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Memories of MERCY
06.17.2005 to 04.24.2006
12.25.2010... MERRY CHRISTMAS... xoxo
11.24.2010... HAPPY THANKSGIVING... xoxo
06.17.2010... HAPPY BRIDGE BIRTHDAY... xoxo
04.24.2010... HAPPY BRIDGE ANNIVERSARY... xoxo
02.14.2010... HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY... xoxo
01.01.2011... HAPPY NEW YEAR... xoxo
04.24.2011... HAPPY BRIDGE ANNIVERSARY... xoxo
6-17-11 Happy Birthday precious 6/17/11 love Tonya
12/25/12 MERRY CHRISTMAS precious sweet beautiful girl Ms. Tonya loves you xoxoxoxo
12/25/2013 Merry Christmas Sweetheart Paula and Tonya loves you xoxoxox
4-24-13 Your anniversary at the bridge baby. 7 years now . Oh precious you are so loved.
6-17-13 Happy Birthday sweet girl Paula and I love you!! xoxoxoxoxo
7/4/13 Happy 4th of July sweetheart have fun today at the celebration Paula and I love you
Ms Tonya loves that girl.
6/17/2014 Happy Birthday precious. On this your 9th birthday I love you baby Ms Tonya xoxoxox
6/4/14 Happy 4th of July love. Ms Tonya xoxo
PAULA you are one of a kind. So very special in all that you are and represent. Sending lots of love your way. (((( Paula )))))
11/27/14 Thanksgiving day hello precious love We have put your Christmas tree up and left your presents. We love you sweet beautiful girl with all of our being. Happy Thanksgiving baby.xoxox
12/31/14 WED. Hello darling, it is New Years Eve now you my love our love, will always be in our thoughts.
JANUARY 01, 2015: The new year has begun now precious, one more year added to your time of crossing over the Bridge to be forever healthy a new year sweetheart. Happy New Year We love you. xoxoxox
APRIL 5th, 2015.... Happy Easter precious love. xoxoxox
APRIL 24TH 2015 ... 9 YEARS ago you left this mean cruel world and went to a place whee there is no more abuse or neglect or pain, and where there is an abundance of love for you sweet baby girl. and I send love up to you so much you can not contain it all.One day I will get to hold your beautiful face in my hands and hug you millions of times. You are the meaning of this word sweetheart. Love you with all of my being and Ms. Paula too xoxoxoxo precious in all that you are. May the person5 that did those terrible things to you rot in hell May he suffer may it all come back on him 12 fold and more. I hate him so Oh God I hate him.
MARCH 27, 2016 Happy Easter sweetheart.
APRIL 23, 2016 16 YRS NOW SWEET LOVE you crossed the Bridge. Forever safe, forever healthy. I love you baby. To the moon and back.
11/24/16 Happy Thanksgiving sweetheart xoxoxo 12/24/2016. So this is Christmas darling. Merry Christmas at the Bridge baby. I send you so much love. xoxoxoxo
04/23/2017 11 YEARS Sweet baby you have been at the Bridge 11 years. No more pain never again to be abused. We love you sweetheart. xoxoxo your 10 yr anniversary.
11/23/17 Happy Thanksgiving baby. xoxoxox
12/25/17 Merry Christmas sweetheart Ms. Tonya loves that girl I love you.. xoxoxox
6/17/2018 THIS YOUR 13TH BIRTHDAY YOUR 12TH ONE AT THE BRIDGE. Happy Birthday baby.
12/24/18 Merry Christmas sweetheart Oh I know in my heart Paula has found you. xoxo

3/17/19. Hello sweetheart . It is the new year so sorry I did not visit. You know my Mesha , now my little Cotton is there as of 3/10/19 7 days ago today.Watch for him, Mesha is too. He is a little guy and loves everyone. He is 8 1/2 yrs old. Still young. It was so unexpected. Love him baby. Love you. Ms. Tonya
11/28/19 THANKSGIVING DARLINGI know Paula is with you.
Christmas 2019 love you
2020. A year year sweetheart. Give Paula a kiss for me baby. I love you.

Music... "THE RAINBOW BRIDGE" by Maria Daines & Paul Killington. This song was written for Mercy. Maria & Paul were devastated upon hearing this story. They felt they HAD to write a song for her that would make her proud & to let her know that so many people were thinking about her. Maria made the following statement:
oh i know Paula is with you darling
"To say that we were affected by this horrific story is an understatement. I cried on & off all day over the picture of Mercy looking up at the camera with such trusting eyes, obviously she must have been in tremendous pain, yet she was a gently & beautiful dog even in her battered state & the good people of Operation Kindness took Mercy to their hearts & did EVERYTHING they possibly could to save her."

