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Memories of Mickey Marriott
We said good bye to you this morning Mickey. It was the hardest thing we've ever done. You have always been a part of our hearts from the day your Dad brought you home as a pup. God made you very strong but we know you were tired. The last month has been very hard for you. Your health has steadily been failing. Dr. Wood did everything he could do to help you rally, but we could see it in your eyes. You had quietly given up. Please know we stayed with you until your heart took it's final beat and God took you with him to a better place free of pain and darkness. You can see everything around you again . You will never stumble and fall again. Simon and Sadie are sorry they didn't get to say good bye. But they, like us know you are looking down on everyone. We told Gershwin you were coming to Rainbow Bridge and he has been waiting for you. He and all the friends he made will make you comfortable.
Someday Mickey, we will all meet at Rainbow Bridge. Until then, know you are forever in our hearts. Love Mom and Dad

5/27/2015 Here we are Mickey it has been only one day since you left us and it feels like an eternity. Where ever I look I see you. You truly were our princess. I probably should have used your official name of Mika-Mika but you were always just Mickey or Princess. We have given things that were yours like your blankets, pillows, coats and jackets to the Humane Society. Our hope is that when its cold and dismal some other dog can enjoy the warmth from these things as you did. So many people--perfect strangers, have offered us their condolences. They too know you are now on angel wings. I'm sure you have found Gershwin and he is making you comfortable. I so wish you could have been healthy Mickey and stayed with us for many more years, but we know you're suffering is over and you are finally free to run and play again, and see the sun,the stars and blue skies. Selfishly we cry. It's the only thing we can do. Your Uncle Mike said it best: "Semper Fi". Always faithful. That you were. We'll always love you. Wait for us. Mom and Dad.

06/02/15 You're home now Mickey. Your ashes are in the back yard along side Gershwin. I built a flower bed for you lay in. It used to be all tall weeds that you, Simon and Sadie would hide in. The weeds are gone. And it is really pretty now. We hope you rest in peace. It is just a week since you left us. We miss you terribly and the tears don't stop. We love you. Mom and Dad.

8/05/15 Today is your birthday, Mickey. You would have been fourteen. We still cry and there are times I think I see you in the backyard, but I know it's just my imagination. I keep the stuffed dog you used to sleep with on the bed and I hold it every night. It makes going to sleep a little easier. If I close my eyes I can see you as you looked the morning you took your last breath and God took you from us. Today is also the day that three years ago Simon came to live with us. I remember the expression on your face when you first saw him as though we had brought you Simon as a birthday gift. You really did not look pleased. We hope you're having a good time at Rainbows Bridge and that you think of us often. Remember, Gershwin and you need to glance over once in a while towards the bridge someday we'll be standing there looking for you. We love you and miss you. Mom and Dad.


5/26/16. Mickey its so hard to believe you've been gone an entire year. The pain of losing you hasn't lessened. It still hurts knowing I can never hold or cuddle you again. Dad got me a cockapoo puppy hoping it would help me get over losing you. He's very cute. I named him Andrew Jeffrey. Jeffrey is for Jeff Wood who tried so hard to save you. We call him A.J. Sadie and Simon are still with us as well as Gizmo and Chloe. We have a 3rd cat now. She showed up in the winter and Dad found her eating bird seed and stale bread. We couldn't leave her to nearly be starved so she has become cat #3. Very sassy. A tortoise. She black and gold. Tolerates Gizmo and vice versa. Chloe hates her and refuses to be friends. He name is Catherine but Dad calls her Catty-cat. A.J. plays and plays with her. We have moved. We now live up north where dad used to work a long time ago. We only been here a very short time. Had to have a big fence built to keep the kiddies safe, but you know all about that. We brought yours and Gershwin's headstones with us. We left both of your containers with your ashes buried in the backyard since it is the only backyard both of you ever knew. I don't think I'll ever get over missing you. I hope you made lots of friends, and your healthy now and can see. I'm sure Gershwin keeps an eye out for his big sister. We all love you Mickey and think of you often. I saw a double rainbow not too long ago and I just know it was you sailing across the sky just to say hi to me and Dad. Be a good girl and I'll look for more rainbows from you. I love you forever Mickey. Mom
mick I feel so glad when I think of how you made such a difference in all our lives how strong you were and how hard you fought all your sicknesses you made your place in rainbow bridge because god respecte3d you for that I am afraid Sadie may soon be joining you show her the with you and Gershwin.

