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Memories of Maddie
Rescueing her from a puppy mill. Seeing the changes from a frightened little girl to my best friend. Just hanging out together. Teaching her to roll over, sit up, shake hands, and dance. Never could get her to speak, no matter how hard I tried, even tempting her with her favorite goodies. Buying her outfits to wear and taking her picture. I am sure if she could have talked she would have told me what she thought about that. Being a hit with everyone she met. And best of all, giving me her unconditional love.


Well, my precious Maddie, it's been a week since you left me. How can I tell you how I feel. I miss you being here with me. From getting up in the morning to going to bed at night. No early morning or late night outside visits. Just talking to you for no reason at all. Loving you and you giving me butterfly kisses. You sending texts to Aunt Terri and Aunt Dani.
They enjoyed getting them, too. They love you very much, as I do. We have to go on, my love, but it is hard. I know you are now a healthy, happy little girl, playing with your new pals across the Rainbow Bridge. Just remember me, and look down and send me those butterfly kisses on the wind. Love, Mom


Well, my lovely Maddie, a second week has gone by without you. It is a sad time, but I try to focus on good memories of us together. Remembering the day I brought you home. Pam and I went to choose a chihuahua. We drove and drove and drove. Finally, found the place. The breeder had three dogs to offer, two males and one female. I couldn't resist you. At three and 1/2 pounds, such a small bundle, riding in Pam's lap, as I drove. I brought you to your new home. Such a scared little girl, afraid of big men and children. I suspect the breeder's boys chased you. But we got use to each other, and with the help of that mirror in the hallway, you settled right down. That's were your bed was at first. I have to thank Pam for bringing us together, and I am so glad I rescued you from that puppy mill. Pam rescued two dogs, as well. As Garth Brooks sings, "I wouldn't have missed the dance."
You were indeed The Wind Beneath My Wings, Little Maddie. I love and miss you. Love, Mom


Hey, pooch pooch, Happy Valentines Day. It won't be the same this year, because you are not here. But I guess you are here in spirit, the spirit of unconditional love. Enjoy your Valentine's Day with your new friends. Be happy. I love and miss you so much. Love Mom


Hey, little girl. Another week gone by without you. I miss you so much. Thought it would be getting easier, but it's not.
Guess I am not ready to move on. I know you are in a better place, no suffering, not being scared, meeting up with Blondie, Sissy 1, and Sissy 2, and making new friends. Ever;yone misses you here, you know. Remembering those butterfly kisses. I love and miss you, Maddie. Love, Mom.


Hey, Sweetpea. Am missing you more each day. Soon it will be a month without your precious face. Time is going by so slowly, since you have been gone. But I know you are a healthy, happy little girl now. Thanks for being my Guardian Angel, along with Florence. You two are a good team. I will celebrate your life on the 27th, my poohbear, for you had a good life with me. Take care my precious, and keep sending your love and those butterfly kisses, to me, on the wind.
Love, Mom


Maddie, love. It has been a month today, since you crossed the Rainbow Bridge, to your new home and life. So today, I celebrate your life.
Remembering a shy little girl who became a loving, loyal, friend. Remembering our almost walks together. Me carrying you up to the end of the block, putting you down, and you doing your dog thing all the way home. Bath day. I know you didn't like it, but you were patient, looking at me, saying with your eyes, hurry up Mom. Snuggling, and taking a nap together. You welcoming, with your bark, all our vistors, whether delivering the mail, delivering packages, or our friends, family coming to visit. You hated the doorbell, and when that rang you barked, barked, and barked. You were a good watchdog, my love. So you see, we had some good times together, six years worth. So, celebrate your new life, and remember me. Send your love, and those butterfly kisses to me on the wind. Miss you my baby.

Love Mom


Hey, little girl. How are you doing? Running and playing with your new friends, and feeling good. I have something to tell you sweetheart. I adopted another chichi, and her name is Sadie Rose. She is nine years old, and is black and white. Her mama went into assisted living, and none of the other relatives wanted her. She was in that shelter one month!! I could not leave her there.
I know you would have wanted me to adopt her, as no one else wanted to because of her age and baggage. You will always be in my heart and thoughts. You were one of a kind, mellow, loving, and took things as they came. She has her own personality, which I am still learning about. I was lonely, too baby, and I know you wouldn't want me to be lonely. I love you sweetheart. Watch over the both of us, and keep sending those butterfly kisses in the wind. Talk to you later.

