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Memories of Lexy
Oh Dear Sweet Lexy,

I called you Lil Lil Lexy LuLu when you were a baby then you got big and fat, so I then called you Lexy LuLu and Daddy called you Fatty, Fatty, Fatty. You came to us with Dexter when you about 9 weeks old. You and Dexter were buddies and ruled the roost. You had several 'bratty' moments when you'd pick on your brothers and sisters, especially poor Noel. You had it out for her for some reason, but we still loved you. When the gang would do their howling thing, you would scream instead. I could always pick your sound out of the group. You always had to go to the fence and bark at the deer or whatever you saw out in the woods. You use to love to just hang out on the deck and chill. You hated baths and getting your nails done but you always put up with it. I knew something wasn't right when one night you wouldn't eat or even go outside, so I gave you some Prednisone and you were fine the next day so I didn't think anything of it. I just thought you didn't feel well. Then it happened about two weeks later, so I brought you to work with me and Dr. Rosen examined you and said he felt a mass and he thought it was on the spleen. How could this happen to you as your sister Mabelline just had the same thing a few days ago only her's burst and she was bleeding inside and had to be sent to the bridge. I then brought you to my other job to see Dr. Ramieri and the ultrasound confirmed you had a huge mass on the spleen as well as something on your liver and kidney. I just couldn't believe it. I brought you home and you were fine for about a week. You even went to Mid-Atlantic Basset Hound's Howliday Pawty and you were running around having fun and even stole a hound's bone. You then didn't eat for a few days and that awful morning of 12/18/14 you wouldn't eat or even move and had labored breathing, and I knew it was that time. Dr. Rosen came to the house to peacefully send you to the Rainbow Bridge while you were in the comfort of your own home and on your own bed. Of course mommy was a mess, but I'm glad you were home for this. Oh sweet Lexy girl, I can't believe you're gone. I hope Mabelline, Buster, and Chloe met you at the bridge. I'm sure they will show you the ropes until we meet again. Run free and have fun baby girl. We will miss you terribly.


Mommy, Daddy, and All Your Furry Brothers and Sisters

12/18/15 - Dear Lexy girl, Wow, one (1) year this morning we lost you. The house is as crazy as ever. I hope you met Uncle Huckles, Spunky, and Pop-Pop at the bridge. I hope you're together with all your brothers and sisters and are happy in your new home. Dexter has his back/leg issues but he is still mouthy. He is the 'ma-ma's boy! December is an awful month. We lost so many furkids and nanny during this month. I hope you are all getting along and that you aren't picking on anybody. Bask in the sun and run in the fields. Until we see each other again, my sweet girl, we love you very much!


Mommy, Daddy, and All Your Furry Brothers and Sisters

12/18/16 - Oh Dear Sweet Lexy LuLu, 2 years this morning we had to send you to the bridge. I still can't believe you're gone. Dexter is still mouthy and he hops around which is great because 6 months ago he dragged his back end. Poor Uncle Harry is sick with congestive heart failure and we are trying to help him. He is doing okay right now. I hope you and all your brothers and sisters have a wonderful Christmas at the Bridge and get lots of bonz to chew on. I know you loved your squeaky toys too. Took the gang to see Santa at Cortney's. Dexter usually had his picture with you and Mabes. He had it with Jesse but it didn't come out all that good. Only a few did of Uncle Harry and Brother Ollie. Oh sweet girl, run free and know you will always be in our minds and hearts till we see you again. We love you!


Mommy, Daddy, all your brothers and sisters, and Uncle Harry Hound

12/18/17 - Hi sweet girl, three (3) years today we had to let you go. So many of you are gone now. I hope you and your brothers/sisters greeted Dexter and Boots at the bridge. Dexter's loss was such a shock and very hard. Losing all of you was very hard. Uncle Harry has been doing surprisingly well and Moby has anal gland cancer. He is coming to work with mommy tomorrow. There are some new additions - - Toby and Jasmine. ZZ went blind and had to have her eyes removed. I hope you are all happy and enjoying life. Mommy and daddy miss every single one of you. Please look down on us every now and then and give us some kind of a sign that you are okay. We will all be together again some day. We love you, Lexy LuLu.


Mommy, Daddy, and all your brother, sisters, and Uncle Harry Hound

12/18/18 - Hi there sweet Lexy Lu-Lu, four (4)years ago today we had to let you go to the bridge. I'm glad, though, you left us on your bed in your home very peacefully. It was still so hard to let you go. I hope you greeted Moby and Scoots at the bridge. Uncle Harry is still doing surprisingly well, and I hope he stays that way. Ollie has had some issues but seems to be holding his own, and Noel - - not sure what is going on with her. Think she just wants attention all the time. You and Dexter were my first bassets, and at Christmas time I use to play that black dog thing and you guys would respond so funny to it. I can't even play it now. I hope you are all together and very happy. Time is going so fast, and we will all be together again before we know it. Until then, sweet girl, have fun, run free, and please look down on us every now and then and give us a sign that you are all okay and happy. Merry Christmas! We love and miss each and every one of you!


Mommy, Daddy, and all your brothers, sisters, and Uncle Harry Hound

12/22/19 - Hi sweet girl! So sorry this is late. I was late on all the Rainbow Bridges this year. Have not been feeling that great. I hope you are doing well and greeted Ollie, Ernie, Chrissy, Toby, and Uncle Harry at the Bridge. You didn't know Chrissy or Toby but I hope you greeted them anyway. I hope you are all happy and having fun in your beautiful home. Mommy and daddy miss you all. You were so funny and you loved your treats. Poor Noel is up there in age and has Lyme Disease. Other than that, she is doing pretty good. The house is still crazy now with lil Fred and Grit-Grat is a cute lil nut. I haven't played that doggy Christmas Carol thing because it reminds me of you, Dexter, Mabes, and Buster. You were so funny when I played that. Merry Christmas at the Bridge, sweet girl. Please give everyone a kiss from Mommy and Daddy. We love and miss every single one of you!! Merry Christmas!


Mommy, Daddy, and all your brothers and sisters

12/18/20 - Six (6) years ago this morning you had to leave us for the bridge. Time flies, and mommy and daddy miss you and all your brother/sisters/aunts/uncles. I use to love when you had a stogey hanging from your mouth. I still don't play that black dog Christmas thing that much because it really hurts. Jesse is the only original left. She's been coughing for so long and nothing seems to help her. She is a lil spit fire though. I hope you greeted Myron, Patch, and Noel at the bridge and that you were nice. Losing Myron and Noel was such a shock. Please don't pick on Noel any more. Mommy feels so guilty that I didn't pay enough attention to her. Please let her know that, and I love and miss her and every single one of you. Sometimes I can't wait till we're all together again. The house is crazy as ever with Fred and Boomer. Please be happy, look down on us frequently, and send some signs to us. Merry Christmas at the bridge, and we love and miss you terribly.

Mommy, Daddy and all your furry brothers/sisters

12/18/21 - Seven (7) years today we had to let you go. Oh how I miss all of you. Daddy put batteries in that black dog thing and plays it, and I think of you, Dexter, Mabes, Buster, and Chloe. I loved your reactions to it. Boomer is afraid of it. The house is still crazy with Fred and Boomer. Jasmine has Lymphoma. I don't think you know Jasmine. She is doing well actually. I thank God for that every day. Mya is a lil spit fire and Jesse too. I hope you greeted Sierra, Hailey, and Bogey at the bridge. We miss and love every single one of you. Have a very Merry Christmas at the bridge, and I wish one of you would give me some kind of sign.

Mommy, Daddy, and all your furry brothers / sisters

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