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Memories of Mattisse
Mattisse left this world doing what she loved to do. Mattisse had suffered the equivalent of a Stroke in September 2008, just before her 13th birthday. January of 2009 while taking down Christmas decorations, I took my eyes off of her and she wandered outside to go for the walk around the pool as she loved to do. By the time I noticed she was missing it was too late. We think she had a second stroke and I found her floating in the pool. I rushed her to the vet but she was already at the bridge.

It took a year to heal enough to load Special Memories about Mattisse.

It will be 1 year Jan.06 2010 and we have not recovered from your loss. You were such a part of our lives for over 13 years. You moved several times when we would change housing, and you never complained. You loved to play in the snow, you loved Rick and Sherry and Mike and Elaine. You loved to go for car rides. You travelled from Seattle to Sarasota and rode on Robert's lap the entire time. You were the Queen of the car trip. We added 2 others furry loves to the household and you accepted them with your warmth and love. You were always the Grand Lady. You would stand back and let Monet' and Charlie have what they wanted and then give to yourself. Bath time, you were always there to show them what to do and how to be Grand during this time in the water. Monet' and Charlie miss you terribly. They loved you as we do. We have your picture framed in the living room by the front door so you are seen and talked too on a daily basis. Our Love will never fade for you Mattisse, and we look forward to meeting you at the bridge one day.

01/25/2010 Dear Mattise, although I have visited you often I have not left anymore messages for you. I have pictures back from our first Christmas without you, they are to large to add to the photo album, only one picture of Monet would go. Charlie and Monet' looked for you at Christmas. We still light a candle in front of your picture every evening. All of our Love, baby.

09/25/2010. Today is your Earth Birthday Mattisse. So I am sending your Birthday Wishes to your Soul and Spirit world. Every Saturday Monet' and Charlie get thier baths, they still line up as if you were in the tub with them like when I bathed all 3 of you at the same time. Monet' has taken up your practice while getting a bath, she lays down slowly as if the warm water is melting her just like you used too. Everytime we go out onto the patio pool area, Charlie lies down where I pulled you from the pool. He lays there and watches all that is going on outside the pool. I like to think that he is connecting with you. Times are still very difficult each time I pause at your picture by the front door. Eveytime I come onto this site I Break, you are always in our hearts. We had that connection of birthdays, mine is tomorrow the 26th, so I will never forget you. I still light a candle in front of your picture, actually we found a wonderful candle holder in Crystal with 3 spots for tea lights cross the front, our replica to the Monday Services for all loved Fur Baby's who have gone ahead of us. It matches your elegance and beauty. Happy Birthday Baby from your Earth Family, we Love and Miss you terribly.

Nov. 23, 2010. Our Thanksgiving Prayers are for you Mattisse. We were so fortunate to have you with us here on Earth. Brenda and JoAnne are coming from Washington to visit us for Thanksgiving, you always loved to have company in the house. JoAnne never got to meet you, but you would have made her love you like everyone else. This morning Charle just laid on the bed on his side and let me rub my fingers over his long hair as though I were combing him, just like you used too do. You are still here thru them. Thank You for being there. Our Grand love for a Grand Lady

Dec. 31, 2010. We made it thru another Christmas Mattisse without you. Your picture was there with us the entire time. We lighted your candles Christmas Eve as we will this evening. Tonight is New Years Eve, so we wish you the fun and joy you would always display when we had Holiday Gatherings with the neighbors. You will always sparkle for us like the crystal ball used for the countdown into the New Year. Bring Peace to all your Fur Baby friends at the Bridge, as you did for us while we you were here on earth. Robert finally had the strength to visit this site with me, we both had a Long Cry for you. You touched us both so Deeply. You are forever in our hearts Mattisse.

01/03/2011 First message for 2011 Mattisse. It will be your second anniversary at the Rainbow Bridge on 01/06/2011. Since your arrival there I have seen many Fur Babies take the trip to the Bridge on this site. I know you are there to Greet and Welcome them waiting for the time we are together again. Monet had her 12th Birthday on Dec. 12th, she and Charlie had fun with her new toys, and they ate cake. Thanksgiving pictures have arrived from Brenda and we have film from Christmas to develop. I will see if any will apply for you to see. Lots of hugs and Love from your Earth Family.

01/07/2011 Dear Mattisse. Well, yesterday was your anniversary of going to the Bridge. You left us by water, so fittingly the day started out with Thunder Storms and heavy Rain. I worked a partial day and when I came home I found the garage floor flooded. We had just taken down all the Christmas Decorations and placed them in the garage unti I got home from work so I could stack them and put evrything away. Now today, I have boxes to go thru and see what is still usable, and not damanged by water. With the rain in the morning I told myself this was Gods tears for our sorrow, now I don't know what to think of the flood in the garage, I know it was the washing machine malfunction, but still???? Are you telling me you didn't like Christmas? Maybe you are upset because you no longer get to open presents wih Charlie and Monet. Do not fear, they Love you as we do Mattisse.

