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Memories of Kotachka "Tachkon"
Today is 11/30/2021. I just cried, thinking of you, my sweet baby. I still have dreams that you are in. I love you so much. Thank God you missed the pandemic!!! Some pets got sick. I still have vivid moments when I sware I hear you walking the floor boards while I'm in bed, falling asleep. I love you, baby. I think of you often and see your beautiful face in photos often. Thank God for photography!In just a few hours it'll the anniversary of your transition to Rainbow Bridge. I was so heartbroken, devastated that morning baby. I still see every detail. I love you so much!!!! I know that one day we will be reunited. Until then, please continue to visit me. Signed: Your only human everything- me.

Today is Thanksgiving Day 11/24/2022. I am thinking of you and I love you as always.

Today is 12/24/2020. Merry Christmas, baby. I love you and am with you. Always and forever ♥.

Today is 12/2/20. I am still with you. I love you. Forever.

It is 11/019/2019 I miss you every day, baby.

I still miss you every day. I love you. I still talk to you. 5/26/2019

My dearest baby Tachkon, Today is the one year anniversary of your passing. I looked at our pictures together and played a video of you. Your alter has been refresshed with a white candle and a red rose. I miss you so much. Today the lightbulb in the kitchen, where your bed was, burned out. I take it as a sign of your presence or you thinking of me from rainbow bridge. I love you so much!!!!! FOREVER.

Today is 11/17/2017. I still miss you baby. Sending you warmth and love. I love you forever.

Today is 10/15/2017 Thank you for still showing up in my life, baby. We are always together. Happy Birthday month Tachi Wachi ♥. I love you.

Today is 6/30/2017. I miss you so much and still cry when I think about you. I love you so much. I miss you. My baby Tachi.♥

It is now April and I still miss you baby. I love you.

Christmas sucked without you baby. I miss you so very much.
Today is 12/30/2016. Tonight I heard an audible water drop over and over, until I moved some cardboard and then the sound stopped. To the side of it on the floor something caught my attention. When I picked it up it was a small bunch of your white fur. This is the first time I'd discovered your fur on the floor. The first time since you passed, and I'd been looking. You made my day baby Tachkon. You made my day! We are connected beyond explanation, beyond expectation. I love you so much!!!! My baby, my sweetheart Smewsh.♥ A.L.W.A.Y.S.
Today is 1/1/2017. The one month Anniversary of your passing, Baby. WE've been so close all this time and as recently as a minute ago. I hear and sense you. Don't worry Smewshie, I'm alert and grateful for and of your presence. Countless, eternal kisses Baby. My light, my angel.

tODAY IS nOVEMBER 10TH, 2023. I miss you Tachkon. I have not replaced you. You were my heart, baby. I love you.

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