This poor baby has another page at this site but it doesn't have her story or photos or music. The person who made Mercys' page did a wonderful thing for this young baby. She is to be thanked.

I know that my boy Cole & my girl Mandy sent me to this wonderful site so I could help others who are going through the same pain I went through when I lost my fur babies. Our boy Cole & our girl Mandy, both Rottweilers, were rescues. I only wish I had known about this site when we lost our first fur child, Lady Wendy. ALL of my babies know how I feel about animal abuse, neglect, etc. so I just HOPE that they are proud of their mommie for taking the time to make these beautiful souls a residency here. I KNOW that it's their love that is helping me do this. Writing these stories breaks my heart BUT they have to be written...people HAVE to read them. And we HAVE to STOP the abuse.

Here is Mercys' story...

Mercy was owned by someone who obviously had NO regard for human or animal life. If he did, he would NOT have done to Mercy what he did.

On April 14th., 2006, Mercys' owner doused Mercy with gasoline & set her on fire. Mercy, huddled in some bushes behind an apartment complex, was found by two young men. She was bleeding & terrified. The two men dropped Mercy, who was shaking & still very terrified, off at the Operation Kindness shelter.

Officials at the shelter gave Mercy her name & credited the two young men with saving her life.

Jonnie England, one of the shelter workers said "it was horrifying." One side looks like she had been drug behind a car...the other side looks like she has multiple stab wounds." She also said that this is "one of the WORST cases of apparent abuse that we have seen." The vet thought Mercy had suffered chemical burns on her body & inside her ears.

England also said "the entire top layer of skin is just gone in so many places that the concern is infection setting into those wounds."

Once Mercy was treated, she was in stable condition but certainly NOT out of the woods by any means.

Mercy had the will to live...she gave a good fight...BUT...that wasn't enough. On Sunday, April 24th. 2006, Mercy's heart could not handle the stress of the burns that consumed over 60% of her small body. She had received a plasma transfusion on Sunday afternoon, but shortly afterward, her heart stopped beating. Mercy started her journey to the Rainbow Bridge at 9:30pm. The hospital staff said she showed remarkable strength & courage...SHE INSPIRED US ALL!!!

"All of us at Operation Kindness, as well as thousands of people who have been moved by her plight, are grieving for Mercy," said Jonnie England. "We were so hopeful that this beautiful, GENTLE dog, who had suffered & endured unbearable pain, would pull through in the end. It's more important than ever that the person who brutalized her be caught & brought to justice...for Mercy's sake." She will be privately cremated & her ashes will be spread in the Operation Kindness Memorial Garden so she will rest in peace FOREVER.

Thanks to the outpouring of support for Mercy, her vet bills were covered by caring people who were touched by her plight.

The donations that were made for MERCY'S SAKE, will be used to help Operation Kindness care for other abused, unwanted & neglected animals like Mercy.

The Dallas Police Dept. soon became involved in this case & said the investigation could possibly take several weeks.

After their investigation, it was proven that Mercy HAD been stabbed, dragged behind the suspects car & had accelerant poured on her stomach & then set on fire. WHY?? Because she would NOT mate.
Her owner was mad about this. How DARE him??

And here are a few more LIES that the susp. told...
1. She bumped up against the grill while I was b-b-q-ing & ignited herself.
2. Two men burned her because I owed them money for an X-box.

This suspect was NOT going to get away with what he had done. There were witnesses to this horrific crime.

One witness SAW the suspect carrying the gas can & saw Mercy running through the parking lot of the apt. complex...she was on fire. This witness extinguished the flames by dousing her with beer. Can you imagine what that felt like? But at least this person DID something to help her.

Another witness...the woman who wanted Mercy to mate with her male saw the suspect become VERY angry with Mercy when she refused to mate & witnessed him kick Mercy repeatedly as they were leaving her apt.

This person WAS sentenced to prison for 4 years for animal cruelty. The maximum is 10 years. It would have been nice for him to serve the 10 years BUT 4 is better than NOTHING. Mercy gave her life BECAUSE of this man.

That's enough about the suspect. He doesn't deserve to have any more of her page space.

Mercy...all you wanted was love. A warm home. A loving hand that would pet you. Lots of smooches. Clean water. Clean food. Toys. A warm blankie. Well, you didn't have it with your human(IF you want to call him that). BUT you DO have ALL of those things now at the Rainbow Bridge. You have the gentle touch of the Angels. You get to play with others who have met the same fate as you. But you are also with so many fur babies that were loved here on earth. And as a parent of many babies at the bridge, I wanted you to have the most beautiful residency. SO SWEET MERCY...run fast, play hard, sleep well.