Love Mom


Hey, poohbear. How I miss you. I miss your buttetfly kisses, your sweet face, your love, and your own unique personality. I will always miss you. Our trips to see Edith at Gilman's and Mountain View. She so enjoyed seeing you. Our times with Terri and Dani. They loved you, too. Our times with Pam, Cody, and Riley. The boys were so much bigger than you, and big barkers. That scared you, I know. My love, you are in a better place. You are happy and healthy, and I am sure missing me, as I miss you. But one day my love, Sadie Rose and I will met you across the Rainbow Bridge. Love always, Mom.


Dear Maddie,

Hi, my name is Sadie Rose. I am a chi chi like you and am nine years old. My first Mom had to go into an assisted living home, and was not able to take me with her. I ended up in a shelter. It was scary, with barking dogs, and strangers coming looking at me and taking care of me. But nobody wanted to adopt me and I was there for one whole month! Your mom found me and now I have a forever home. She loves you and is missing you so much. I hope you don't mind me being here with her. She has a big heart which has room for both of us. I promise to watch over her from this side of the Rainbow Bridge, just as you watch over her from that side of the bridge. You know, I think we would have been best friends, Maddie.

Love, your friend,
Sadie Rose


My sweet, sweet Maddie,

It's been about a month or so since I visited your rememberance. So much has kept me busy and away from you. But little one, I do not forget you. Sadie Rose reminds me every day about my little girl who crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Sadie and I are bonding. She is a little dickens. My Ms. Houdini, Bug Catcher, Walk Taker, squeaky girl, etc. She is a live wire, and keeps me on my toes.
I miss you my poochie pooh. You were my love bug, my best friend, and gave the best butterfly kisses. Take care my love. Keep being my guardian angel and sending me those butterfly kisses on the wind.

Love, Mom


Maddie Love,

Happy Anniversary! It is seven years today, that you entered my life. Altho, we are only together in spirit now, we can still celebrate. Celebrate all the good times we had together. There were many. I miss you my poochie pooh, every day. I hope you are having a great time with all your friends. Sadie Rose and I are doing ok, here. Please keep being my quardian angel and please keep sending those butterfly kisses on the wind.

Love you and miss you,


Dear Sweet Maddie,

My precious, thinking of you today and missing you something awful. It has only been four monthis, since you left me It seems like forever. Time can go so slow, and so fast. Sadie and I are bonding, and I am so glad she is here. You would have liked her, love. She keeps me grounded. You will have a place in my heart forever. Just like Sadie, will. You are two different dogs, with your own unique personalities. So don't be mad at me, because I gave Sadie a home. She needs me as much as I need her. I will miss you forever, my love. Keep those butterfly kisses, coming on the wind. I love you my little guardian angel.

Love and Miss you,



Dear Maddie,

My precious girl! I apologize for not visiting you. Things here have been crazy.
First, Sadie was ill, she's ok now. Then I finally had to have my gallbladder out. Recovering from that surgery. It's ok, sweet, I will be ok. Don't worry. Oh little girl, I miss you everyday. Sadie is such a comfort to me. She helps ease the pain of missing you. Things change so fast in our lives. It is hard to keep up sometimes. I miss you everyday. Thank you for being my guardian angel, and for all the wonderful memories I have of you. Tell Florence hello, and thank her too. I miss you both. You both were my best friends. One in animal form, the other in human form. I love you both. Love, keep sending those butterfly kisses on the wind.

Love always,



My sweet Maddie,

Time goes by so quickly. You have been gone 6+ months. Doesn't seem possible. You were here sitting beside me, just yesterday. I think of you all the time. About are outings to Cody and Riley's house, to see Edith, our walks, and our just hanging out. You were so at a disadvantage being raised by the breeder in Gaston. You had no social skills, didn't know how to play with your toys. You never did learn to play with your toys, but you did learn to sit, rollover, shake hands, sit up for goodies, and dance. How you could dance! I miss you my sweet. I know you are in a better place. I love you. Please keep being my guardian angel, and keep sending me those butterfly kisses on the wind.

Love always,



Maddie, love,

Sweet girl, it has been awhile since visiting you. Sadie Rose and I are doing ok. Just still recouping from my surgery.
On the go with appointments and stuff. Miss you everyday. Mike and Nancy are back, sweetie. They were both sad that you were gone. But Sadie Rose does her best to cheer them up and me too. It is fall here and the leaves are turning. So pretty. Hope you are having so much fun with your new friends. Welcome Gizmo across the Bridge, my pet. His family is sad that he is gone, too. You two can take walks together, and have a great old time. Thank you for being my companion and my best friend. Keep sending those butterfly kisses on the wind.

Love you, little one.



Merry Christmas, my precious.

