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Memories of Memphis
Memphis, born here at home. This was her forever home, she knew no other. She had lots of land to run and play and be free, she was so happy, always happy to see us, and would greet us everyday when we came home from work. The hardest thing we ever had to do was let her go, I miss her terribly and still cry. I know we will meet again one day at the Bridge. Love you baby, miss you.

2021-10-13 Fall is here Memphis, and a day never goes by where you are in my thoughts, I'll never, ever forget when I held you in my arms in your final moments before your journey, and I looked into your loving eyes and whispered, go sleepies now Memphis, mommy loves you, close your eyes and sleep, I'm right here holding you. Then the vet gave you something to help you sleep a little, and I was laying beside you and holding you in my arms, like we did when you were a puppy, and I was kissing you nose, and with my right hand helped you close your eyes. Then the Vet started you on your journey to Rainbows Bridge, I held you close to me and cried, and never wanted to let you go. My heart was so broken and still is. I miss you so much my baby, you take care and run free at the Bridge and play with all your new and old friends. Love you forever.

2021-12-25 Christmas, we love you so much Memphis, we still hung up your Christmas stocking, Kwejim was running around the house (as usual), and still searches the Christmas tree for candy, being his silly self, and still lays on top the couch looking out the window. Everything was lit up as usual, this year we bought two beautiful deer the stag looking so awesome over his doe. Love you forever my girl.

2022-03-23 Miss you my girl, it's been one year and I still cry. Love you forever my girl.

2022-04-10 Wow spring is here Memphis once again, I sure miss watching you walking down the road with your head held so high and you tail wagging away as if you were playing with our other fur baby Mahkwa, remember him. I miss seeing you outside having fun. Miienghan your mate misses you too, when you first went to the bridge he fell into a deep depression, He's a little better now, but sometimes I still see the sadness in him. He will be nine years old this year, and he still has that reverse sneeze, and the doctor does not know what we can do to help him, so we monitor him closely, and now I notice he has a cough, so that gets checked too. He still looks as handsome as ever being one of Mahkwa's 3rd great grand pup. I get scared sometimes I'm going to lose him too, but I know you will be waiting for him at the bridge where you and mate will be forever. Love you forever my girl.

2022-10-29 Wow Memphis, it's almost November and another Christmas is just around the corner. It still feels as if I just lost you yesterday. Mi eng gan is still doing ok, and he still has that reverse sneeze, he's getting a little slower, and still loves going outside for his run. Sometimes he sits in the driveway looking down the road where you use to run, and somtimes he heads down there to as if he is looking for you, maybe he is. Kwejim is still crazy as ever and runs like crazy all over the house, he loves bush rides and he runs loose in the forest going on different adventures. As for myself, i've gotten a little slower, a little stiffer around my joints, but I do still work every day and keep myself very busy. That's why I can't believe it's over a year since you left. Memphis my friend just lost her furbaby too, She's in great pain and misses her furbaby Taye-ya, I hope you welcomed Taye-ya at the bridge introduce Taye-ya to everyone and show Taye-ya all the great places. I know you will. Love you Memphis.

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