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Memories of Max
Coming home from work and hearing him jump up and down as I unlock the front door.
Watching him instinctively guard his Mommy where ever she went.
He was the neighborhood guard and visitor announcer.
Watching his ears flap while riding in the boat.
7:00 am coffee routine no matter what day it is.
Packing for a fishing trip always got him excited.
Vacation cabins who accept pets are always good enough for us.
Sitting in the yard and surveying his territory.
Buying a house because Max liked it. If he didn't we would not have bought it.
Max picking out our "Cut your own Christmas Tree" - you know how.
Hot breath on your knee as you ate dinner. Shivering for ice cream.
Taking care of Mommy when she was sick, never leaving her side. Laying with her to keep her butt warm.
Sleeping on the pile of pillows at the foot of the bed. Dog tags tinkling when he got up in the morning, sometimes in the middle of the night if he couldn't wait.
"We aren't gonna keep him but his name is Max and you should get him some food and a bowl."
The first night in the clothes basket with all the bath towels for warmth. He was so little he had lots of room to sleep in it.
He beat the mast cell cancer.
"Dogs - We give them the room we can spare, the time we can spare, and the food we can spare - In return they give us their absolute all. It is the best deal man has ever made."
We will miss you forever Max - We love You forever and ever and one day.
Mommy and Daddy

April 6th, 2013
I took my Little Buddy fishing for the last time today. At the end of the day I buried his ashes in the sand bar on the Licking River where we used to take potty breaks.
The hardest thing I've ever done was telling his Mother he had died. The second hardest was putting his ashes in the hole I dug. We used to stop on this sand bar for picnics and potty breaks when we were fishing in the area. Max loved to explore the sand bar, it is the biggest on that stretch of the river. He loved to run in the sand because he could get good traction and make hard turns. We called it "cuttin-n-runnin".
It was a good day for fishing. I know Max was with me the whole time and was telling the fish to bite his Dads lures.
The hole in my heart is no smaller after one week. I feel empty at times. The only thing that helps is knowing Tammy is still here with me.
Max, Little Buddy, I miss you. Your Mother and I think about you every minute of the day. I hope you have found my first love, Lady Lou by now. If you haven't, just look for the most beautiful Black Lab at Rainbows Bridge, that's her. She liked to go fishing also, except she loves to swim, and you don't.
Take care Max, I will see you at the Bridge some day and we will play tug of war with a big beef jerky stick again.
Love - Daddy n Mumsey

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