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Memories of Meadow
It may sound strange but we could talk to each other in a way.
She would meow & I would meow back.
We would carry on conversations sometimes it seemed.
The way she would use furniture as a launchpad when she was a kitten was hilarious to me.
The oddity in her taste of food.
Did not like tuna at all til she was older but if I had ice cream she was right there with a waiting tongue.

She was not the friendliest animal to others & it usually took quite awhile for her to warm up to people.
There was only one other person she ever allowed to pick her up and pet her beside me.
When I got her I had originally went to the pet store that day to get a ferret but the one I wanted was gone. As I walked around the pet store about to leave, a cute little kitten sitting all alone in a cage caught my eye. I scratched her on the head a bit & asked if I could hold her. When they opened her enclosure up she climbed up my arm & immediately went to sleep. I was sold on her & she came home with me about 5 minutes later.
We were inseperable for 9 years.
She ways most assuredly MY cat.

To me tho she was always playful & even caring it seemed.
I can think of 3 times that I was sick for more than a day or two & she was always lying right next to me til I was better.
People talk about the loyalty a dog has to its owner but I'll put Meadow's loyalty to me right up there with any K9's.

She had the most unique personality I have ever seen in any animal. Especially for a cat.
Even at 9 years old she would still get her playful moods where she would wanna play peek a boo or chase me through the house & vice versa.
Even with an injury to her back leg she fought thru a time where she had to drag it behind her & got to where she had just a slight limp when all was said and done.

She was an animal, yes. But to me she was much more.
She was my cat, my buddy, my best friend who never turned her back on me, was there when I needed her & would provide me with a smile or even a laugh. And it always seemed to be exactly when I needed it the most.

Now she is gone.
Gone is the friendly meow I would get when I'd come home or when I woke up.
Gone is the oh so unique meow she had to tell me she was hungry.
Gone is the purring I could hear and feel when she would lay on my chest as I watched tv in bed at night.
I will always have her memories in my brain & thanks to technology I have pictures that will last forever.
Thank you Meadow for all the smiles you brought & all the comfort & friendship you gave me for 9 years.
I will miss you everyday til I see you on the other side.

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