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Memories of Moccasin Lemke
Moccasin a.k.a 'Bitzy' was a gentle dog who never, really, had any issues with health etc. She died 3 months prior to her 16th birthday. She loved to rest, mostly on the couch. She did not have too many other loves, she simply went with the flow. Early in her life she did not like car rides, but soon realized that was part of being a 'Lemke Dog'. She loved rubbing and laying in the grass. She had many a nickname; Moxie, Pumpkin Dunkin, Chicken, Bit-a-ly, Bits, Stits, Stiks and combinations of each.

9/6/2016 Oh Bit-a-ly it has been 1 week since you died. We continue to hope you died peacefully, but we will never know. Mama hopes you found what you were looking for with all of your 'pace car driving'. We miss you terribly and also wish that Rainbow Bridge had visiting hours :).

9/25/2016 Almost 1 month since you left us Bitzy. We spread your ashes at the creek. Swim and play forever with your sister sister!

11/26/2016 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOCCASIN!!! (say happy birthday to sister sister too since we did not know her actual birthday) WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!!

12/25/2016 MERRY CHRISTMAS our sweet baby! WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!!still

4/8/2017 Recognizing your sister's one year anniversary and wanted to say hi and that I miss you.

8/1/2017 Moxie Mama misses you everyday and I know Papa does too. We went on a road trip to West Virginia and Ohio and spread yours and Rosie's ashes. Mama noticed that each time Papa spreads your ashes you blow towards him. You are with him always. We missed you and you cousins and aunt miss you too!

Moccasin I miss you so dang much, I wish I had known how sad you were when Cameo died! I would've loved on you even more! I hope you didn't suffer that day, you left us to be with Cameo!
The next day I saw a picture of you sitting on the Bridge watching to see if I was coming! It broke my heart in two! I'm sorry that I couldn't come!!!! I still think of you everyday! Snuggles & hugs & belly rubs. Love Papa

4/2018 Hey Bit-a-ly my heart is not dry of tears for you. I miss you everyday.

Oh My precious Moccasin, how the days go by so quickly and with every passing day, you're not forgotten. In fact there are times I look down because out of the corner of my eye I think I see you pacing the floor around me. I always say hi moxie, hoping to see you come back by. I miss you dear girl.

9/15/2018 It's been 2 years since you left us. Hope you are enjoying yourself with your sister. I am sure that you have already found Bunbun and I know that you 2 and Rosie are fast friends up there. WE LOVE YOU!

8/19/2019 Hey Bitzy! We see you everyday waiting for us to visit you. WE MISS YOU! Keep waiting please.

12/14/2020 Hi Bitzy. We still miss you everyday. By now you and your sister have found Ms. Diana's Lucas and are showing him around. Be gentle with him as I know you will.

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