You will NEVER be forgotten.

And we won't sit back & allow this to continue to happen to these voiceless, defenseless fur babies. WE HAVE TO STOP THIS ABUSE & STOP IT NOW!!!! We MUST do this in the names of MERCY, KARLEY, TOBEY, LITTLE MAC, FAITH, GODS GENTLE GIANTS(22 danes left to starve to death), SNOW PUPPIES, SHEPP, REGINA, PEPPY, JESSIE THE UNWANTED HORSE, LAIKA, SIRIUS, PEANUT, BASIL & the thousands more that endure this pain EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF EVERY DAY. Please...I ask all of you to help.

There is a very special lady, Tonya Esterling, who has such a special bond with Mercy. Like many of us, when we hear these horrible stories, we feel for the animal...we take such an interest in them that we feel like they belonged to us. Tonya is one of those people. She wrote the following to me:
"When I talk about Mercy, I get chills. She knows I'm talking about her. She knows beyond any doubt how much I love her. Each time I look into her eyes, the love drops fall...she NEEDS to be held. She needed loving arms around her & I could have given her that. If I had walked up on the person that did this to her, I swear, I'd be in prison for murder because I would have killed him. Killed him in a heartbeat." This is how MANY people felt when they heard Mercy's tragic story.

Tonya also told me that she gave Mercy the BIG DIPPER when she was giving stars to her babies 2 yrs. ago.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY sweet girl...you are surrounded by love...enjoy your cupcakes...xoxo

Happy Spring beautiful precious one, I have sooo much love for you. I go out and look up at you each night, and what I see is moonbeams that glow on your big dipper, a light of love honey.
If only I could hold you in my arms. Love drops flow up to you. xoxoxo Ms. Tonya 3/21/09

04.03.2009...hello pretty girl...how are you today? Your 3yr. marker is coming up. You have had so many people come to visit you. I am talking with Anita & we are going to re-vamp your law & re-submit it & make a new petition. That's the least we can do. You deserve so much more. WE LOVE YOU TO THE MOON & BACK!!!...xoxo

04.12.2009...Happy Easter pretty girl. You are going to have so much fun at the party. You stay with the girls & find lots of eggs. WE LOVE YOU TO THE MOON & BACK!!!..xoxo

Happy easter precious sweet girl 4/12/09. Have a good time love, in the easter parade and the great Eastr egg hunt and party. I see your Easter bonnet darling. You are presious in all that you are,
I can not begin to tell you just how much I love you, there seems to not be enough words to express it all. I long to hold you close to my chest, hold you in my arms and whisper in your ears ,
"that's a good girl yes she is" and give you a kiss between those wonderful beautiful eyes.
Forever and always, forever and a day, you are the reason, you are the meaning of love. xoxoxoxoxMs. Tonya


4/23/09 Thursday I'm here darling,I'm here I'm waiting for you to come. My home is your home.
Mesha Gail and Baby and Maggie Mae will not mind,they are so loving and giving and will share.
They and I have all the love you will ever need.They have been loving you since the day 3 years ago
today you crossed over the Bridge they wee there and this is why I feel such a close connection to you.Oh honey if I could have been there on the day the evilness harmed you I would have rescued you no matter how in some way I would have rescued you. I've had love drops falling just about all day for you. If I could kiss you between those beautiful eyes and oh how I long to.One day I will.
3 years ago darling,you are always in my heart. I love you sweet sweet girl
xoxoxo Ms. Tonya

04.24.2009...hello pretty girl. Well, today is YOUR day. 3yrs ago, you made your way to the bridge. You were met with open arms & paws by many who would show you that you ARE loved. I just hope that you have found the love & comfort that you never knew on earth. You have many people here who would do anything for you...but we know we are too late. But one day, we will all meet at the beautiful bridge...never to be parted again. WE LOVE YOU TO THE MOON & BACK!!!...xoxo

06.17.2009...HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet girl. How are you today? I know you had a beautiful party at the bridge. We all miss you so very much. I hope you are sending Miss Tonya lots of smooches. She thinks about you every day. We love you pretty girl. xoxo

Happy Birthday sweetheart xoxox beautiful precious girl. I go out every night and look at your big dipper honey. In all your glory, in all your beauty. I know the kids gave you a big birthday party
and you all had birthday hats. We love you more then words can say. xoxoxoxo Ms. Tonya

