and thought I would send a hug and a big kiss. The summers are just not the same anymore without you. I miss our walks soooooooo much. It is still so hard when I see the other doggies out walking because I wish that it was us. Billy and Lilly are as silly as ever and I know they still miss you very much. Enjoy RB baby girl and all of your fur friends. XOXOXOXOXOXO Mama...Billy and Lilly send head butts and purrrrrrsssss

11/09/2013 Kola girl as of this coming Monday you have been gone from me for 3 years. I will light a candle for you on Monday night. There was a doggie in the store on Friday and I had to look away because she looked so much like you! I had to hold back tears all the way home because I miss you so damn much!!!! There is not a day that does not pass that I have not thought of you and so many happy memories. You truly were my best friend Kola...with me through the good, the bad and the really bad. I hope that you like the two little vases beside your urn where I always keep beautiful flower cuttings for you. I will come back here and visit with you on Monday! 1 million hugs and kisses and Billy and Lilly send purrrrs and head butts xox Mama

11/11/2013 Baby girl...three years today. Mama sure is sheding lots of tears thinking of you!I bet you are snuggling up there with Miz Abbagail and Miss Zepp. I bet you are doing lots of sleeping and snoring with Abbagail and racing around and eating carrots with Zepp. Deanna and Jason still miss their babies so much.It is a rainy and blah fall day here...the kind of day we would have still gone out for a walk and you would have stalled so you could stay out longer and mama would have been patient while you found just the right stick to proudly carry home. I know you loved the attention when people would "ahhhh she is so cute!" and stop to pet you . You never dropped that stick until I made you at the front door. Sometimes mama gave in and let you carry it all the way inside. I hated having to through it out when you were sleeping, but I swear Kola you always found the biggest, covered in mud stick you could lol. I think of you every morning Kola when I open the fridge and that look "the google-eyed look." I am going to write in your little journal today...the one Grandma bought when you first went to the bridge. Billy and Lilly cuddled on your collar and leash last night. I took it out and laid it on the floor and both ran to the door looking for you. They still purr when they hear a doggie outside and Lilly always goes right into the bathroom to see if you are sleeping on the bath mat. You know what- Kola? That is Lilly's favorite place to sleep.O.k. baby girl going to wrap this up or I will soak the laptop in tears. LOVE YOU FOREVER and see you when one day I get to rainbow bridge and pick you up...you have fun sweet girl until then!!!!! Mama, Billy and Lilly XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO and XOXOXO :) a kiss on the nose and paw shake baby


Happy 2014 Kola girl!!! I was thinking about you so much yesterday. I went for a walk to the store at night and these big, fluffy, beautiful snow flakes were coming down. The air was crisp and the snow was crunchy. I wished so much Kola May that we were together and out for a walk. I could just see you running your nose through the snow like a snow plow all the way to the store and then all the way home and then you trying every trick you could to stall mama from taking you inside. :) :) This winter is so cold Ko', but we would have been out there and walking and having fun. There is not a day that goes by that I do not miss you and think of you. The kitties heard a dog bark that was visiting the neighbours and Billy and Lilly ran to the door and were crying and pacing. Then Billy went and snuggled up just where you used to. They miss their big sister Kola. o.k. the tears are coming so I will say goodbye for now.I send you a hug and a million plus kisses my baby girl. Have fun in the snow at Rainbow Bridge. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxo Mama, Billy and Lilly


Kola where do I start? Today you have been gone from me for four years. I was so blessed that you came into my life for a bit over thirteen years. I miss you everyday and especially in the Fall and in the Winter. You brought me joy, unconditional love, companionship, fun, protection, laughs and overall greatness into my life and my soul. You were with me through some really bad times in my life and you nurtured me and loved me. Billy and Lilly miss you so much too. Every so often I bring out your toys and leash and they purr and sleep on them. I am so grateful and proud that I was your mama ... you will always be my sweet pea and my baby boo. My heart aches for you when I see the pictures of you or if I see another doggie that looks like you. I miss our long Fall and Winter walks so much. Have fun with all of the other wonderful doggies Kola at Rainbow Bridge ... Abbagail, Cyrus and Zeppy. A million kisses on your cute face!!!!!Until I see you again my baby xoxoxoxoxoxo mama :)


