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Memories of Missie Mae Ehrlicher
Missie Mae was so little when she came into our lives. She could fit in the palm of your hand. She was always the sweetest little thing. She was also extremely intelligent. I remember when she was probably three or four and my brother, Cory, ran down to the basement, which had a living room space, two bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 closet and a laundry room. He was running because he was playing with Missie. She was chasing him and when he came down to the basement, he ran into one of the bedrooms and hid in the closet. Soon after, Missie arrived and quickly figured out that he was hiding in the closet. She did not scratch on the closet door. Instead, she ran out of the bedroom, into the living room and stopped at the wall that was the conjoining wall to the bedroom. She started barking and scratching on the wall that would have been the exact location of the closet on the other side. He then ran out and she got all excited. I was so amazed that she figured that out. One of my favorite things to do with my dog was to take her for a car ride. Missie was so little, but she loved sticking her full head out the window. I, of course would have to hold her so she would not go flying out, but she loved it. She was like me and loved to drive just for the heck of it. Before this year, we would go to McDonald's and get either fries or a chicken patty. I did not do that with her this year because of Covid, but I took her on a few rides in my truck. Earlier this month I took her to PetSmart to "go get pretty". She loved getting groomed. It was so funny, when I picked her up from PetSmart and we were driving home, I was singing a song from the movie Grease called "Sandy", and each time I would sing a specific part of that song she would look up at me with this face like "what is wrong with your voice?". It made me laugh every time. I love that little dog. She had a facial expression for everything, an opinion about everything. If you wanted to know what she was thinking, you just had to look at her face. She was quite vocal, not loud at all. She had such a soft voice. She would make the funniest sounds, though. We adopted Missie when she was 3 months old. At around 2 years of age I would say, she found her voice. She would try to howl, and each time she would try to howl she would sit up and tip over on her back. Silly little thing. Her favorite thing in the whole world was my brother, Cory. He was her world and she was his. I have never seen such a strong bond before. She was only about 5-6 pounds, but she was a brave little dog. She thought she was a big tough dog. Big -- no. Tough -- absolutely. If a big dog would come into our yard, she would chase it away. Many people described Missie as being a little gremlin. She looked like a furry little ewok. I always called her my little squirrel or little fox. She was about the size of a squirrel and resembled that of a fox. She was my little squirt. Missie Mae passed away this morning at 9:30 from renal failure and congestive heart failure. It took her so quickly. She started vomiting and started getting terrible diarrhea. She then could not stand anymore. She tried so hard to not have accidents in the house. Even last night and this morning she would hold and we would try to put her in the grass so she could relieve herself. She wanted to do it by herself so badly. She would kind of push herself to where she would kind of fall away from us to go by herself. Tough little dog. Couldn't even stand, but tried so hard to go to the bathroom by herself. Anytime she would wake up from sleeping, she would look at each one of us individually with the most loving eyes that I have ever seen. She would get such a happy look on her face and fall back to sleep. She clung on to living because she loved us so much. She did not want to leave us yet. So much life in that little dog. Her body just gave up on her. She was eleven and the best dog in the whole world. She had the most unique personality of any dog I have ever met. I will never meet another dog like her. She was smart like a border collie, stubborn like a Pomeranian, acted a bit like a human toddler and was to the extreme of loyal. I will love you always and forever, my sweet baby girl.
Always and forever.


As I lay here tonight, I miss my little girl so much. You would not believe how quiet this house is without her. She was never a yappy kind of dog, but she made the house so full of life. I never quite realized how much until now. I miss you so much, love. We all miss you. Rest in peace, baby girl.

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