08.18.2009...Hello pretty girl. I know you have welcomed Abgenyaga. She had the same thing happen to her that happened to you. Why are these thugs doing this to you beautiful doggies? This has got to stop. xoxo

9/16/09 Hello precious love.You are the meaning of the word love. One day sweetheart I will hold
your beautiful face in my hands. I will rub your nose to my nose. Then I will kiss you between those wonderful beautiful eyes, then your jaws, and as I do I will tell you how very special you are. I know my Mesha Gail and Baby and Maggie Mae are with you and the love that is shared between you and all the other precious babies is so great that there is a glow all around you all.
xoxoxoxox love MS. Tonya
10/3/09 MERCY YOUR NAME: Kindness beyound what can be claimed, a blessing, more kindness then justice requires. You my darling are Mercy, a love so great and pure. I love you honey xoxox Ms Tonya

10.14.2009...Happy Fall pretty girl. I am sorry that I have not been here to visit lately. I won't let that happen again. You mean the world to so many people. I so wish you could have belonged to me because this NEVER would have happened. Send your Miss Tonya a sign so she knows you are OK. You are LOVED TO THE MOON & BACK!!!...xoxo

12.24.2009... MERRY CHRISTMAS sweet Angel. You are missed by so many people. Make sure you send MS TONYA lots of smooches. Her heart breaks for you still. I know your stocking will be full of your favorite treats. YOU ARE LOVED TO THE MOON & BACK!!! xoxo

11.22.2009... HAPPY THANKSGIVING pretty girl... xoxo

12/24/09 CHRISTMAS EVE, sweet darling heart, beautiful one that you are.
Merry Christmas sweet girl we love you so much forever and always.
Have fun at the Christmas goings on at the Bridge honey. I wil go out tonight
and look up at your Big Dipper, and watch as the moon beams glow upon you in
all your glory and beauty. I will feel the sweet kisses that you blow down to
me. I love you sweetheart sooooooooo much. xoxoxoxoxo Ms. Tonya

12.25.2009... MERRY CHRISTMAS... xoxo
01.01.2010... HAPPY NEW YEAR... xoxo
2/14/2010 Happy Valentines Day precious love. I'm sending kisses right up to you through the golden cord. You are the meaning of Valentines because you represent the word love and all that it means all that it holds. I will forever love you sweetheart xoxoxox MsTonya
3/9/10 Well sweet darling Spring is about here, Easter is too so the Easter Bunny has left you a precious Easter Basket. Awww that Easter Bunny,we just love him, and I love you. Ms Tonya
4/23/2010 PRECIOUS DARLING This your 4th year at the Bridge Your anniversary.
tears stream down my face, love drops all for you because I love you so
I remember when you were found, when you were rescued and when they tried
their best to save you, at last you were shown what love really is before
you had to leave this earth and go to a place where no harm would ever faLL on you again , where you are forever loved.Mercy xoxoxooxox I love you. Beautifuls sweet girls xoxxoxxoxo Ms. Tonya

12/5/2010 Dearest precious Angel, Happy belated Thanksgiving love. I know you had a feast.
Now it is the Christmas Season, and my heart is with you forever and always. Mercy the most beautful Mercy xoxoxo Loving you is what I do best. xoxoxoxoxo

07/12/2011 Hey sweetheart xoxoxo I'm so sorry I've not been around. I lost my mommy Feb 7th and have not been the same and have been out of sorts, but you are always in my heart too. You had a birthday on June 17th and I did not mean to miss it, I'm sorry precious love. xoxoxo
I go out every night and look above and I see your big dipper, and as the soft ever so soft breeze brushes across my face I feel your kiss, I feel your touch. I still get chill bumps when I talk about you. I love you Mercy, I love you with all of my being and love drops still fall for you.
Love drops that flow right up to you. No doubt you are with my Mesha Gail and Baby, and Max and Maggie Mae. No doubt. You are all a family where there is love in abundance.
I'll be talking to you again soon my love. xoxoxo Ms. Tonya
12/10/11 Thanksgiving has came and gone precious love, I brought you a Christmas Tree darling and with it I leave mounds of love, so much love xoxoxoxx
Merry Christmas darling 12/25/12 & Happy New year 1/1/2013 xoxoxox
04/23/2018 12 years ago o this date baby. 12 years at the Bridge. I love you MERCY.
12/19/21. Merry Christmas precious love. Precious in all that you are. I LOVE YOU MERCY. 💋💋💋❤❤❤ FOREVER. PAULA is with you and all the others she loved. I know she has gt to hold you and love you. Xoxoxo

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