Today is your birthday Mickey. You would have been 15. We hope you're having a good time with all the new friends you've made. I still see an occasional rainbow and I know its you. I still cry for you even though you've been gone over a year. I'll always miss you. But I know you're in a better place and God has made you able to see and run and play with the other dogs. I'm sure Gershwin keeps an eye on you. That was his job, you know. The other pets are all still with us. They are used to the new house and being able to run in the yard and still be safe. If they could talk they'd tell us they think of you often. Little things make me think of you. Like if I see another Schnauzer, or hear a particular song or see a rainbow. The impression you made on me is lifelong. I'll never forget you. I hope your birthday is a happy one and remember to glance over to the bridge every once in a while. Someday we'll be there looking for you. We love you. Mom. hi mick just want you to know that I too miss you I was holding you when you left the world of pain and sickness to go join greshwin love dad.

5/26/17 Mickey today you've been gone two years. It seems like forever. I cry when I think about you. We are all still here in the north country. I don't know if you would have liked it or not. Winters are not the best. Very cold. Simon and A.J. like it but Sadie is getting old and doesn't do the cold very well. I hope you and Gershwin are doing well. I haven't seen any rainbows in quite a while but I know when I do it will be you and Gersh. Gizmo is beginning to fail. He's 18 now and really slowing down. He got in a fight with another animal and required a trip to the vet. He's healing but moving ever so slowly. Remember to check the Rainbow Bridge every once in a while. One of these days we'll be standing there looking for you guys. We love you and will never stop thinking about you both. Mom. 7/6/18. I missed writing to you on the third anniversary of you being gone. I still think of you often and pray you are happy with all your new found friends and gershein keeping an eye out for your well veibg. Sadie passed away last September. We had to have gizmo the cat out to sleep last week. He was 19 years old and having trouble walking and he wAs subject to seizures and high blood pressure. The vet said it was time for us to let him go. He and Percy are not part of rainbow bridge but you might see them playing with other kitties. And remember to take a peek at the bridge every once in a while. You just never know when God will say it's time for us to pass over the rainbow bridge. For now, I'll keep checking the sky for rainbows, and then I'll know you're coming watching out for next and dad. We live you and will always miss you. Mom 5/26/19. You've been gone 4 years. 9/8/20. Mickey. I never wrote 2 u on the anniversary of you passing on 5/26 or on you birthday 8/5. I'm so sorry. We do think of you a lot and remember often what a princess you were. I hope you see a lot of gershwin and sadie sue. Today is the 3 year anniversary of her passing away. Chloe died this March right at the beginning of the covid19 pandemic. Her ashes are buried here in the forest eith sadie and gizmo. Every so often glance over by the rainbow bridge. We never know when God will decide its time 4 us to cross the bridge and join you and gershwin and sadie. We'll always love you and miss you every day. I still have the stuffed dog you slept with. Simon. A.j. and cathetine are not allowed to play with it. Have fun and r play nice. Love mom.
5/26/21. It's been 6 years since u left us. Hard to believe. We will never forget the day God took away your suffering and had us let you go. We don't cry as often now but on this date the tears come flooding back. Dad has been very sick. His kidneys have failed and now he does dialysis three days a week. A few weeks ago I would have thought he would have been passing on. You know there is a facsimile to pet rainbow bridge for people too. Please continue to have fun and watch for Gershwin and Sadie. Well always miss you. You were my princess. Love, mom
5/26/22. It's been 7 years today Mickey and we miss you as much now as then. We r still in the forest with Simon and Andrew and Catherine. Your dad is doing well with dialysis. I was quite sick last fall and for awhile I thought we might meet on the rainbow bridge. I am better now, but it doesn't take much to make me feel sad. Especially when I think of you and Harley andGershwin and Sadie and Gizmo and Chloe . All our pets. I'll close now but remember we'll always love you. Mom

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