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Memories of Meiko
We remember Meiko bringing us together because he needed babysitting and surprised Nick that a big dog can be sweet and cute and have a big big heart like a cute small dog. We remember Meiko coming on our trips to Mexico and being the first one out of the car, so excited to be at the beach and drink the water and get wet after a long trip. Meiko would smell the beach and remind us we weren't the only ones excited to see the water again. We remember his tail would always get super excited and wag faster than any tail you'd ever seen whenever he met someone new or greeted you after a long day at a crummy job. He'd say hello with a huge smile and emulate his parents "Wiggles" and "Piggles" because his parents would shake of excitement. He'd tell his momma how much he loved her every minute they spent together, teaching her patience and care in remembering the warmth of his sister, Mercedes. He taught his daddy how to love despite shortcomings and shame about being imperfect at life, and that confidence and self-love are guarantees in life whenever we're honest and caring with those around us. He rebelled like any human son would in his teenage life, making us mad at times when he would get in trouble at home or running off outside. But what broke through any blocks to supreme joy, was his endless devotion to his excitement for life and spending fun times with his family. No matter what the challenge to love we'd go through, his heart would break through our pain and bring healing.

Whenever he could he'd run and play games with his sister, Ms Mia Baby Daisy, chasing and chasing until both were exhausted. She misses him sooo, staring out the window still 3 weeks later, and we can't forget he was her hero too. He was always up for a walk, he appreciated the high life, drinking and eating whatever tasted good. His years with us may hopefully not be our last to reflect on what's great about life. His whole family misses him and says we love you, and sad goodbyes for now : Barkley, Mia, Marley, Ella, Micky, Franky. He was a symbol of what's great in life and wish that his resilient joy and powerful love is known for everyone in the universe some day.

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