Kola Christmas is fast approaching and I have been thinking about you a lot. I thought of you with the first snowfall and all of the funny and silly things that you would do. I see doggies who look so much like you and my heart aches for you. I still wish that one day I would wake up and it would have been a bad dream that you are gone and that you are still with me. I can remember what your kisses and fur feel like. You are never far from me ... I sense it a lot when you come to visit me. Billy and Lilly still look for you in the washroom to snuggle with. I hope that you are making snow angels up there and barking at the snowflakes. I love you so much and miss you more. Love Mama xox


Kola today is the last day of 2014. There is not a day that has gone by this year that I have not thought about you in some way. You touched so many parts of my life, heart and soul. I especially think about you baby girl when it is the winter time and the snow comes. I miss ... SO MUCH ... our long winter walks!!! You were always GO GO GO, even in the coldest and snowiest weather :) The park is now gone, but I have all of the 14 years plus of memories of the fun times there. I see doggies that look like you a lot and my heart aches for them because I wish that you were still here and it was all a dream that you are gone. I know that you are having fun at Rainbow Bridge with Abbagail and little Zepp. Love and hugs my girly girl doggie. One day we will meet again and be together for eternity. Love Mama!!xoxoxox


Kola tomorrow is a very busy day for me, so I decided to post this on the eve of your birthday. There is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for the time that I had you in my life. I see so many big doggies like you in the area and the tears still come and especially if one is carrying a big stick in its mouth. I loved those times at the park ... you were so sociable and always the doggie that made all the other doggie oweners laugh because you were so silly, friendly and full of life. Billy and Lilly miss you. They still sleep on your teddy bear and snuggle with him. You know I am not big on the "heaven" thing, but I do believe that for sweet furbabies there is a Rainbow Bridge. :) I would give anything to have you back here with me, but because that will never happen I can only honor your memory and especially on your birthday. I love you forever, endlessly ... kisses on the nose and pats on that super cute head of yours. I hope that you are getting into all kinds of trouble, having fun rolling in the mud, howling your face off, chewing up shoes and still being the leader of the k-9 pack. People still ask about you in the area. Most of your doggie friends have passed on too. We stand and chat and get misty-eyed ... even the tough guys. That's what your wonderful and unconditional love does. :) lol xox and =^..^= =^..^=


Kola today is anniversary of when I lost you. I am grateful every day for your unconditional love and friendship. This year for Mama has been horrible and right now experiencing some especially painful things. The kitties miss yo and I miss you. I wish you were here baby gir & especially the past couple months. Millions of hugs & send me some luck Ko and good Need it baby girl. You always made everything all right again. Xoxoxox Mama, Billy & Lilly

Kola it is rare a day goes by that I don't think of you in some way. I miss you so much. I know Billy and Lilly do too. You taught me what unconditional love is. I miss our fun times at the park. I've thought of getting another furbaby, but I just can't. I'm still not ready yet. Hugs and kisses Baby Boo. I still feel you around me. I will always be grateful for you at my side bringing me joy in difficult times. You made everything better. You'll always live in my heart. Xoxoxo Mama, Billy & Lilly 💜


Happy Birthday Kola!! I lit a candle for you tonight. Earlier today, I held your urn, collar abd tags. I miss you so much. I know Lilly and Billy are with you and Frank at the bridge. I'm so alone now Ko dog. It is a pandemic and a scarey time. I think of all the times you were at my side through some very tough times. I think of how sweet and tiny your were as a puppy. I hope you had a nice day playing with all the other fur babies. I love you so much. I am leaving you b'day balloons. Please send down your love to me. I am hurting. Losing Billy and Lilly within each month of each other and recently hurts. Xoxoxoxo Mama 💕💟💕💟💕

Nov.11 2020
Kola, I am thinking a lot about you. About that day 10 years ago that I lost you. My only comfort is knowing that you are with Frank, Billy, and Lilly. I know in my heart you can still feel my strong love for you. It will never fade nor my happy memories of our 13+ years together. I'm trying to stay strong, but the pandemic is still raging and I have lately been struggling with my seizures. You go play now baby girl. I love you forever. Mama 💜🌹😚💕💕💕💕 kisses on your nose and noggin. I will be lighting a candle for you tonight. Send me some love and srength ko dogs XoX

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