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Memories of Missy
Missy, you were my best friend and constant companion. Never would I believe that I could own a champion, and yet there you were, needing a home when your breeder/owner passed away leaving nine dogs to be homed, you one of three retired show champions. You traveled easily and loved to meet new people and dogs. Izzy even liked you, and she was scared of most people and dogs, but you and she were buddies. We walked for miles and drove to various places and for visits to my parents' and you were always so good for them when I traveled and you stayed with them.

You were my best walking buddy...in the neighborhood, at the park, wherever we went. And I knew when you spotted a squirrel. Suddenly you would be very alert, ears up and with your eye on them. Good thing the leash and harness were strong! You scared me the one day at mom and dad's when you took off chasing a rabbit from their deck and the rope attached to your collar barely slowed you. I was so afraid you had gone all the way up to the road, and then you suddenly appeared out of the trees separating their house from the small development across the bike path, sauntering along as if nothing were wrong. Good thing we had the Hide-a-squirrel to play with safely in the house! And you loved to sit on the couch near the window and watch all the people and vehicles pass by, barking at any cars, truck, bikes, skateboards, scooters... And of course you had to always "help" in the kitchen. But the best part was that you greeted me at the door every day when I returned from work, happy face and wagging tail always going. And in the evenings you were happy to sit by yourself or come curl up beside me, depending on your mood. But always sleeping by my feet on the bed, often snuggling for a little while before going to sleep and then ready for kisses and tummy rubs in the morning.

Some days I still miss you terribly. I've loved other dogs, but you were special. You were all I could ever have hoped for in a dog. I pray you are in a better place, a place with no pain and where you are always happy.

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