The end of 2013, where did the time go. Miss you everyday. Sadie and I are doing ok. Another quiet holiday. You remember those, huh.
No snow for Christmas, but that's ok. You never liked snow. Your legs were so short, and you would get so cold. Had to fix a spot in the yard for you to go potty, or you wouldn't go. Going out for breakfast, this morning. Should be fun. My Christmas present to you, is my love always. Sadie eases the pain of your being gone. She is such a love. But remember me, love, and send those butterfly kisses on the wind.

Love always, Mom


Dear Maddie,

Merry Christmas.

Thank you for sharing your Mom. I have such a wonderful forever home, now. We have such fun with my squeakys and I have a lot of them. Not sure that is how you spell it. I love it here. Your Mom is such a good Mom. She misses you everyday. I try my best to help make her happy and watch out after her on this side, just as you love and watch out after her from your side. Have a nice Christmas with your new friends and Mom's friends and family, across the Rainbow Bridge.

Your friend, Sadie Rose

Jan 27, 2014

My Sweet, Sweet, Maddie,

It is a year today, that you left me. Oh, how it seems like yesterday. I miss you everyday. Your sweet picture is in my bedroom. I look at it every morning and every night. I hope you are enjoying your new family and friends across the Rainbow Bridge. Sadie and I are doing ok. Sadie eases the pain of losing you. We will celebrate your life, and the memories and good times we shared together.
Remember me with love, as I remember you with love, as well. Keep sending me those butterfly kisses in the wind.

Love, Mom


Dear Maddie,

It has been awhile since I said hey. Things have been moving so fast. But I have not forgotten you or your butterfly kisses. I know you greeted my friend Carol, when she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Florence, Eileen, and Carol's family, were there too.
Make her feel at home, love. Take care my little girl. I miss you so much. Sadie Rose says hey. Hope her wellness check goes well Thursday. She is such a joy.

Love you little girl. Keep watching over Sadie Rose and me, and send those butterfly kisses to us.

Love, Mom xxoo


Hey, little girl,

Hope you are happy and playing with your friends Miss you everyday. Sadie and I are so, so. Another health challenge has reared it's ugly head Specialist later this month. Sadie has itchy problems, dealing with that. Say hello to your human friends for us. Florence, Erma, Carol, Eileen. Say prayers and keep sending those butterfly kisses our way, baby girl.

Love you,








Dear Maddie,

Can't believe that it has been 2 years, today, that you went across The Rainbow Bridge. Miss you everyday.
Sadie Rose sends her love. You have mine, too. Keep watching over Sadie and Me. Keep sending those butterfly kisses on the wind.

Love, Mom



Time passes so quickly, and before you know it, the year is half over. Sadie and I are missing you. I told her all about you, and she loves you to. Hope you have had a good year so far. Us, not so good, but what can I say. Things will get better.
Sadie and I have each other, and she is such a great little dog. You guys would have been best friends. Keep watching over us, and keep sending those butterfly kisses on the wind.

Love you and miss you everyday

Mom and Sadie Rose



Sadie and I missed your anniversary, but you are always in our thoughts and prayers.
It has been a rough few months, and things have been so up in the air. Not sure they have calmed down yet.

Remember, I love you, and miss you every day. Sadie sends her love. Keep watching over us, and keep sending those butterfly kisses on the wind.

Love, Mom and Sadie


Dear Maddie,

Four years since you crossed The Rainbow Bridge. Wow. Time flies.

Things have been hectic here. My health problems have escalated. One day at a time, baby.

Sadie and I miss you. I know you have been watching over us and sending us those butterfly kisses on the wind.

We love you baby girl. You are in our thoughts everyday.

Mom and Sadie Rose


Hey, sweetpee.

Been a year since I have been here. I miss you everyday. Sadie is a help.
Things have mot come around, since my surgery last year. Just not bouncing back.
Thank you for being my dog, your love,and for being you.
Keep watching over us, and sending those butterfly kisses on the wind.

Mom and Sadie


Gone, but not forgotten. Love you baby girl. Thanks for watching over Sadie and me. Keep sending those butterfly kisses.

Love Mom and Sadie Rose.



Six years, you have been gone. How is that possible?
So much has happened, during that time. Bad and good things. I hope you gave a big kiss to Beth, when she came your way, like you did with Florence, Eileen, & Carol.
Take good care of them and yourself, baby girl.
Sadie Rose and I miss you, and those butterfly kisses in the wind. Keep watching over us.


Mom and Sadie Rose



We miss you every day. Covid is upon us. Nasty virus. We are ok, so far.
Sadie will be 18 years old in March. I pray God will grant me a few more years.

My sweet girl, Maddie.

Mom and Sadie Rose

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