09/23/11 Dear Mattisse. Yesterday was 23 years for Robert and I. Because we are both so busy, we will not get a chance to mark the date until saturday evening. Your birthday is this Sunday and we will be remembering you. Mine is on Monday.
We are going Home Mattisse. We are leaving here on Oct 17th. You will be with us in the front seat just as you always rode. We are all riding in the truck this time. I will drive and pull a trailer again with the car on it, and take the 6 to 7 days to get back to Washington. We have just started the packing process. Not my favorite thing to do, but we were able to buy in a Senior Park and get ourselves set for older age.

07/20/2012 Dear Mattise. I did not realize it had been so long since I talked to you. After the move back to Washington it has been a whirlwind of activity. You are placed on the cradenza right by the front door as you were in Florida and the sun shines on you ever day. You rode in the front with us as promissed and the trip went well. Moving is so hard as you know how many times you moved with us.
We are getting back in contact with the old friends as we can. Remember Michelle? She got married a couple weeks ago and we went to the wedding, she was so happy to see ud there. Mike and Elaine are doing fine.
Robert is at the doctor this morning and it is Raining and Thundering so I thought of you. It is time to visit you again. I know you are having fun at the bridge and we will start seeing you soon. Monet is now 13 years and 7 months. She has lived on earth a few months longer than you did. Elaine the person who helped us get you, passed away on Jan. 29th, two days after her 90th birthday so look for her and reunite. You would really love our home, even thought it is used and there are lots of things to do, it is really coming together as our last location here on earth. Although we do love the house and what we have here, it will never replace our Love for you.

01/06/2013 Dear Mattisse. Another year has gone buy. Robert has had problems with his back and has had surgery, still not complete, but getting by. He works part time for Lowe's and it is just around the corner from BBB, so we can share one car. We had a very nice Christmas. Charlie enjoyed getting gifts so much, he decided to start grabbing gifts from under the tree and start to open them on his own. We enjoyed a good laugh from watching him. Monet is now really getting up there in years so her health is turning. She is having a good bout with Mange now. Not sure of the source, I think it might be the carpeting in this house. Se has a large bald spot under her right front leg, no pain just looks funny. We still have your pic at the front door, I also sit there every morning and have my coffee next to you. We are getting ready for work so need to go. Til next time.

01/11/2014 Well Mattisse, here we have another year gone by. We are still all together however Medically we are falling apart. Robert had 3 back surgerys this past year and is still in pain and has the dropped foot. Monet is becoming more bald every day. this past week she had a couple yeast infections so it hurts to pee. Giving her lots of baths and wipeing her with Baby Wipes. Charlie is in early stages of Kidney Failure now, and I have pain in left knee. We are all plugging along as best we can. Fives years baby and we still hurt terribly. It is so hurting that we know Monet and Charlie are not long for this earth. We try to Love them deeply and let them know we will always remember all of you. Till next time, All of our Love to you.

08/21/2014 Our Darling Mattisse. Please be there at the Bridge for Monet. She left this world 08/21/2014 at 5:20 this afternoon and will be at the bridge 08/22/2014. She is tired and been in pain for some time. Her rear legs have been becoming less useful within the past few weeks. Problems going to the bathroom and then trying to get back up to walk. She left us quietly at the doctors office today so keep an eye out for her. I will build her own bridge on 08/22/2014. Remember how she tormented you as she was a puppy. Her life has been a lot of sleeping lately and pain when she was awake. She is now at peace and with you.

Till we meet again Mattisse All our Love. Preston, Robert, Charlie, and departed Monet today 08/21/2014.

1/04/2015 Dear Mattisse. Oh this just doesn't get any easier. Each time I visit I cry, even after this length of time. Monet is there with you now. Charlie has not been the same. He wants to be held as he never did before, yet is still afraid of being held. He misses Monet terribly as do we. Tell her we Love Her.

05/17/2016 Darling Mattisse. Charlie is on his way. He left us on sunday 05/15/2016 at 05:15pm after suffering a stroke from his kidney failure over the past year. You three are now complete again.

01/05/2019 Darling Mattisse. Well it has been another year and I hope the 3 of you are having as much fun as you did when you were with us. I have not told you, but I am sure you know we did get another Shitzu, and it has now been coming up on two years. His name is Picasso. We continued the Artist Names. He acks a lot like you, he looks like Monet and he does a lot of the things Charlie did. He is our Earth Love now but I still think about the three of you. We just had Christmas and I lit the same Candle Holder I associate for the three of you, and I said a prayer for you all to be Happy. Untill next time because this is Still so hard to visit you.

10/26/2021 Darling Mattisse. Life has been a bitch this past couple of years. The Covid crap and after 32 years your Dads have seperated and I haven't seen him in 6 months. Your pictures have as new home now. I have the 3 of you on the same shelve as my Trilogy of you. I see you everyday, and it still Hurts like Hell. I am ading a new picture of the Trilogy. Your new brother went with Robert so I will never see him again. I loved him for 4 years and now he is in a new home.

LOVE and HUGS to you Darling Mattisse.

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